The Life-Shifting Lesson I Learned from a Bee


After dinner the other night, I headed out on the paddle board to take in the sunset. 

I've been finding myself soaking up every last morsel of my time on the water before it turns to ice over the next few months. 

I sat out on the board watching the sun tuck behind the trees and I got to thinking about the heart-breaking events of the last few weeks: the devastation caused by hurricanes to the unthinkable mass shooting in Las Vegas.

I asked myself the question, "What can I do?"

And for a few moments I sat with myself in the pit of a helpless silence.

Gun laws, mental illness, natural disaster, political corruption...

How can I possibly do anything to make a dent in the tidal wave of pain and fear that so many are living in? 

I knew my own questions were coming from a place of fear.

I knew that what I learned on that operating room table 4 years ago was to lean in to love and gratitude. 

I knew that my next right step lived on the other side of handing it over to something bigger than me.

It was time to listen for the answers I was longing for. 

As the sun disappeared for the day, I grabbed my paddle and started my way back home.

A few strokes from the place I had stopped to pray and ponder, I noticed a bee flailing its tiny legs in the air, stuck on its back in the middle of the open water.

I have a very human fear of bees and have been known to practically throw myself out of moving vehicles as a child when one got in the car, so I instinctively paddled on by. 

And then the thought hit me like a lightning bolt...

"This is where we begin...we must help those in the greatest need even if that means it might be a little scary for us to do so." 

We must meet the ones who need us right where they are...with love...with a helping hand...with the gift of humanity rather than hate and fear. 

I turned the board around and paddled quickly back to the spot where I had just passed the bee out in the middle of the lake. 

Fortunately, he was still there and the fish had not discovered him helplessly stuck there on the surface of the water.

I dipped the handle of my paddle down towards his little legs and he gripped on to it for dear life.

I lifted him up on to the deck of my board and he crawled around a little getting himself re-oriented.

Together, the bee and me, we paddled back to shore.

I pulled up on the little strip of sand on our beach and waited while he continued to get his bearings. 

I snapped this picture of him as a reminder of this sweet lesson and thanked him for allowing me to help him. 


Later that night, as I shared this story with Ben, I thought about the number of times I have "paddled" on by someone who was in need that I had the capacity to help. 

I reflected on the ways I have found myself justifying why I didn't have to send a letter to my representatives because I wasn't sure how to say the right words...or didn't advocate for a cause I truly believed in because I was afraid of not doing it just right.

And then I gave myself permission to start right here.

Because nothing will change until we do in moments like these.

Our lives will not transform until we make the conscious commitment to transform with them. 

There's one thing I know for sure and that's when we choose to pursue our sacred work in the world, when we design a life that feels in alignment with who we know we really are and with our personal missions here on this planet...that's when the world begins to change with us. 

How are you using your voice, your hands, your heart, your gifts to serve?

What small things could you do differently to make an even bigger impact on the lives of others and in doing so, make a dramatic impact on your very own life?

It starts with us.

I recorded a quick podcast episode in response to the events in Las Vegas that felt scary but also allowed me to step in to my truth in a big way. It's called Stepping into Sacred Activism - click here to listen.

I also sent a letter to my representative via Resist Bot. It's a text messaging tool that will send what you want to say to Congress in just a few minutes right from your phone. You can do that right here too

We also made a donations to the Houston Food Bank, the Houston Humane Society and Together Rising in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Click the links above to do the same or donate to a cause that touches you. 

Start where you are. 

When we connect to our own compassion, lean in to love, release fear and show up for the people in our lives and in our communities the change really begins.

Big ol' sparkly love to you.


How to Create Compelling Content that Converts


One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to spend a lot of time digging in to the stuck places with people.

Everyday, I get to reverse engineer to my heart's content and peel back the layers on the things that keep you and me from reaching our full potential.

I have been thinking a lot about one primary focus area for my tribe and that is on the necessity to be producing compelling and engaging content on a regular basis.

And while this one sounds like a no brainer, I realized that this, in and of itself, is probably more challenging than it seems for most of us.

How do I know this?

Because I write a weekly blog/newsletter to you every, single week.

I also record 2 podcasts per week and am constantly creating new content for my programs, while also writing my first book behind the scenes.

I am also a big fan of Instagram, Insta-stories and Facebook Live and I do them regularly which also equals a need for more content.

If you've ever struggled with coming up with compelling content that not only connects with your ideal client's biggest challenges, but moves them to make a purchase, this week's love note is for you.

I am breaking this one down for you in to 5 easy steps to help make your content planning fun and way more impactful.

Are you ready?

Here are my top 5 steps to create compelling content that converts:

1. Make it useful

I know. This one seems ridiculously obvious, but every single thing you write should have a clear cut objective to positively impact and serve your audience.

