How to Record Your Own Video Trainings


Last week I recorded a handful of videos for a training series I’m about to launch (you won’t want to miss this one - sign-up here).

I documented the whole experience over on Instagram, and I ended up getting so many questions about the gear I used and how I mapped out my process, I knew I wanted to give you all a little more behind the scenes intel and let you in on exactly how I did it.

And let’s be real here for a minute, recording videos can be totally overwhelming.

You don’t know what gear to buy, if you have the money to buy it, how much time you need to do takes over and over again, what to say, where to record it...I could go on and on with all of the questions, and even my own panic that I felt about doing it *just right.*

But the truth is, when we overcomplicate things because we want it to be “perfect” it’s always going to overtake us with overwhelm.

Hopefully this list below will help you tackle your next video project. Keep it simple, share your message and be as concise as possible in doing so and give your tribe the gift of YOU!

Here is the gear that I used:


(This was the camera I used as a professional photographer. While the quality is incredible, it’s way beyond anything you would need for a shoot like this in general.)

Here are some eas(ier) alternative options that I highly recommend...

Other gear:

Once all of the equipment was up and running (shout out to my husband Ben for all of his help!) I asked for some creative and physical space while I recorded the videos on my own.

I hit the “Record” button myself, and then- I just gave myself the green light to GO.

Of course,I had written down all of these notes and teaching points I wanted to hit,  but in the end I decided to just step in front of the camera and  let the message flow.

Here’s a pro tip for those of you overthinking what you should be saying and how you’re going to be saying it: Your people don’t want rehearsed, they want real.  

I rocked out each training in just one take, and spoke straight from the heart, which was exactly the way it was meant to be. Don’t get caught up in making it perfect- just do you, stutters and all, and your tribe will thank you for it.

There is no perfect camera, microphone or script for a video that is never shot.

Your message and your genius are the things your audience is hungry for.

Use what you have or buy what you can afford. Be authentic and honest in your message and have fun. The world is waiting to hear what you have to say.

Where do we go from here?


And how do we explain to them the world they have inherited means their teachers also have to learn how to protect them from shooters in their classroom...that when we kiss goodbye in the carpool line, it might be the last time we see each other...that she + her best friends are not safe in the place they go to learn + grow together.

The only direction we can move is forward, where thoughts + prayers can’t take the place of the hard reality that our children need not worry about the latest fashion trends, rather whether or not to wear a bullet proof vest to school tomorrow.

In the United States, we lose one person every 15 minutes to gun violence. Since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, there have been 438 people shot in 239 school shootings... do the math + feel what it feels like to be a parent in 2018.

Friends, it begins with you + our communities, in our homes, in the mirror. It begins with the choices we make about supporting + glorifying violence. It originates in the way we talk to ourselves and our children. It’s born in the way we talk about begins with you + me.

Every single one of those shooters was some one’s child, neighbor, family member, classmate.

The way we treat each other matters.

Yes, gun laws have got to change, but what about creating a culture + a society of people that don’t have buying assault weapons + planning mass shootings as the solution to their suffering?

We have to make a change and it begins with us...our judgments against one another + our desire to look away from what is too painful to feel.

Our children need us to step up now more than ever. ♥️

Call your representatives 844-241-1141. Ask your kids about their classmates and who needs help. Be involved in their world + what’s happening on their devices. Stop buying (and playing) violent video games. Get help for your own pain + suffering so you are better equipped to help others get help with theirs.

Start here...and share this message if you’re having a hard time finding the words tonight.

What Justin Bieber’s Manager taught me about Growing my Reach


Last week I packed my bags and hopped on a plane to spend my weekend at Lewis Howes’ Greatness Mastermind with some of the greatest minds and souls in the country.

As I let the magic that I experienced over those few days sink in and unfold, some really soul shifting lessons have come to the surface that I thrilled to share with you.

One of those lessons came from the immensely successful and influential Scooter Braun.

In case you don’t know who he is, let me catch you up: Scooter Braun is a talent manager who owns two record labels, one which is a joint venture with Usher,  and manages and represents artists like Ariana Grande, Martin Garrix, Carly Rae Jepson, The Wanted and...oh yea, did I mention Justin Bieber?

The man knows a thing or two about how to make things happen.

