Calling all Wonder Women: Fear is not a business strategy


What propels you forward?

What compels you in to action? 

The hard truth is that for many of us, the answer is fear.

At different points on our journeys, our career paths, and in some cases, even our relationships have been (or perhaps still are) reactions to fear. 

As an entrepreneur, I understand this all too well...when faced with bills and being who we really are in our businesses...there's no where to hide. 

Fear keeps the adrenaline pumping and the modern-day saber toothed tiger far enough away so that we can survive another day.

But you and I both know that we can't run forever.

And from an energetics perspective...the difference between running away versus running towards what it is we really want actually matters.

The gift of awakening to our true birthright: creation, connection, our true the freedom we've been searching for.

When it finally clicked for me that I was using fear as a business strategy, everything shifted.

I began attracting in the clients who were ready to dig in and do the work of their lives.

I began feeling more fulfilled and making a bigger impact in every aspect of my life...

And, naturally, I began making more money than ever before. 

When I grounded in to my deeper passion-filled purpose that lives at the core of what I do each and every single day, fear got in the backseat. 

I took the wheel and remembered why I was lead here in the first place.

I remembered every version of me who had come before and what she has always known:

Love is what gives me my courage.
Love is what drives me.
Love is what allows me to feel and see in to the hearts of every person I meet.
Love has always been the answer.

Love is our superpower.

Love is the only thing that is truly eternal. 

Surrender to your business, in your relationships, in your body...and watch your life transform.

My business creates more space for me to love and serve.

It is the way of life that supports my highest priorities, my devotion and my commitment to making the impact I was put here to make. 

It is the container for our soul training...the place and space where we get to lock arms with fellow love warriors - women and men who see a different way of life - of co-existing and contributing to the history of mankind. 

This work chose you, Friend.

You've already said yes to the bigger mission of your life by choosing to be alive in this very moment in time.

Remember what lead you here.

Recognize the divine timing of your life.

Find the courage to lead with your purpose above all else. 

You are the super hero we've been waiting for. 

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PPS - Grab a girlfriend and run to a movie theater to see Wonder Woman...This movie was made for us.

An exciting announcement...(includes campfires sessions + lakeside s'mores!!)

I have made many "leap and the net shall appear" moments in my business.

Just last weekend I was reminiscing out on the lake in our kayaks with my dad about how I gave my notice at my corporate job with just one client on the books.

Looking on back on it, that actually does sound a little crazy town, doesn't it?

But I remember feeling such certainty in my bones.

I knew that nothing was going to keep me from taking this next huge step on my life's path. 

I think that's what happens when we are faced with the big defining moments of our lives.

Sink or swim.

Go big or go home.

Stand in integrity or walk out with it. 

I knew that if I could welcome in one client, I could welcome in two and then three and so on. 

I will never forget those first few clients...their courageous yeses changed my life. 

But first and foremost, my yes to myself changed my life...

And from there, my family's life and so many others' lives down the path that I have had the gift of serving, coaching and inspiring on their journeys.

It's hard to know the power of a yes looking forward...but when you turn around to connect the dots, the synchronicity is undeniable + awe-inspiring.

I had another one of those moments this week after I was swimming in the swamp of the post-Summit swirl. 

I was feeling conflicted and a little strung out and ready for the next divine download to present itself.

Instead of pushing, I surrendered and allowed (a newfound and hard-earned skill, I might add).

More folks wanting to connect and work together than ever, yet my bandwidth was being tapped at a whole new level.

And then, as if out of invitation landed in my inbox.

One I've literally been praying for and visualizing for as long as I've been in business.

This invitation was one that required me to get on a plane NEXT make a five-figure join a new tribe of rockstar entrepreneurs who are crushing it and making a massive impact on the lives of the people they serve in the process.

The whole thing made my tummy do backflips.

I imagined being the NH sweet potato walking in to a room of the cool kids from California.

I started trying to tighten up my funnels and get "organized", but that quickly turned to overwhelm and mega-perfectionist mode and it burned me out fast.

And then I realized this invitation didn't come by chance.

It was not a mistake.

It came because I am ready for it. 

It was the sign I had been asking for. 

And instead of hiding away, talking myself out of it, getting scared about how I was going to make it all work, I gave it my full faith and full trust.