If it doesn't, dig deeper.

And remember...if you are writing out of obligation, rather than inspiration, whatever you not hit send. 

Time is our most precious resource. We cannot get it back.

If you are going to write to your tribe or your social media following, give them the good stuff.

Make it insanely useful and beneficial to their lives.

2. Keep it concise

Busy people don't have time for fluff. Peel back the extraneous layers of getting to what it is you really want to say and keep it on target. 

Ask yourself: Am I delivering this content in the most efficient and effective way possible?

Your tribe will thank you and your results will reflect it too. 

3. Create content that increases engagement

In a training I attended a few weeks ago, the viral video experts at Goalcast shared that the golden rule of Facebook engagement is way more simple than it seems. 

They dispelled the myth that Facebook's algorithm is out to get us and force us in to spending oodles of money on paid advertising and pointed the low engagement meter right back at us. 

The key to increasing engagement, likes and comments on our Facebook pages is to simply create content that people actually want to engage with!


What do they mean by this exactly?

Facebook measures time spent ON the platform as a total thumbs up; therefore, videos and lives keep you on Facebook for longer equals better results and visibility.

Content that is not engaging and does not encourage shares, comments and hearts/likes will be less visible. 

Bottomline: Create content that inspires, motivates and moves your audience to share it with others and get results. 

4. Keep it current

Does your content have a spin on it that is synced up with what's going on in your life or with a newsworthy event?

Speaking from the voice of present day planet earth and being connected to what's going on with humanity makes your words more relevant, grounded and real. 

It's great wanting to teach from your expert seat, but it's even more exciting when you're talking about what's happening in the lives of your tribe right now and reflecting back how your products/services are relevant to their experience. 

PS - Bonus for points for mega-relatability. 

5. Flex those expert muscles (aka let yourself get geeky)

One of the things I've learned lately is that the most compelling and irresistible celebrities, artists, thought leaders, etc. are the ones who are not afraid to let their freak flags fly. 

They are totally fascinated with what it is they do.

They're enamored with learning more and with sharing what they've learned with others to help improve their lives and experiences. 

Slow down on the strategy and let yourself go with the flow on what moves and inspires you.

Nothing is "cooler" than seeing someone OWN their genius and share it in a way that inspires others to take action to improve their lives and businesses.

BONUS: Be consistent. 

This one goes without saying, yet I cannot tell you how often I see newer entrepreneurs sending an email to their, albeit small, list only once in a blue moon. 

Consistency speaks volumes.

Consistency tells the story about your intentions and what it is you're actually doing in your business. 

Consistency is the key to creating the life you want.

If you're serious about whatever goals you've set and you are creating that empowered empire of your dreams, you have got to dig in to the discipline of actually DOING what it is you say you want to do. 

The process, in and of itself, is an intention and a non-negotiable.

Give yourself the gift of committing to your dreams.

Now it's your turn:

What does your current content plan look like? 

Where could you improve?

Challenge yourself to make a list of content ideas that are fun, engaging and useful for the next week and see what comes up for you. 

Don't be afraid to get super creative!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

5 Tips to Overcome a Brand Identity Crisis


A friend of mine recently reached out in a panic saying, "I think I'm having a brand identity crisis."

Her current business offerings are positioned in a way that no long feel aligned with her soul mission and she had no idea what to do.

I see this happen a lot and have even experienced it a few times myself over the course of the last few years, myself.

Has this ever happened to you?

Well, before we get under the hood and you hit delete on your website, I've got some good news...

A brand identity crisis is a GOOD thing.

It means you're evolving.

It means you're listening to that little voice inside guiding you towards what's meant for you.

It means there's room for greater growth and expansion.

So before you delete your entire list (the one you've worked so hard to create) and send out a dramatic "It's not you, it's me" existential crisis-style newsletter...

Let's talk about a few ways to approach this next phase of life and business.

Here are a few of the tips I shared with my friend and I've learned myself as I've shifted my business from a web design/coaching studio model to a straight brand and business coaching, group programs + live events - personal brand focus.

1. Start by getting clear on what's off

  • Do you not like designing websites or are you attracting the wrong clients because you're freaking out about money and you'll take anything that comes your way?

  • Are you tired of talking about the product you represent and want to talk more about your personal development journey instead?

  • Are you just feeling like the old way of doing things isn't working anymore, but you've told yourself that in order to be successful you have to do it in a "certain" way?

If you nodded your head to any of the above questions, this is, again, great news...

You are CLEAR on what's not working and when we're clear on what we don't want, it immediately directs us to what we DO want.