During our dinner Q&A, I asked him, “ What are the top trends and factors your most influential brands possess that enable them to grow their reach and make a massive impact?”

His answer? 3 simple things: authenticity, intimacy and tribe and I am adding tenacity for good measure based upon his energy and success story.

1. Authenticity

It cannot be said enough... we HAVE to be real.There are enough copies out there and people who pretend to be something they’re not. Your tribe and ideal clients, can see right through that charade in a hot second.

Show the world what makes you, you.

Wear the clothes you want to wear, have dance parties on your Insta Story, show the moments where things can get messy...and don’t apologize for any of it.

The world doesn’t need perfect. It doesn’t need watered down; it needs your light and your brilliance, so let it shine, sister.

2. Intimacy

Scooter talked about how the Biebs used to put out YouTube videos (like this precious one here) where he just sang to his audience in his room. He didn’t introduce himself or ask for shares… he just had an intimate conversation via song with his adoring fans.

He created an intimate relationship with people by just letting them be a fly on the wall in the privacy of his own home while he shared his gift.

I do this in my own business with my Focus Friday podcasts, or when I show the ups and downs of my life through Insta Stories or Facebook lives and I get a lot of great feedback as a result.

It’s in these places where I get to connect with people and bring them in to my life, instead of just inviting them in to my business.

I have a question for you:How are you showing up for and having an intimate conversation with your tribe?

3. Tribe

You have to be in the room and you have to show up. You’ve gotta get on the plane.

Proximity is power and nothing is more powerful than being in the proximity of people who you can learn from and who are willing to teach you.

If you aren’t willing to open yourself up to connection; to buy the ticket, to pick up the phone, to go to the event, then you won’t be able to connect with the powerful souls and possibilities that  will help you launch yourself into your vision.

I have said it before, and it is the foundation with which my entire brand rests and expands upon- we can’t do this alone.

4. Tenacity

While Scooter spoke on the qualities of tenacity, he didn’t outright say the word. I added this point in there myself after having been surrounded over the last few years by the individuals who have taken their brands to that next level and made an impact on their world.

There is something to be said for persistence and the willingness to step into the stadium and keep swinging, regardless of how many times you miss the ball.

Here is the truth from Scooter himself,

“You will miss. You will get “boo’s” and doubts from other people. You will strike out and probably want to walk off the field and hide in the locker room. Don’t. The same people who doubted you will jump to their feet and cheer their heads off the moment you connect with that ball and hit it out of the park.”

Even in the moments where you aren’t sure how to reach more people, where the next client is going to come from or if you’re going to hit the numbers you needed to hit- keep swinging. You WILL get there.

We can’t phone this one in. We must welcome all 4 of these principles into our brands and step into each with all our might if we want to create something that can change lives.

I invite you to ask yourself where in your brand are you embodying these qualities? And where in your brand could you use a little help?

If you’re looking for an experience that contains all 4 of these elements along with 200 other heart based entrepreneurs who have created magic in their own lives and the lives of others, I am inviting you, yes you, to my Ignite Your Soul Summit that’s taking off the weekend of April 28th and 29th.  

It’s a place where we can get real about who YOU are and how you want to show up for the world. Where we can have intimate conversations with each other and understand how to forge deeper connection. Where all of those doubts you’ve been hearing in your head will be drowned out by the cheers and the love from your soul brothers and sisters. And where you can finally connect with a tribe that will help you set your soul on fire.

Let’s change the world… together.

See you there.

What Your Friends Have to do with Your Success Story


Have you ever heard the saying, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”?

Originally quoted by renowned business extraordinaire Jim Rohn, it has been carried forward by greats such as Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins and Oprah.You’ve heard it quoted by psychology publications, business execs and spiritual gurus, alike. Resoundingly,  everyone seems to be in agreement that there is some significant weight to this bold declaration.

I couldn’t agree more.

Nothing influences us more than the company that we choose to keep.

By design, we are a species that is wired to connect and adapt to our surroundings. This means we long for connection with others, we find it and then we acclimate and adapt to one another to fit in and belong.

Have you ever met someone for 10 minutes whose energy and attitude just lit you up and had you riding high for hours after you left them? Now imagine if you had 4 more friends like that, and got to hang out with them on a regular basis…

What if they were financially successful or had a stellar health regimen or a rich spiritual life? You can bet, your financial, health and spiritual game could get on the upswing too.