I booked the plane ticket, cleared the schedule, made childcare arrangements, moved my client sessions around and said yes to these big dreams that have been propelling me all the days of my life. 

And on the other side of that yes, I awakened to what's next...

That's the funny thing about comes when you finally surrender to what was meant for you.

And I am so excited to share this soul fueled invitation with YOU.

To invite YOU to say yes to yourself and your dreams like never before.


The Soul Fueled Mastermind::

An intimate + transformational experience that will help you take your life and business to the next level. 

An experience that includes:

  • An IN-PERSON weekend retreat (complete with a lakefront celebration dinner + campfire sessions for all participants) ($6,000 value)
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls ($3,000 value)
  • Access to all of my courses and programs to date ($5,000 value)
  • A private big vision + goals call with Amber to kick-off our life-shifting work together ($500 value)
  • An exclusive online community for regular interaction and support in-between calls
  • One-on-one hot seats and strategy sessions ($5,000 value)
  • A community of leaders to partner and collaborate with on various projects 
  • A free ticket to my 2018 Soul Fueled Summit ($599 value)
  • Exclusive referrals to my team of rockstar service providers that have helped me build my business

This mastermind experience contains ALL of this (valued at over $20K) at half the cost of my current private coaching rate!

Who is this for?

  • The six-figure earner whose success is feeling like a heavy weight that is keeping her from building momentum and pivoting toward her passion.
  • The mamapreneur who is ready to take her business to the next level and hit her first five-figure month.
  • The newly budding entrepreneur who has fire in her veins and a big vision calling to her but lacking the know-how to bring her dream to life at the pace she needs.

The Soul Fueled CEO™ who is ready for her BREAKTHROUGH

Because we're all looking for road tested solutions that lead to RESULTS, accountability from a trustworthy and heart-centered coach and the proven results to back up what they are teaching, right?

That's where I come in.

I am ready to share all of the things I've already made happen...

  1. How to hit the $500K mark in just 3 years as a full-time work from home mama (with just 15-20 hours available for work each week).
  2. How to make a massive impact on the lives of others by passionately and powerfully sharing your message.
  3. How to manifest your family's dream home (on a lake!) in just my 2nd year in business.
  4. How to land speaking gigs for audiences of over 450 members.
  5. How to plan and host a sold-out event that makes a significant impact on your community and the lives of those who attend.
  6. How to build a business with a strong philanthropic component that changes lives and communities.
  7. How to launch and grow a podcast to thousands of weekly downloads. 
  8. How to reach thousands all over the globe while helping them to be more exponentially more present for the people they love (less anxiety, more joy) and themselves through your teachings + services.
  9. How to build an Instagram following with over 22K brand fans.
  10. How to make authentic connections and friendships with celebrities and influencers in your industry. 
  11. How to earn the funds to invest multiple 5-figures into coaching programs, masterminds and growth experiences to support your own personal and business development. 
  12. How to grow your reach, your list and your impact on the lives of those who follow and trust you.

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It's time to come home to who you really are and to create a business and lifestyle that fully supports YOU.

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Here's what I know...

Sitting in the swamp of stuck. 

Wallowing in your own victim status and worry...refusing to take the next step because you're too afraid of what might happen next isn't working.

If you've read this entire invitation...consider this your sign.

Here's to sacred yeses and the courage to dream bigger than ever before!

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How to silence your inner mean girl (My Beyoncé moment realized)


One week ago, I was sitting in a makeup chair getting ready for a moment I had dreamt about all the days of my life.

The Soul Fueled Summit happened and it was more magnificent than I could have imagined.

A packed house, a vibe higher than the sky, a perfectly set stage and a room full of soul fueled brothers and sisters dancing like they haven't danced in a really long time.

We left the event flying high and feeling more alive than ever. 

The feedback has been incredible and I can hardly believe I have to wait a whole year to do it again!

But a funny thing happened as this magical day came to a close.

After allowing myself to bask in the brilliance post-summit, I spent the next 3 days in a creative cocoon filming here at the house with my bestie Rachel Camfield and my new favorite person + videographer Josh Guiles. 

In between shooting, I found myself in a silent, ego-laced loop inside my head.

Over and over things like, "What could you have done better?"OR "Wow, are your hips really that wide?"OR "Man, those music cues should've been tighter...less tangents, more teaching," played over and over in my brain.