Begin by writing down a list of all of the things that are feeling less awesome these days and then move on to step 2.

2. Evaluate the scope the misalignment

Ok, so now that we're clear on what's not working, let's dig a little deeper:

  • Is it that you are tired of the product you're selling or is it that you feel like your soul is being sucked out every time you pull up to do a presentation?

  • Is it that you're sick of writing content about your area of expertise in the voice and style you've been writing it or do you feel like you're going to die if you have to do one more webinar or Facebook live talking about this topic?

You know that feeling when you're in a relationship, but you're heart is no longer in it and every, single thing feels AWKWARD?


On a scale of 1-10 (1 being awful, 10 being sparkles + sunshine), go back up to the list of things from number 1 and evaluate how unbearable this particular aspect feels inside your business.

Once you have this evaluation scale mapped out, it will serve as a roadmap to figure out what we need to address first.

3. Get honest with yourself about where this is really coming from?

You're growing.

You're expanding your horizons and you want to talk about what feels exciting to you.

We don't watch the same episode of our favorite Netflix series over and over and over again, right?

We move on, excitedly, to the next one.

The story progresses and so do we AND our brands and businesses.

The notion that you are supposed to stay stagnant is absurd and it's not going to feel very authentic for your clients in the long run.


Jot down what you think this is really about and notice what's starting to be revealed for you.

Before we proceed, let me call a little TIMEOUT....

You might be thinking...

"But what about the former versions of me coming in all the time looking for _(fill in the blank product I already have)_, so it's my job to make sure I have that available to them."

Yes, you are 100% correct, AND that's why automated online systems exist.

The products you made when you were uber-excited about them will contain your excitement about them in the emails you've written, the landing pages you've created and the systems that HOLD the digi-products you've already crafted.

The even better news?

You can continue to make money from those products serving your growing audience while you are creating NEW products and services that are the 2.0 level of Brand You.

(Hint: This is why authors write new books all the time and why bookstores sell all of the books they've written).

The Brand You Train gets to span the work of your lifetime...

Are you following mer?

Our final and most vital step in this process is to focus on what matters most of all...

4. Remember the secret sauce.

YOU, my friend, are the secret sauce inside your brand and business (most especially, those of us who are personal brands).

You doing you and talking about the things you're fascinated with and excited about is the surest way to inspire your audience.

I know you might be thinking, "Me doing me means I need to throw dynamite at my brand."

That might be the case (promise me you will follow steps 1-4 before lighting that match), BUT...not without a bigger conversation or going to number 5...

5. Innovate to feel great!

This one is ALL about ACTION:

How can you INNOVATE your current offerings?

Where can you differentiate what you're doing in a way that is not only more exciting to you and more engaging for your audience, but simultaneously positions you to make greater impact (which makes way for greater income).

How can you dust off the old tired approach you've been pushing and add some pizazz?

Just think about how StitchFix innovated shopping for clothes and Starbucks reimagined the coffee experience.

What does that look like for you?

Tap in to a few of my favorite places for innovation inspiration...

Read Blue Ocean Strategy and listen to the How I Built This podcast.

Think dynamically or plug in to a group of fellow-preneurs who have innovative brains and are willing to help you spitball on how to differentiate your products/services.

Reframe Alert: A brand identity crisis is's the opportunity to make like Madonna and reinvent yourself.

The good news is that you are thinking differently and more dynamically about the problem you are trying to help you clients solve.

You are a living and breathing and ever-evolving soul...

Congratulations, love, you are ALIVE.

I'm excited to see what you come up with.

And if you need help in working through it, schedule a free Brand + Business Breakthrough Session right here so we can roll up our sleeves together.

Top 5 Tips from Super Achievers in Action [Summit of Greatness RECAP]

Ben and I just got back from an epic weekend at the Summit of Greatness and the Greatness Mastermind with Lewis Howes and all I can say is...


It was an incredible experience.

Lewis pulled out all of the stops and dazzled the audience and even bought a copy of his new book The Mask of Masculinity for everyone in the audience (which Ben read in its entirety in less than 24 hours).

Click here to pre-order yours now. Lewis will be on the podcast on Tuesday, 10/31 when the book launches.


The Summit, in and of itself, was life-changing and then add to it the Mastermind sessions and experiences thrown in to the mix and the whole trip felt like a portal to the next realm of being for me. 

We had the privilege of learning from #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author Brendon Burchard on Saturday with a 4-hour private business strategy session (!!) and it got me thinking hard about how I am showing up in my life and business when it comes to personal excellence.

It got me doing a 360-degree audit on each aspect of my life and I came home with new tools and techniques to add to my daily routine that I wanted to share with you. 