Consider how much more could you accomplish if the people you hung out with and texted with on the daily were focused on their own expansion and growth rather than on the excuses for why they aren’t where they want to be?

How much easier would it feel to live in a perpetual state of gratitude with a power posse of appreciative humans?

How much more fun would it be to do LIFE with a group of go-getter soul sisters and brothers?

On the days where you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, wouldn’t it be nice to have friends who had the flashlight?

The cool thing I’ve learned along the way is that our friends are a reflection of what’s going on in our inner world.

The company we keep is the barometer for how we are deciding to and choosing to live our lives on a daily basis.

Who are you choosing to spend your time with?

Are these folks a positive influence? A force for good? People with their own mission and big vision? Or are they constantly complaining about the circumstances they have found themselves in? Are they gossiping, arguing for their limitations or perpetuating their victim status?

It may feel harder than it seems, but when we choose good, our life reflects it on back.

When we decide to BE the example, our friends are often inspired to rise to the occasion and to “borrow our belief” in order to build their own.

I want to challenge you to get honest with yourself about this.

Is there a Debbie Downer in your life that you’re tired of having to pretend to be someone else around?

Is there a rockstar that you’re secretly wishing you could be besties with?

How can you make a shift to widen your circle for the uplifting company you are ready to keep?

A few ideas:

  • Join networking groups

  • Reach out to that friend on Facebook who is always posting positive content.

  • Look for meetup groups doing things you love to do.

  • Start your own meet-up or mastermind group and invite the people you want to meet (they may be busy, but you never know if they are needing this too!)

  • Better yet- join masterminds or create coaching groups, go to live events where you will meet like spirited individuals on a mission to change lives (especially their own).

  • Look for a mentor or a coach who gives you that vibe I mentioned before.

And don’t forget, these 5 people may in fact already be in your life.

Foster the relationships that give you all the feels and fill you up.

Spend time with your loved ones that have always shown you how much they appreciate you and you matter.

I also invite you to see your current tribe with new eyes - who have you been underestimating? Is there a chance that you have been wearing the Debbie Downer hat and it’s time to take it off to be of service to others and yourself?

Here’s an exercise for you to try out:

First, spend 3 minutes getting clear and sitting quietly while focusing on your breath.

Next, make a list of the 5 people you spend the most time around. Write down how you feel while/after you spend time with them and the quality of the conversations and behaviors that you have together. Would you like to continue having those types of conversations and growing in that direction, or would you like  to shift your trajectory?

Once that list is complete, if you answered “No” to the last question and would like to shift, write down what you could you bring to that relationship to help it expand. How would you like to see those conversations and behaviors change? Who could you be spending time with that embodies those qualities. Are they already someone you know? If they are, awesome! Call them right now and make their day!

If they’re not- how can you meet someone like them?

If you’re looking for ways and spaces to meet amazing souls on a journey similar to your own-

I’ve created something for just that purpose alone.

The Ignite Your Soul Summit is an 2-day immersive experience to help you awaken to your true potential, while coming home to who YOU really are.

You will be surrounded by 200 soul sisters and a few soul brothers too to help ignite your inner fire and connect with a tribe of passionate souls on a mission!

Skip the FOMO and grab your ticket now

Seats are limited and tickets are $100 OFF through the end of January.

Connecting the Dots - The Brand Story Mapping Process


One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made on this entrepreneurial journey is that I did not choose the work, the work chose me.  

I believe that each of us has a calling inside of us.

We each have our own intimate and unique. Our personal stories and And the reason why it called to us in the way that it does, is because it is the portal through which we can do our deep healing work and our personal expansion on the most direct level.

My own work allows me to be in the space of growth, soul expansion and connection to the divine forces that have been guiding me through the days of my life. It is the medium through which the heart and soul that I have come to know as Amber is shown to the world.

When I flash back over the dots of my life and acknowledge how my journey has unfolded,when I see how the calling that planted inside of me guided me through heartache and doubt, through certainty and joy; I am able to move forward with confidence and the understanding that I am doing what I was called here to do.

In my work, through connecting the dots on my own story, I have learned how to teach and lead my tribe on this journey, not only helping create a brand that helps them feel fulfilled and make a massive impact and income, but in navigating their own journey of personal healing and expansion.