My inner critic was beating the drum hard. 

But instead of deep diving, down the rabbit hole I did something totally new and different. 

I witnessed myself reaching for judgment and criticism as a way to justify my fear.

I allowed myself to rest and recharge.

I gave myself permission to not write to you until I felt ready.

I celebrated this HUGE moment in my life and career and the impact my leaping had on the lives of those who were there.

I thanked my current and former selves for having this dream and going for it.

My sweet, inner mean girl has a purpose.

She is here to protect me and keep me from looking like a total dork; but, the tricky part is that she knows my achilles heel and she doesn't hesitate to go right for the jugular. 

We have lots of practice together.

But when it comes to the stuff that's really's better when she stays in the green room. 

We've made an agreement that she can leave the stage to her older, wiser sister because we've got big work to do.

Contraction is a natural reaction to expansion...and the more comfortable we become with this process, the easier it is to nail those really big goals.

Now it's your turn:

How has your inner mean girl (or guy) kept you from doing the things you really want to do?

How has identifying her voice of fear and separating it from your inner voice of reason been wildly life-giving?

What happens when you became a witness to your inner critic rather than allowing it to be the guiding force in your day-to-day?

Walking out on to that stage was one of the most incredible moments of my life.

Don't let your inner critic keep you from your dreams.

Thank her for loving you enough to care...and let her know you'll take it from here.

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My Top 3 Brand + Biz-versary Lessons


On this 3-year biz-versary, I'm feeling some major gratitude vibes and wanted to share a quick snapshot of my most poignant lessons on this wild journey as a mamapreneur and passionate soul on a mission. 

These lessons have resulted in mega transformation for me in my day-to-day life experience and concrete shifts like:

  • Being more attuned to my body: I dropped 10 pounds last year and feel better than ever.
  • Keeping a more spacious schedule for adventures with family and new ventures in my biz.
  • Attracting in my 100% ideal clients for my sacred 1:1 coaching work.
  • Hitting huge milestones in my business financially (best launch ever and selling OUT my live event!)
  • Connecting more deeply with my friends + family than ever before.

I'm so excited to share these 3 big takeaways from year 3 with you here.

1. I learned to treat myself like the Soul Fueled CEO of my life and business:

Any and every time I start to feel disconnected from who I really am, I typically find myself downloading freebies, researching (aka obsessing over) people who are doing it better than me and getting massively distracted from what I know is right for me and my business.

I feel myself starting to drift away from the most important aspect of my biz (hint: M.E.) and I start approaching it from an out-of-body perspective rather than the fully present, powerhouse mode I operate best in.

The fix: Ask yourself what you need most of all.

Create a way of living that includes a daily conversation with your inner wisdom through meditation, exercise, whatever suits your fancy.

Have regular business meetings with your selfie and TRUST what comes forth. 

I switched this in to high gear at the start of 2017 and have hit my highest revenue numbers to date as a result AND launched my sold out Soul Fueled Summit (There are just 5 tickets remaining!)

2. I began to heal my relationship with money:

Last year, I had the opportunity to sit on stage in the famed hot seat with Abraham Hicks.

The first words that came out of my mouth when I sat in the chair were, "I don't feel safe." 

Abraham quickly replied, "It's because you don't trust yourself." 


The money drama-rama, the age-old body image saga and the fears about not mama-ing right were all tethered to the hard reality that the larger part of me did not trust me. 

The money aspect of the story was no different than the 15-year eating disorder I overcame, nor was the newfound panic I often felt in my center around keeping my baby safe as a new mama.

I treated money like it was a person that was out to get me.

A reflection for how I really felt about myself and my abilities.

And as a new entrepreneur, money was the catch-all for my inadequacies. 

I quickly came to realize that no matter how much money was in the bank or what my numbers looked like at the end of the month, this feeling was still rocking me at my core. 

But the best part was that this profound realization lead me to recognize it was, is and never will be about the money!

Just like it was never about the number on the scale or my waistband, either!

It's about me honoring me. 

It's about me writing the words and saying the things that I know to be true and sharing thatwith the world. 

It's about me having the courage to BE who I really am while simultaneously releasing the death grip on what I am not. 

It's about focusing on the abundance and the profound appreciation I have for all aspects of my life, rather than obsessing about the things I have yet to do and be.