After studying each and every one of the speakers and even my fellow mastermind brothers + sisters, I noted that there are a few patterns that jumped out at me about their propensity to hit their big goals and the artful way they do it. 

It's no secret that taking action is the secret sauce to high achievement, but there a few other focus areas I took away from the weekend and I couldn't wait to share them with you.

Here are the top 5 tips I learned from witnessing super achievers in action:

1. They've learned how to "listen through the fear."

Brendon Burchard said, "We're trapped in an internal world of chaos and not listening to the mentors that are right there showing you how to save your life." #guilty 

How many times have we signed up for the program or hired the coach and then spent the duration of our time working together, literally, ARGUING for our limitations? 

We have to learn how to listen through our fear to hear the sage advice and divine downloads being delivered to help us get to our dreams faster and with less bumps and bruises along the way.


2. They prime themselves for fierce focus every, single day.

Mel Robbins said, "Being great is about the little things." 

Her 5-Second Rule is an epic tool to help you override your brain's hesitation reflex to ignite your action taking pre-frontal cortex. 

But fear and feedback loops are a real thing...and waking up everyday and getting ourselves in GO-mode takes grit and practice. 

We simply cannot achieve our big goals with our brains full of chaos and split energy. 

A solid morning routine and pre-planning the night before is a non-negotiable for excellence. 

How do you prime yourself for focus every day?

3. They're not looking for the magic button.

Chris Guillebeau said, "Stop looking for the magic button." 

I loved this moment because with this statement comes the package deal that when we start focusing on doing the work, creating the product and offering that is going to help others, we are simultaneously presupposing that we are qualified to do it.

Sounds simple right?

But permission is a big part of the fear equation and the feeling like we need our fairy godmother to come down and tell us we're ready is a real thing for many of us.

And here's what I noticed over the weekend, super achievers are no longer under the fallacy that they are going to get scooped up by Oprah or blessed by Ellen and suddenly have all the success in the world they've been waiting for.

Every person that walked that stage over the weekend has committed to doing the necessary hard work day in and day out. 

They wrote the book, practiced the talk and felt all of the frustration that comes along with it. 

They are being pulled by something bigger than their fear.

Do me a favor and say this out loud 3x:


Then close your eyes for a few minutes until you get a download about what that magic translates to in real life action-taking and jot it down in your journal.


4. They are pulled by something bigger than external validation + accolades.

Maria Sharapova said, "I play like I have nothing."

After her recent and controversial suspension from the game of tennis, she stayed in shape and worked on growing her businesses. 

She wrote a book. 

She referred to overcoming challenges as "immunizations."

I love this analogy because the fact is, once we overcome something big, the learning stays with us, it makes us stronger.

Every time we step on to the court, the stage or appear on the screen, it's an opportunity to touch lives and prove to ourselves that we can do it. 

Show up and prepare like you haven't achieved a thing and watch what happens next.

5. They are focused on the present. 

Tim Storey was, by far and away, one of my favorite speakers from the weekend. 

During the Q + A, someone asked him what's next for him...

His answer?

"What's next is what's now." 

Can I get an AMEN, sister friend!?

I get this question a lot too.

Loving friends and brand fans say, "Wow! You're blowing up over there! Everything looks like it's going so amazingly well."

And while things ARE going incredibly well, that only happens because I'm so focused on what's right in front of me...

  • Writing this email to you.
  • Preparing for my podcast interview with Emily Ley (yay!) later today
  • Getting ready to record a module training for my Mastermind program.
  • Fitting in time to move my body and show up in my community to support my tribe.

What's next is the non-glamorous stuff like waking up and playing dress-up with my daughter before school, voxing my girlfriend back who is needing some extra support today, answering emails and reviewing edits to my podcast show notes.

What's next is right here...

And by continually giving our full focus, energy and LOVE to the lives our former selves have so intentionally crafted, we give birth to the lives we're dreaming about. 

I could not think of a more fitting way to close this week's love note to you.

What's NOW for you?

What's it going to take for you to commit whole-heartedly to your personal definition of excellence? 


Ready to take your brand, biz + life to the next level? 
Apply for your free brand + biz breakthrough session now

How I Built my Dream TEAM + Doubled Last Year's Income

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 9.30.57 PM.png

Ben and I are about to hop on a plane to hang out with my mastermind buddies at Lewis Howes' Summit of Greatness.

We are so excited for our adventure together and for the adventure our little one gets to have with friends + family while we're away (her suitcase has been packed for a week). 

Preparing for this trip and experience got me thinking about all of the SUPPORT it takes to build a rockin' business. 

The saying, "It takes a village" applies to birthing babies and businesses and I wanted share a little peek behind the curtain at ALL of the support I have called in on a daily basis to make all things possible.