I have witnessed this process lives and dramatically altering beliefs systems.

I call it my Brand Story Mapping Process. It’s one of my favorite exercises to bring my clients through because it is often the awakening they have been waiting for.  

I teach it live at the Ignite Your Soul Summit because it is the portal through which we finally begin to release the grip on our story to, once and for all, feel empowered by what has happened FOR us in our lives, rather than disempowered by what has happened to us.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” - Steve Jobs

Through this work we do, we recognize that when we connect the dots backwards we can see the patterns to understand how our journeys have lead us where we are.

We begin to understand that every incident, every trial, every win has been like a letter, in a word, in a sentence, in a chapter of a can hardly make sense without it.

Every dot that you have landed on is simply a piece of your story, and a trail marker leading you directly to this moment; which is precisely where you were destined to be. Our stories aren’t separate books that are not interconnected, they are part of the whole.

Through the Brand Story Mapping Process, we begin to unfold the chapters as they have been laid out and truly understand what it is that has been calling you, and how you can answer that call.

“To live is to be slowly born.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

To understand that to live, we are in fact, in each and every moment, slowly coming to life is everything.

Our brands, our bodies, our beliefs…they are all woven together to create the tapestry of Brand You & Me.

Each dot has connected and has lead you to this very moment, reading this blog… this is another piece of your story, too...and that little nudge you’re keep going, to keep LAUNCH in the direction of your dreams….it’s all part of the master plan!

Now it’s your turn…

  • What has been whispering to you?

  • What are you ready to stop ignoring?

  • What do you think those whispers have been trying to tell you?

Why I am calling BS on Failure and Why You Should Too

20171021_024 (1).JPG

It’s the start of the new year...and I just did something that most of the coaches and personal development gurus I know might say is crazy.

I have a board in my office with my big goals listed out on it (you know, the one I can see every day so I can focus hard and manifest it in to being) and I decided to wipe it out.

The numbers, dates and deadlines along with it.

I took our vision box and emptied it’s contents in to the trash.

No- I’m not having a midlife crisis and I’m definitely not throwing in the towel.

This purging and feeling of deep release is leading me in on a straight path to opening myself up for even more.

I am letting go of the conditions and what’s more, the attachments that have affixed themselves to my goals themselves.

Like the tiny Remora fish next to its sizable host, The Great White Shark, our goals can at times bring with them uninvited conditions, partners and strings.

After spending the last 15 years of my life working with big dreamers and high achievers, I have witnessed more attachment and conditions riding sidecar to the big goals more times than I can count.

I’ve learned that when we envision our goals as finish lines and we map out the course with the corresponding deadlines for ourselves, there can be a tendency to see any outcome other than the trophy as a big ol’ fat failure.

Have you been there?

We set our sights on the prize, we put our heads down,charge ahead, refusing to stop until we get there even when all signs are pointing to a course correction.

But what if we stopped because somewhere along the way we discovered that we didn’t want to run that particular race anymore?

I can remember standing in the hallway of my corporate career...the name on the door, more meeting invites than I could keep up with and big expectations.

I was walking back to my office one day and I watched the big boss down the hallway. I watched him shaking hands and laughing and welcoming donors in to his office to talk about their investments in the upcoming capital campaign.

I can remember feeling like a lightning bolt hit me between the eyes…

I didn’t want to sit in that chair.

I didn’t want that life or career, yet here I was plugging away, day in and day out for it.

I was literally being groomed for that seat and I didn’t want it.

Have you ever been in a space and time in your life when you were living a life that no longer belonged to you?

Our greatest opportunity is to develop a greater ability to listen to what we are being called to.

But here’s the thing; when our commitment is to stay in alignment with our deepest truths at all times, we have to get really real about what is and isn’t congruent for us to shift our trajectory.

What I mean is; we have to get honest when the goals we’re chasing are no longer the goals we want.

And we have to be okay with wiping the slate clean, even if it means doing so before we’ve been able to check that box.

You see, my friends, everything is feedback, every single circumstance and event of your life is data:

The launch that flopped, that dream client and the nightmare one, too.

The way your body feels and looks.

The way you feel when your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Every single little strand of information is a feedback loop helping us navigate our lives and live more firmly planted in our truth.