Which leads me to my final lesson:

3. I made feeling good my primary business strategy.

This one has been the most complex to implement, but it's as simple as it sounds.

When I started planning for the Summit, I knew I wanted it at this one particular venue, yet I consulted with friends and colleagues and got myself all mixed up until I just decided to move ahead with what I wanted in the first place.

When I was on the phone with a prospective client and the energy felt off, I trusted myself to lead her to an alternative option rather than twist up my services to fit her needs rather than position myself to best support her. 

I crafted a schedule that made space for me to coach at the times during the day when I am the very best at coaching. 

I allowed myself to lean in to the realization that:

Feeling good is a business strategy.

And the BONUS?

These simple lessons have lead to the living a more fulfilling and present LIFE that works with the way I get to serve the world.

Now it's your turn:

Which one of these lessons resonated the most for you? 

Thank you for your continued support, for reading these words and being a part of my journey.

Your partnership in this life and biz journey has given me wings to fly. 

With gratitude,

PS - There are a few Soul Fueled Summit tickets left (!!) We WILL SELL OUT today....If you're on the fence, make your move! Click here to grab your seat - See you Sunday! xo 

Transform your relationship with yourself (A Mother's Day gift for your soul)


I've been devouring Rebecca Campbell's Light is the New Black for the last few days. 

Any moment I can carve out a few moments to sit and read feels like a divine gift to my soul.

This weekend, I got some time to linger in bed with my journal and the book and back and forth I went allowing myself to welcome in the downloads and the spaciousness of an intentionally created #whitespaceweekend.

I have been in full-court press prep mode for The Soul Fueled Summit next weekend(!!)and the space is much needed.

Don't forget: Tickets are available through Wednesday, 5/17- get yours now and join us in-person for this life-changing day.

Somewhere in the middle of the book, I came across a question that made me frantically reach for my journal and I had to share it with you...

I invite you to explore the question:

'What does my younger self need to hear to feel safe, loved and supported?'"

I closed my eyes and immediately pictured my daughter in my mind's eye.

I thought about how vital is is to me that our little girl know that she matters, that her ideas and dreams are important.

I have committed to the very best of my ability to make sure that she knows how seen and supported she is.

I thought about myself when I was her age.

I thought about the dreams that I kept hidden away...the secret wishes and hopes I was too terrified to share with the world and my parents. 

I thought about how this cycle of hiding myself away began so early, yet lives on in me today.

Can you relate?

So many of the women I speak to on a daily basis are afraid to want what they want.

When I ask them to tell me about their big vision for their life looks like, they begin by telling me all of the reasons they can't be who they really are.

So my gift to you on this Mother's Day, whether you're a mama or not, is to invite you to compassionately mother yourself. 

It's to turn inward and ask the little girl who lives in side of you what she needs to feel safe, loved and supported right now.

And to choose to give it to her unconditionally all the days of your life henceforth.

Give yourself the gift of your own loving attention and watch what happens next.

Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet soul. 

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The #1 thing that's massively slowing your brand + biz roll


We know this one all too well.

We're still in our pjs, on the couch or in our beds - phone in hand in full scroll mode, and there *she* is again. 

In your inbox.

On your newsfeed.

With her perfect hair and sparkly teeth.

Her marketing copy is flawless.

Her graphics are top-notch.

And everything she's doing in her business and brand feels superior to what you're doing (or not doing).

You can't seem to shake her (those darn algorithms) and at the same time you can't look away.

She's a constant and often blaring reminder of everything you're not doing...or worse, everything you're just plain not.

The biting voice of comparison starts to whisper in your brain. 

The questioning, the internal bullying and before you know it, you're siting in that energetic rut you have worked so hard to get out of.

Oh sister, I've been there, too...with a one-way ticket to Trigger City on the Rabbit Hole Express.

But here's the thing I've learned over and over and over again:

What other people are doing in their businesses has nothing to do with me.

This is one of those old timey, annoyingly undeniable truths.

And no matter how badly I want to take her digi-perfection personally, her success is not about me.

I cannot tell you how long and hard I've had to wrestle that one to the ground.

But here's another shocking thing I've learned:

I cannot count the number of times I've had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I've mentioned the name of a mentor or online business person that I've idolized for longer than I can recall...and the person I am telling about this digi-God says to me, "Tony who?" or "Glennon Doyle-what?"