I realized, as I put this list together, that no part of this journey has been a SOLO-endeavor and for that I will be forever grateful.

Here are the current support roles inside the business:

A Techie Ninja VA: who makes things happen with (what seems like) her eyes closed. I've been with Jamie for almost 3 years now and I am so grateful for her technical know-how and her ability to ride the waves through the back end trials + tribulation that comes with having an online business.  

An All-Things-Biz Assistant + Social Media Rockstar: who talks me off the ledge, has a bigger vision for me than me most days and just makes my life so much easier inside the biz. She is also a social media expert extraordinaire and has helped me grow my Insta-following by over 25K followers since January (yep, true story). 

My Handsome COO aka Loving Husband: Ben helps with the operations of podcast editing/flow, video editing, financial analysis, live event support and anything else I need his handy help on.

Our go-to Creative Team - Photographer, Stylist + Video Crew: for special projects on the schedule and speaking events. 

We also have someone who helps with podcast show notes and Facebook advertising.

All graphics and web design/updates are done by me, in-house. 

My LIFE support::

  • Our FAMILY...My parents (my mom has basically been our family chef for too many years to count - whipping up gourmet dishes that create leftovers that go the distance, thanks Mom) and Ben's dad
  • My soul sister besties (who also happen to be gurus and incredible teachers in their own right) Rachel Camfield, Liza Witonis (our go-to for help with watching the babe - this one is HUGE for us!), Meg Haines, Jen Desrosiers + Jess Todd
  • My spiritual mentor Karen Kenney and where-have-you-been-all-my-life rockstar soul sister.
  • My vocal instructor guru Martha Gleason
  • My therapist 
  • ALL THINGS ARBONNE - Vegan-certified makeup, skincare + nutrition - I use (and has single-handedly transformed my bod). 
  • My chiropractor, naturopath, hair maven (Jessica Todd) + soul food magic ala Laney & Lu Café.

Bottomline: In order to BUILD a team and support system like this, I've had to learn how to be more OPEN to receiving help. 

I've also had to learn that just because I CAN do something doesn't mean I should! 

We've invested more in the business this year than ever and in doing so, we've more than doubled our income from last year and in 3 years are about to eclipse the $1M mark in the business.

I've learned that we are SO MUCH better together than we are apart.

I've learned that ALL OF THE TIME we waste clicking and searching and scrolling and waiting is time we could be spending enjoying our LIVES and making money in our businesses. 

Celebrating my friends, leaning on them for support and remembering that it takes a "rising tide to lift all boats" has been one of the most powerful catalysts for expansion there is. 

And this is why I've created programs and experiences for my clients that not only include high-touch support from yours truly, but soul-centered COMMUNITY to ride the waves of entrepreneurship with. 

You need a village to birth + grow your sacred business too, sister friend.

I'll show you what I'm talking about...

Take a peek at my latest behind the scenes look at my latest Mastermind Retreat Experience::

(Video by Aimless Focus + Song "Back Home" by Akari)

Click here for your free Brand + Biz Breakthrough Session Now

Let it be a Love Story

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I woke up to a Facebook feed and phone full of love notes from my friends and family wishing me a happiest birthday today.

My heart was bursting with gratitude and that twinkle of birthday morning excitement.

I woke up to a fresh new year and a deep, expansive feeling sitting in the center of my being that I have been waiting for. 

And then I started thinking about you.

I started thinking about how tender and afraid I feel most of the time and I'm willing to bet you do too.

I reflected on how for the last 36 years, reaching for fear has felt easier than reaching for love, most days.

And because of this, in the last year and most especially in the last few months, I've been peeling back the layers to understand where this really comes from...what it really means. 

I've spent time in solitude with myself and with my beloved soul sisters and spiritual mentors. 

I've opened my heart with my husband and my best friends and I've surrendered to the truth that has followed me all the days of my life.

The one undeniable fact that I have been selectively weaving in to the tapestry of my life and mercilessly withholding. 

And that simple truth is the simple fact that I came from love, I am of love and I was born through love on this very day 36 years ago.

I am Love.

And so are you.

And the simple fact that we believe we are separate from Love is the sole thing keeping us from living a life brimming with joy. 

It wasn't until I slowed down enough to sync up with this undeniable fact was I able to get a glimpse of it.

And now that I know, I can't pretend that this is not the Truth. 

We suffer, we struggle and we hide because we were not meant to be separate from love. 

And *this* fact...this unavoidable truth is not only impacting our relationships, most especially, the one you have with ourselves but it's dramatically impacting our work in the world. 

We cannot show up whole to our work with others if we are not whole for ourselves. 

The work to come home to who we really are IS the work. 