When we look at life in this way, failure simply cannot exist.

When we are tenacious in our approach to experiencing life more fully, serving in an even bigger way and pivoting when we are called to pivot…our lives transform.

We begin to seek the “data” in our lives rather than the affirmations for our achievements.

When I gave my notice at my corporate career, it came as a surprise to some my colleagues, but the ones who really knew me...the ones who saw in to my heart, they could not have been more supportive.

It’s funny what happens when we give ourselves permission to change course, to reroute and drive in the direction of what feels like home to us.

If you’re feeling that urge to wipe the slate clean in some aspect of your life, career or business, I urge you to remind yourself that it’s never a loss to start over with new information.

Trusting yourself is always a win.

And the wide open space where your old dreams used to live makes way for a whole new world of possibility.

You're Slamming the Brakes on Your Success with this ONE (Heartbreaking) Excuse + How to Flip that Script


There’s a conversation I’ve been meaning to have with you.

I'm coming in hot over here because..

I see your potential.

I see what’s possible for you.

I see how magical your vision truly is and how firmly it’s planted inside of your soul.

And I also see you making this heartbreaking excuse and if I don't say something about it, I'm flat out not doing my job.

I see you giving your power away in the most innocent a way that seems like you're doing it for love, but what lives on the other side is *you* ...feeling defeated, helpless, hopeless...and writing a story that isn't yours.

I help women (mamas, wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters) change the world with their work.

I help them manifest their real life dreams and make a gorgeous, rippling impact on their little corner of the Universe for themselves, their families, their neighbors and whomever their beautiful hearts touch.

And over these last 3 1/2 years, I have lost track of the number of incredible women I’ve had the gift of speaking with who use the same exact excuse as to why they can’t step forward on the pathway to their big dreams.

We dig in together, she cracks open….sharing what’s next and how ready she is for her biggest leap yet and then those classic (tired) words come out of her mouth:

“I reeealllllllyyyyyyy want to do this.....I just need to ask my husband/wife (partner/spouse/girl-boyfriend) if I can.”

(Is there an opposite to the #MicDrop?)

I want to make something crystal clear::

I am all about co-creating our lives with our partners and spouses.

I understand how important it is to make decisions as a unit that betters the both of us.

Ben and I absolutely-without-a-doubt discuss every significant spend either of us wants to make and evaluate if we’re ready or not collectively and individually.

There has not been a coaching investment or program either of us has signed up for that we have ever not shared with one another before we make the commitment.

But, never once, has that conversation looked like a request for a permission slip.

And here's why...

We do NOT need to ask permission to live our own lives.

And moreover…

When we ask for permission, we are, in effect, putting our dreams and our power in to the hands of someone else AND giving the blame to them right along with it.

We are hiding from the truth.

Because you and I both know that it’s our fear that leads to those words, not our big dreams, nor our co-creative and open connection with our partners.

And while we're at it, let's dip in to the grab bag for a few more doozies that come from this same flavor of fear:

"I can’t do it because I’m a mother..." (palm to forehead) OR..."My partner is too stressed about the finances. They don’t see the value in it so I can’t do it." 

Insert any excuse you’ve got that gives your power to OWN your choices to someone else- someone you love.

Have you ever found yourself doing this?

If your answer is's ok. 

Our fear is the least original thing about us!

We've all got it.

But not all of us OWN the truth of our fear.

And until we can OWN it...we will continue to swirl around in Stucksville, placing the blame on the people we love. 

Yipes, how's that for some real talk?

So here's a sparkly gift you can give to yourself this holiday season:

I invite you to call yourself out on this.

Where do you find yourself blaming someone else for a decision that you’re truly just fearful of making?

And when you feel those old, familiar words about to leave your lips...I ask you to do any of these 3 things:

  1. Own it. Own that you don’t feel like it’s a good fit, or that you don’t feel ready. Tell the truth about why you’re saying “no” to the opportunity instead of discharging blame on someone else.
  2. Rewrite the script. Instead of saying, “I need to ask for permission,” say “I am really excited about this opportunity and I need to have a conversation with my partner to see how we can make this happen.
  3. Bet on yourself. Let your faith in the magic of your vision be bigger than the fear that holds you back. Take your power back into your own hands and make the decision that’s best for you- no matter what that is - and then get ready to receive all the gifts that come barreling towards you when you get super clear with your intentions.