This person is getting excited about meeting lil 'ol me....yet they don't know who Tony Robbins is?

What in the actual what?!

I share this story to shine the spotlight on the fact that you never know who you are in the eyes of the person who needs you.

You could literally be their Oprah.

And it's in that little mind-boggling awakening when you realize that comparing yourself to anyone and everyone for so long has been an total and utter waste of time.

It is the ultimate energy suck.

And so I give you this loving invitation to reframe the next eye roll that you feeling coming to the surface when Molly McMagical lands in your inbox tomorrow morning. 

Give her a virtual high-five, instead.

Thank her for having the courage to do her thang. 

Recognize that there's nothing separating you and Molly from one another other than your own rock solid belief in your ability to bring your dreams to life. 

Go do you, girlfriend...

Thanks for dropping in!

As a thank you, grab my free guide:

My Top 5 Branding Secrets Revealed:
How to DO YOU in your brand + biz
(so you can attract more of the clients you adore).

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5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Client Base


The top stressor for most entrepreneurs is finding the right ways to grow their bottomline.

And the reality is, we can't grow that bottomline without people. 

We're all in the business of working with people one-to-one, even if we offer group programs or run a brick and mortar facility which serves many.

It always comes down to the one-to-one interaction and the lasting impact made in that relationship.

A great experience, whether that's on a discovery call or while grabbing a quick bite to eat at the café, is still a share-worthy experience good or bad (especially in today's social media culture).

I recorded a Facebook Live on this yesterday and wanted to not only share that with you, but an expanded version of my 5 main points to help you get on your way with welcoming in the clients who are ready to work with you rightthisminute.

1. Make it embarrassingly simple for prospective clients to connect with you:

Visit your website as if it's your first time.

Is it easy for your ideal client to book in a call or reach out to you about your services?  

I like to use scheduling tools (I love Calendly) to keep this really simple. Adding pop-up widgets or embedding your schedule in to your website are great ways to make it quick for your prospective clients to connect with you and ask questions. 

Bonus Tip: Make sure to allot for enough time for your discovery calls. Finding that "sweet spot" to serve their needs and refer them on to the right products/services you've created to help achieve true transformation is vital to your process. Practice makes perfect! 

2. Create a discovery experience that sets you both up for success

Do yourself a favor and ask the questions that will help you better understand what your prospective client needs.

Give them the gift of answering the questions that will help them get on the pathway to solving their problem. 

This is a huge component in the process of making the entire experience of connecting with you useful and transformational before they even have a conversation with you. 

Remember being a service provider and sharing your knowledge with the world is a marathon, not a sprint.

The relationships you build and every conversation you have has the potential to make a lasting impact now and in the long-run.

I'll give you an example:

I had a discovery call over 2 years ago with Crystal. 

She was interested in learning more about my website design services and how to help streamline her brand and business strategy. 

We had an amazing call and I sent her a proposal for 1:1 coaching work. She regretfully declined, sharing that she was not ready to make the investment "yet." 

Fast forward to January 2017, here are Crystal's words about how our work together has quadrupled her income and decreased her client load to 25% of what it used to be. She now has a wait list booking 60-90 days out. 

"I started working with Amber in her private coaching + programs. Her first words were to me: you need to raise your prices, you are not charging enough. Fear immediately settled into my stomach and I told her what I believed to be MY truth: I'm not worth more than what I am charging.

In her loving "Amber way" she locked arms with me and began the soul fueled transformation of my life + biz + mindset.

A year ago, I was selling $1 online boot camps and $150 Instagram management programs, taking on a client load 10x what any one person could handle - because I was certain this price range was the best I could do. She was adamant that I raise my rate to match my knowledge + skill + deliverable results.

Today, thanks to her, I finally believed in myself enough to follow the path she was leading me on. I can tell you with 100% truth, had it not been for her, I would never have raised my rates because I was afraid I wasn't worth it.

Now my monthly income is 4x what it used to be with only 25% of the client load I used to carry, and I have a wait list for social media management booking 60-90 days out.

I owe this to her teaching, coaching, and training. I would never have seen such a transformation in my life had it not been for her 1:1 attention.