There will never be a sales strategy, funnel or email sequence that can outperform the power of honoring your truest essence.

You are love. 

You are loved. 

You were called here for the joy of it. 

Let your life be a love story.

Let your work be an expression of love. 

Let your business be the portal through which you give and receive MORE love. 

Reframe your offerings, your sales copy, your marketing strategies to and through Love and watch what happens next. 

If you're not sure how to do that, I would love to help you

Thank you,Friend, for being a part of my tribe, my own personal evolution and unfurling.

I love you + appreciate beautiful you.

PS - Brand You Breakthrough is available at 50% off through the end of the day today (that's just $49!!) and ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to Hurricane Relief in Houston, Texas. I am dedicating my birthday to (Brand) YOU and our brothers + sisters who need our support right now. We've already received almost $1,000 in purchases! I am so excited to share with you where this money goes to help in the recovery efforts. (Valid through end of day September, 6, 2017)


My Birthday is Dedicated to Hurricane Relief + You


I'm certain you have been as concerned, troubled and moved to act in the wake of Hurricane Harvey as I have.

A few of our Mastermind sisters live right in the heart of Houston and have been in recovery mode in their communities for the last week and we have been in constant contact to send them love and support as they pick up the pieces.

My incredible tribe has been quick to act in making donations to organizations and responding with boots on the ground for those that need our support. 

This recovery effort is an all hands on deck process and Ben and I are wholly committed to being a part of the recovery effort through our family and business.  

In honor of my birthday week next Wednesday (9/6), I wanted to do something that would be of huge benefit to the recovery effort and to YOU on your biz and life journey.

So now through my birthday, I will be offering my game-changing Brand You Breakthrough program for sale at 50% off (regularly priced at $97) with the added bonus of the promise that each and every dollar of those sales will go directly to benefit the recovery effort in Houston. 

For just $49 you can get the clarity you've been craving in your business and know that your purchase goes DIRECTLY to support the recovery efforts of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 



The magic of our work in the world as passionpreneurs is that we can be nimble in our response to crises and to mobilizing to support those in need.

My mission is to not only want to use our products/services and platform for good, but also show you how to do this in your business too.

Use the discount code:
HOUSTON to receive 50% off
(Want to give more? Purchase at full-price and we'll donate that too!)

Brand You Breakthrough is the fundamental program I require my students to complete prior to our work together. 


It will help you get MASSIVE clarity on the foundation of what it is you do best, why you do it and how to start taking action in sharing your gifts with the world (aka making sales + connecting with your dream clients). 

For just $49 you can get the clarity you've been craving in your business and know that your purchase goes DIRECTLY to support the recovery efforts of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

This one is a no-brainer.

Purchase one for you and gift it to your biz bestie! 

The code will expire on Thursday, Sept. 7th so don't wait on this epic opportunity to do good and GROW in your life + biz. 

To our sisters and their families impacted by Hurricane Harvey, we are sending prayers daily and support as you wade through this complicated and painful recovery process. 

Engage Your Pain: It's time to use our voices


You would have to be living under a rock to miss the events that transpired down in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend. 

Ben and I were in Charlottesville three weeks ago, having an incredible weekend with friends and our team just miles away from the place where white supremacists lead a nationalist rally in which, the lives of those who stood for social justice, were brutally lost and critical injuries were sustained. 

Our 32-year-old soul sister, Heather Heyer, who was known as a passionate advocate for the disenfranchised, was killed. 

It was terrifying to watch it all unfold.

And the truth is...this thing we've so clearly wanted to pretend doesn't exist, was glaring at us from every screen as far as the eye could see.

There was no way to hide from the legacy of our lifetime and the foundation upon which our country has been built while it was staring up at us from our iPhones.

I woke up on Monday morning feeling edgy, tender, angry, helpless and as the morning progressed, my neck began to stiffen.

It felt like I had actual whiplash and there was no physical injury to attribute this feeling to. 

And as an intensely sensitive being, I could feel the collective pain throbbing all around me and in our space of personal growth through light workers and leaders I look to for guidance.

And here's what I've discovered is waiting for us on the other side of these events...

An invitation for love fueled resistance like the world has never seen before.

An opportunity for white women, like me, to awaken and register to the reality of what's been happening to our brothers and sisters and their babes for as long as time exists.

An opening in to the places and spaces that our parents didn't know how to put words to...for us to, now, walk courageously through.

We are the ones who must make a decision.

We're either in or we're out.

There's no fence straddling on this one.

We're in it for the love...or we're going to continue living in fear.

And since we talk about being more committed to what's right than we are to making sure our words come out just right.

Now is the time.

And let me just be crystal clear...