You do not need permission to shine.

You do not need permission to have the opportunity to make your dreams come true.

You do not need permission to show up as brilliant and brave Brand YOU.

Own your power, sister. Embrace it. Step in to it.

Let’s watch those fireworks together.

The Silent Lesson Our Hearts Teach us About Receiving

AL weeklyimg.jpg

I don't know about you, but we dove head first in to all things holiday when the clock struck midnight on Thanksgiving.

I love this season and the feeling of coming together to celebrate and reflect on the year in the rearview mirror and the one that lies ahead. 

One of our new holiday traditions, included sitting down with my family and asking everyone to share how they wanted to feel this holiday season. We talked about the special ways we wanted to give...the donations we wanted to make, the family we wanted to adopt, the in-person volunteering we wanted to do...we all shared what felt most important to us.

There's no question that there is going to be lots of giving this holiday season, but one of the things I always find to be the most challenging is answering the question, "What do you want to receive for Christmas this year?" 

It's ironic that it's so easy for me to GIVE so freely and willingly to others, yet, when it comes to receiving for feels hard. 

Can you relate?

I was listening to a podcast yesterday that talked about our hearts and how in order for our hearts to receive blood pumping through our bodies, they must OPEN in order for the blood to come in.

This one took my breath away.

In order for our hearts to receive blood, to continue pumping, in order for us to be ALIVE in our physical bodies, our hearts must open over and over and over again.

I'm just going to give you a moment to soak that one in. 

We, literally, cannot EXIST without opening to receive...yet so many of us walk around constricted, unable to receive the love from others we so willingly and freely want to give to them. 

So here is my question, an invitation, for you + me....

What are you ready to receive this holiday season (and beyond)?

What are you physically, symbolically, energetically ready to accept?

What would happen if you extended the same level of generosity of spirit to your own, special self?

What gifts are you going to offer to yourself this holiday season?

So often in our lives we get caught up in what we can do for others that we forget what we can do for ourselves.

You deserve to be at the top of the list of people you love and appreciate.

Because no one knows just what you need more than you do, sister.

And so this holiday season I am encouraging you to ask yourself, what do you need the most?

What can you gift yourself that will help you take the next step on your journey?

What is something that can allow you to step into your life with more enthusiasm and expansion?

This year, I am inviting you to extend your generosity to yourself, to your soul, to your business, to your dreams...

What does that look like on paper?

Write it out. Claim it. Share it over in my free FB community.

Get ready to receive...

How to Create a Daily Journaling Practice (My Favorite Prompts Inside)


My journal is my church.

It's the place I go to have a daily conversation with myself, to tap into what’s beneath the surface and to get real on the page.

It is a grown-up “Dear Diary” from my younger years and it’s the place I feel most clearly connected to what I know to be true for me.

I get asked on a very regular basis what my daily journaling practice looks like, so I thought I would throw out a few tips and prompts I love to use to help you get started with yours.

1. Grab a rockin’ journal + pen.

I’m a stationary fan girl...nothing makes me swoon like the right paper texture and sensation of the perfect pen gliding over the page.

Who's with me?

It may seem silly, but the more you LOVE looking at the beautiful textiles that will be home to your dreams and thoughts, the more likely you are to get excited about sitting down with them daily and spending some time making them your own.

THIS classic is my favie fav in the journal category.

2. Carve out quiet time for just you and your words.

This part is vital. If we don’t make the time, we won’t find the time.

In a world where our to-do lists can run a mile long (and mine always does), writing down our deepest thoughts might seem like more of an afterthought.

But the clarity and the understanding I glean from spending time daily with my pen and paper not only helps me become more joyful and grateful for the items on my to-do list, it helps me condense time by recognizing what is most important so I can focus my energy and attention there.

I encourage you to get rid of distractions while you’re in process as well, be sure to put your phone somewhere where you won’t be tempted to look at it, find a quiet little nook where no one is around, and just be present with you and your thoughts.

3. Curate the experience with an inspiring playlist

Music is so powerful. So many moments of my life are accompanied by soulful lyrics and powerful memories prompted by song. Music plays a significant role in my live events and speaking opportunities, so you better believe it’s an integral part of my writing practice.