I share this with you solely because I believe there is someone who needed to hear my story..someone who is in a situation like me - you have the skills, you have the knowledge, you have the ability to deliver: but you have no one to put those puzzle pieces together for you. If you are reading this and it feels like a mirror image to your life, then this post is for you. If you are struggling with the path for your biz, contact her."

3. Deliver value consistently.

Are you consistently creating content? 

Are you adding value, knowledge and inspiration to the lives of others on a regular basis?

Are you actually making it known that you are available for hire or that your program is launching?

The only way to answer these questions is in the form of sharing yourself and your offerings with the world. 

When was the last time you did a Facebook Live or sent an email out to your list?

Did you weave in an invitation for those potential clients to connect with you or to enroll in your program? 

These questions might feel really basic, but I cannot tell you how many times I start working with a new client and discover that there are no calls to action on their website. 

Do an inventory and weave in some tweaks to make it easier for your dreamies to work with you. 

4. Create packages/products that deliver massive value

If you're like me, you've got a lot going on over there. 

You're constantly looking for ways to simplify and streamline the inner workings of your life and business. 

Ask yourself:

  • How are the products and offerings I've created helping SIMPLIFY the life of my ideal client (aka your former self)?
  • What did I need most when I was trying to solve the problem my clients are coming to me for?
  • How can I provide done-for-you (or done-with-you) aspects of my program that simplify the experience for my prospective clients? 

Remember, this is about providing MASSIVE value to drive your tribe to an instant yes!

5. Partner up with a biz bestie.

Just like the days of field trips and summer camp, find a biz buddy. 

Who is offering products and packages that work beautifully with what you're doing?

In my Empowered Empire coaching experience, custom design, social media management and energy support are all provided as aspects to help my clients reach their big goals.

I work with my own personal biz besties to help my clients reach new levels of success.

Who can you partner up with to provide a more comprehensive and value-packed experience for your clients?

Now it's your turn:

What are you going to add to your client prospecting plan? 

What feels most authentic to weave in to the way you're welcoming new members in to your tribe?

Need a helping hand?

Click here to schedule a free Empowered Empire Strategy Call 

Let's hop on the phone and work through what's feeling stuck and get those wheels in motion.

The world needs your wisdom!

7 Reasons to Join The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy [CART CLOSING TODAY]


I'm doing a little Freedom Friday dance over here after a full week of expansion and sharing the magic of The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy

The cart closes at 6 pm ET/3 pm PT and I don't want you to miss out on your chance to join this game-changing program (for the sake of your business and your sanity)! 

We've been welcoming in new members all week and here's a note we received from Meg within hours of joining the program:

"It's been absolutely mind blowing to become a part of your Soul Fueled CEO Academy, and I had quite a moving experience and wrote PAGES to the first few questions for module one! I had not realized how amazing my story was and what pieces link up that have always been there. The visualization was also very moving, I cried with your first question!...Such a powerful moment for me. I couldn't describe the joy if I tried." 

In case you're still on the fence, I put together a list of the top 7 reasons to join the Academy straight from our members:

1. It saves you time + money: 

A one-stop shop for personal development, business strategy, soul fueled support and your very own high-level brand, business and mindset COACH to work with in an on-going capacity inside your brand and biz.

You will receive monthly coaching calls for a regular tune-up to release your latest blocks, move through confusion and overwhelm at warp speed and pick up some new strategies to get things cooking inside your company. 

2. It will help you GROW your bottomline.

Martha's revenue is up by 40%. 

Chantelle has already doubled her income from Q4 of 2016. 

Liza is just $1K shy of out-earning ALL of 2016.

The modules provide you with rock solid trainings to implement in to your business right away to make changes to the way you are marketing and structuring your products/services and beyond. This content is designed to help you get crystal clear on how to increase your income while feeling greater EASE about the way you operate in your business. 

3. It provides a built-in group of Biz Besties

Masterminds are proven to help you grow rapidly n your business. Why do you think all of the big dogs (Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Marie Forleo and beyond) spend the big bucks to be a part of a community of like-minded and motivated folks?

The Academy is your built-in power posse of passionate souls on a mission. Resources, referrals and mega-support to help you take your biz to the next level.

4. You will become a Productivity Powerhouse

Chances are, your plate is overflowing...a top priority of this program is to help you learn how to choose what works and what doesn't, where to focus your energy to increase your income and how to better manage your precious time. 