This doesn't mean we're going to say it perfectly...I'm terrified that I am saying the wrong thing to you rightthisminute.

I have wanted to hit delete on this email too many times to count.

But not saying anything, not taking action the only way I know how is no longer an option.

Because pretending + pushing the uncomfortable feelings aside is what got us here.

We live in a time-space reality where speaking our truth is more accessible and acceptable than ever, ever, ever before.

We can no longer live in fear of speaking the truth, not knowing how or being too afraid to stand united because the truth of others is louder and scarier.

Because it turns out our silence is even more dangerous.

I sit here thinking about a future in this world for my white best friend + her partner and their 2 beautiful black boys...about what life is going to be like for them as they grow older, what those conversations around the dinner table are going to sound like.

I'm thinking about my daughter and the fact that she will at one point in time feel ashamed of her white privilege even though she doesn't understand why or how it happened.

And I'm thinking about my husband, a former cop, who has so much to say but has been systematically trained to not say a word who, too, is ready to speak up and be a part of this love fueled movement. 

What I know for certain is that the only way we move forward from here, knowing what *we* know now in this world we've collectively that to speak up, to ask the questions & to lead with love in all things is the only way to get where we want to go. 

Because hate cannot eliminate hate and only love is real.

And to remember that: "Nobody is more ready to show up than anybody else. It’s just that some people show up before they’re perfect and before they’re ready."
- Sister Glennon Doyle Melton

It's time to fully engage our pain. 

As we did when we birthed our babes, said no to the thing we knew was no longer for us and walked away from what no longer served.

It's time to question every-single-thing.

It's time to see the world with new eyes and to recognize that a ripple starts small and gains momentum...but someone has to be willing to start it.

Because Nn matter what the perpetrators of hatred have to say...

Love does win. 

My family absolutely, positively denounces white supremacy and we have committed to learning, doing and loving better. 

Here are some of the ways you can join us:

(Thank you to my soul sisters Karen Kenny, Jessica Fish, Emily Ballard, Megan Hale, Layla Saad, Laura Thompson Brady, Kate Northrup and Paige Filliater for your sacred activism, work and inspiration)

1. Join this program with us: Diversity is an Asset  with Desiree Lyn AdamsEricka Hines and my dear friend Jessica Fish. It kicks-off on September 6th (my birthday) and it's something I've wanted to do since last year and now is the time. I encourage you to consider joining too

2. Read this guide: Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center

3. Soul-sisterpreneurs (and brothers): Read this powerful article by Lalya Saad - "I need to speak with spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One)"

3. Donate:

I stand united with you with the whole hearted intention to lead with love in all that I do, not fear, even when I am scared as hell.

Pretending this isn't reality because we want to stay in "alignment" and don't want to "law of attract" any negative vibes in to our life experience is not actually helping anyone.

So maybe for today "getting involved" is just clicking "Share" on an article you read that was especially helpful.

Maybe it's going to a meeting in your community or asking questions without having to sound like you know what you're talking about.

Maybe it's understanding what white privilege really means (without shaming or guilt) and peeling back the onion on processing why WP, in and of itself, is exactly why we want to run away from this.

What an important invitation to deepen our sacred work in the world, {{firstname}}.

Whatever you decide...make it about love.

And remember that when you build a brand + business that allows you to be who you really are, you up the ante on positive change making potential in the world. 

How's that for some life-lifting ripples? 

Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy

Over the last 3 years, I've had the gift of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs: passionate souls on a mission, talented, brilliant minds with huge hearts and incredible missions to match. 

I have helped those women not only achieve greater success in their brands and businesses, but also in coming home to more of who they really are in the process.

This work has been incredibly rewarding, intrinsically, and with the financial growth that has come along with it.

But there's one thing I've witnessed over and over again that has me feeling more convicted and ready to spring in to action than ever before.

And that is...

The countless women I speak to on a daily basis who are waiting for permission to take the next step on their journeys.

For every woman that says yes, there are at least 2-3 who say "I need to ask my partner first" or "I don't know if I'm ready yet" or worst of all, "Everyone else must be so much further ahead of me, so I think I should wait until ______(fill in the blank)______." 

These are all bonafide reasons we've likely used at one point or another and honestly meant, but here's the thing...

When I read through your questionnaires and I ask you about your big vision and you pour out your heart and soul and the REASONS ON FIRE that now, now, now, now is the time for you to take this leap....and then you give me one of the aforementioned excuses (often through gritted teeth)...

I KNOW you're not giving me (or yourself) the whole truth.

Because what I'm really hearing is...

"I don't think I'm worthy of my dreams." 

I hear you telling me and my team that you're praying that someone will come along and bop you on the head with her magic wand to tell you it's time:

That you're're worthy...