Make a playlist for yourself on Spotify or on your iTunes that brings up feelings of peace, courage, serenity and abundance. Make this time sacred for yourself so that the practice fills you up and invites you to keep coming back daily for more.

Here’s one of my favorite writing playlists

4. Start with an easy prompt that brings you inward

Let’s face it, we won’t feel inspired all of the time.

I find it immensely helpful to use journaling prompts on some days that allow me to ask myself meaningful questions that can be answered on the pages in front of me. Sometimes when we don’t know the answers, it is because we aren’t asking the right questions… so this is a beautiful way to go deeper into ourselves and uncover thoughts and feelings we may not have known were living within us.

Here are a few examples of prompts that help me connect with the page + my heart:

  • What does my soul need today?
  • What am I most excited about in my life right now?
  • What am I ready to welcome more of in my world?
  • What am I most grateful for today?
  • If I were not afraid, what would I say yes to right now?

This simple daily practice has assisted me in creating a devotional practice that allows me to better understand and step into myself more completely and fully.

It is also the practice from which I birth content for my blogs, podcasts and courses.

In putting this into place, I have found space in my life to devote to understanding who I am and what my deepest desires are. It is in this practice, that I then can go back into my life a more present mama, and more caring wife and a more inspired entrepreneur.

So what about you? What does your journaling practice look like?

I would love to hear about what inspires you and what keeps you writing daily, and if you haven’t found anything that has worked yet- give the prompts a try and report back with what comes up for you.

Happy Dreaming!

Titanium Trust + What I believe


Today feels like one of those "let's grab a mug + curl up together" kind of days over here...

Life has been feeling especially tender lately.

Maybe it's the change of seasons or the drawing inward that fall and the horizon of winter brings with it...or maybe it's just the natural ebb that comes with being a human who is learning how to slow the doing to stand more comfortably in the being.

I've been witnessing myself and my tribe working tirelessly in the pursuit of our big dreams. 

I've been watching my Mastermind students hit huge goals, launch podcasts, programs, + books., while welcoming in new clients...and making the big, scary leaps they've been praying for.

And I've also been fully present to what that experience feels like for lil ol' me right alongside them, because 2017 has been a year of tremendous expansion for us as a family on every, single level, too. 

We've been riding the wave of momentum that comes with it as it stretches in to every nook + cranny of our lives from our finances to our big picture vision to the ways in which we make intentional micro shifts to live in even greater alignment with what matters most to us.

And what we're learning over here is that change only shows up when we do.

Truth only has the space to spread its wings when we have the courage to welcome it in.

The panacea for inevitable package deal pain that goes along with being human is to follow the joy because everything else, if we're gonna keep it really real up in here, is just self-selected suffering.

My word for 2017 was TRUST.

I knew that I could not move the needle forward on my life, let alone my business, until I began to trust myself and this big, ol' sparkly Universe we're living in. 

Leaning in to titanium trust has required deeper levels of faith and the courage to let others in. 

It has challenged me to be seen in new and less polished ways and it has provided me with the invitation to recognize that this world isn't interested in my perfect...

This world is craving what's real. 

Settling in to this new(ish) rhythm inspired me to record a video about what I believe way deep down and how that belief has lead me right to this work. 

I set up the camera in our living room and in just one take, I dug in to share a love note from my heart to yours.

You can watch it right here. 


What do you believe?

How has your sacred work in the world been calling you home to more of what's real for you? 

What would your life and ability to touch the lives of others look like if you began to follow the bread crumbs to your deepest truth?

I want to invite you to have a deeper share the parts of you that are ready and raging to come out. 

I want to explore what taking that big leap and launching what's next could possibly feel like with you. 

Because the world needs what's real for you.

Click here to schedule your free breakthrough session here.

Can you imagine what 2018 could look like if you put the wheels in motion on not only building an aligned + uber-authentic-to-you business plan, but had the titanium trust, soul sister power posse and magical momentum to ride the waves of your biggest dreams to go with it? 

"When doing something that seems risky, I find it helpful to remember that not doing it will be worse. You'll always wonder what would have happened if you had tried. It will haunt you."
-Sister Gloria Steinem

Oooooo sister...let's get to it. 

Click here, let's swing for those fences.