Learn how to use your time wisely to make space for more of what you want and less of what's no longer needed.

5. You're bringing a high-end brand strategist & business coach in to your business

Working with me in a one-to-one capacity is a significant investment and that's because I help my clients get results. I will help you take your business to the next level with the same strategies I use with my private coaching clients. You will receive monthly laser-coaching straight from me during our group calls and support in our community on the daily. 

6. It includes an in-person live event!

Your Academy ticket will include a ticket to The Soul Fueled Summit, an in-person live event that is guaranteed to change your life. Not only do you get to mastermind with this incredible group of women, but you will have the opportunity to hug them and party with them in-person next month!

Can't make it live? We will be live-streaming it for our members. 

7. The way you think about your business and yourself will dramatically transform

Beneath the strategies and techie tools, you will receive road tested training and support to move through fear and resistance.

You will transform the way you think about yourself and your business by connecting more deeply with your inner truth and the most powerful parts of who you really are.

In the words of mamapreneur and Academy member Nadia, "We're not just transforming our businesses, we're transforming our lives."

My mission is to help you come home to who you really are.

It's to help you discover what unique gifts you bring to the world and how to share them more powerfully while positively impacting the lives of others. 

I believe entrepreneurship is one of the most direct paths we can choose to heal and expand.

I've witnessed quantum leaps in my own life and I want to share this incredible way of life with you too, Friend.

It doesn't have to be so difficult. 

You don't have to do this by yourself. 

Click here to join The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy now.

Your life and biz will never be the same. 

I am hosting a LIVE Q&A at 12 pm ET - join me with your last minute Q's!

5 Tips to Balance Your Business + Your Sanity


As a busy mamapreneur, I know all about overwhelm and feeling like I’m losing my marbles (on a pretty regular basis, actually).

So in the spirit of pouring all of my love in to my tribe, I put together a list of the 5 top tips that help me stay focused on my big goals while also living a totally fulfilling life, (which is the real reason I chose this entrepreneur life, after all!)

1. Create a rock solid road map

You can’t get where you’re going without a plan, whether that’s in mapping out what you’re feeding the family for dinner or how you're’ going to launch your latest program. Ask yourself, "Where can I weave in more structure to get where I want to go? How can I streamline the processes that make me feel like I am swimming upstream?" Here are few of my favorite keep-it-together-tips: 

  • Block scheduling your whole life (family & business) 
  • Meal planning for the week ahead 
  • Setting specific days for clients, for content creation, for family time, etc. in your calendar
  • Sticking to THE plan! (And, constantly improving it).

2. Find tools that do the heavy lifting for you

I could not survive without Google Calendar! When I discovered the value of using tools that not only integrate with one another but support the growth of my business, I felt like I hit the jackpot. Take a moment to jot down the tasks that suck the life out of you and get curious about what tools (technology or otherwise) that you can integrate into your business for more ease. Post your questions over in The Why Warrior Tribe so we can recommend resources for you to check out. 

3. Learn from those who are rocking what you want to do

When I saw him live last week, Tony Robins said: “Success leaves clues”. (Hence why I was in his audience - lol! ). Study those who have gone before you and master what they are good at that could benefit you. Proximity is power. Enroll in the course. Hire the coach. Go to the seminar. Give yourself the gift of the transformational experience to take things to the next level.

4. Stop trying to go it alone

I didn’t understand the saying: “It takes a village” until I became a mother and then I became an entrepreneur and then I REALLY got it.

The ability to grow and stretch ourselves improves exponentially in the company of other people is a learned and necessary skill. Find your tribe. Invest there. Make connections with that tribe a top priority. You never know what kind of support you're really going to need down the path and knowing that others have your back is the most comforting feeling you could ask for in life and in business.

5. Simplify.

The reason we create soul fueled brands and businesses is so that we can come home to who we really are. Our missions allow us to focus on what matters most and release our attachments to the “shoulds” and a way of being that feels inauthentic. Remember why you chose this path and release all that feels misaligned or disconnected from your truth.

From 1-1 business mentorship, to a thriving community, to in depth trainings like “How to become a productivity powerhouse” and “How to eliminate email overwhelm” and more, The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy has got you covered.

The doors are open.  

Click here for more info and to join now

5 Ways The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy can make you more money


I know what you’re thinking.

Is this another one of those programs that is going to help me get more aligned with my purpose and passion, but leave me wanting more when it comes to the action plan I need to move the needle forward on my biz bottomline? 

I hear you, sister, and I’m a “show me the money” kind of girl, too.

We got in to business to serve others in a really big way AND earn the income that matched the value of what we are delivering in the world (aka life-changing results).

We chose this path because we were ready for a different way of life, a renewed relationship with money and the expansive opportunity to be who we really are in our sacred work.

I've never shared this with anyone before...

When I left my corporate career, there was one number I became totally obsessed with and that number was $100K.

I wanted to hit six-figures in my first year like nobody’s business.

I was afraid to tell my husband or my friends that I was working hard to hit this goal. 

I remember laying in bed on the one-year anniversary of launching my business with my calculator on my phone out and the realization that I had done it. 

I eclipsed the six-figure mark in those first 12 months and it felt amazing.

Holding myself to that big goal not only motivated me to work my buns off, but it served as a benchmark that showed me that if I had the courage to DREAM big, first...achieving it was a sure-thing. 

I know you have big goals too.

And that’s why I put my whole heart and each and every one of the strategies I used to hit that big goal and beyond in to The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy.

This program is what I wish I had when I launched my business from scratch.

And over these last 3 years, I’ve made it my mission to deliver useful content that not only inspires you to get to the next level, but leads the way with concrete action steps, one-on-one support and a game-changing community.

Throughout each of the 10 content-packed modules, you’ll receive individual coaching and guidance to ensure that any blocks are removed so you can create the business and profit you’ve been dreaming of.

Each module gives you the steps you need to not only streamline your business, but massively accelerate your income through:

  1. Effortlessly clarifying your ideal client and who you’re meant to serve (so more of them arrive at your virtual doorstep!)
  2. Creating a brand that is unique to who you are - the literal secret sauce to getting noticed online.
  3. Crafting road tested email marketing strategies to grow your list and your bottom line.
  4. Learning how to create offerings you LOVE to deliver that are totally aligned with your big mission.
  5. Teaching you how to show up authentically in your sales conversations (without feeling sleazy) and so much more.

Plus a few very special BONUSES:


Insta-Bloom: How to Dramatically Grow Your Instagram Following
In this guide, I will share EXACTLY how I increased my Instagram following by 13K followers in just 10 weeks.


The Non-Techie's Guide to DIY Your Dream Website

How to Become a Productivity Powerhouse

Soul Fuel Your Inbox: Eliminating Email Overwhelm

Lights, Camera, Action: Using Video to Rock Your Brand & Biz

The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy 
is your all-in-one answer. 

Check out what these Soul Fueled CEO™ sisters have to say about their experience:

"Since joining the Academy...I have signed on my FIRST client (who wasn't my mom!), made having a Morning Routine a non-negotiable, launched my coaching packages (4 weeks & 12 weeks), finally understood my ideal client, manifested $4,000!, felt supported and guided in business and life events/decisions and so MUCH MORE!! The Academy was what my life and business were missing! The support and community is even better than words can describe!

- Nadia Castonguay, Founder of Your Journey to Health + Personal Trainer

"I've completely revamped everything and my revenue is up 40% since I started this! The systems I've implemented have freed up so much of my time so I don't even have to think about it anymore and I am better able to serve my students...The modules give you the structure you need around getting business systems in place, understanding who your ideal client is, etc., they just distill it down in to exactly what I need.

I also love the monthly calls, they are fantastic...I love being in the exchange of energy with like-minded people. I often felt alone in this entrepreneurial work, but this is different, this has been incredible to open the doorway to connect with others going through the same things. 

It's so unusual in the business world to have a coach who encourages us to have white space on the calendar and to do those self care practices, and to not measure success just by financial well-being. It's so much more with Amber, what she's emphasizing with all of us is that success is measured by how fulfilled we feel." 

-Martha Gleason, Martha Gleason Voice Studio

Click here to join now

I can’t wait to welcome you into our Soul Fueled CEO™ Community!

PS - Doors close on Friday,4/14 at 6 pm ET! Just imagine what could happen in the next 30, 60, 90 days by joining this incredible program!