You're good enough.

And the thing is, I 100% know what this feels like... 

It took me lying on an operating room table unable to breathe to wake up and own my desires. 

It took me almost dying to awaken to what I knew was waiting for me on the other side of my comfort zone and my excuses about why I wasn't ready yet.

But what I know to be true is that no one could want it for me more than I did back then.

No coach, friend, partner, parent, mentor or divine entity could make me take that next life-changing step until I made the decision to embrace the unknown and choose to be guided by my dreams rather than my fears. 

I know you know this too, {{firstname}}.

The SECOND most common reason I hear that my clients or potential clients aren't ready to take the next step on their journey is because they don't know how to "get" new leads and convert the leads they do have in to sales.

I listen to them list off all of the reasons why connecting with new prospects and sharing themselves with the world feels impossible.

I hear them quit before they even get started.

I'm ready to help you radically transform this story.

If you feel like your sales tires are stuck in the mud and you could use a little (strategic) nudge to get some momentum going... 

I'd like to invite you to join me for a free webinar this Thursday, 8/10 at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How I revolutionized the traditional sales strategy model for my latest SIX- figure launch

  • The 5-step strategy I use every day to maintain a steadily increasing flow of leads + sales

  • The one question my mentor Lewis Howes asked me that changed everything and helped me retire my husband from his 11-year police career in just one month.

  • The daily actions I take in my brand + business for maximum impact and engagement with my audience. 

  • How I cut out the stuff that wasn't working in my biz (and was sucking the life out of me) to make an even bigger impact AND income.


This is not your average sales webinar.

I will be sharing the nuts and bolts strategy + the mindset shifts to match that have helped us double last year's income (with 5 months left in the year).

If you've been following my journey over the last 3 years (or even just in the last year), you know that the road to get *here* - to retiring Ben, to adding more team members and to putting programs and processes in place that feel super aligned with what's true to me - has been a super transparent and truthy process.

I've tried out lots of models and methods to share my personal learning and journey with my tribe.

I've enjoyed sharing the things that have worked like a charm and the things that have been an epic fail. 

And the common theme running through all of it, has been my commitment to staying grounded in who I am and to designing strategies and systems that I can share with my tribe to help us all live a more present, passionate and fulfilling LIFE. 

Your business is the portal to sharing your soul's work with the world.

Let's make sure it feels AMAZING, abundant and aligned with who you really are so you can make a bigger impact AND income. 


3 Ways to Release the Grip of Entrepreneurial Anxiety


When it comes to the world of entrepreneurship, it seems like anxiety is package deal for so many of us.

What's worse is when you've committed to doing this work and you understand how the Law of Attraction works, you now consciously KNOW when your vibe is attracting in the stuff you don't actually want!

I once (very consciously) manifested a car accident. 

I had a vision of getting into an accident as I left the house and felt the fear pangs around it as I simultaneously tried to erase it from my brain by putting on happy songs.

But no matter how hard I tried, I still couldn't shake the foreboding thoughts and, I kid you not, just 20 minutes in to my drive I was rear-ended at the traffic circle on the way to visit my parents.

In a world made up of energy and the undeniable pull of that which we attune our focus, I've had to become radically responsible for the vibration I am putting out in to the world...most especially as I grow my business. 

And the truth is this process has not been especially ease-filled because I came to it a bit more tightly wound than you're average ball of yarn.

Yet, it's no coincidence then that this entrepreneurial path is the one I've chosen. 

Because entrepreneurship, in and of itself, has brought with it the invitation to to start facing the facts about the role anxiety had been playing in my life. 

I've known all too well what it feels like to be convinced that the other shoe is going to drop in just about every situation of my life.

I've known what it feels like to expect the worst and to live in fear on the inside while pretending I had it all together on the outside. 

I mean, who wants a coach with panic attacks and heart palpitations?

I had been carrying around this faulty coping mechanism for way too many years and when I dove head first in to the world of entrepreneurship (as a mama to a then-8-month-old baby girl), I found myself having freak outs on a very regular basis.

I remember one day, in particular, standing in the master bedroom of our first home and feeling like I couldn't breathe and as if the room was spinning around me.  

I was thinking over and over in my mind, "We could lose everything and it will be all my fault." 

It literally brought me to my knees and in that instant I felt completely trapped inside of myself...which was the absolute antithesis of what my business mantra was all about. 

I felt like a fraud and I also knew that I didn't want to live like that any longer. 

It was in that moment 2 1/2 years ago that I decided it was time to take drastic action to really understand what lived beneath the surface of this well-practiced pattern.

It was time for me to face the facts and to choose a different way of living my life because this way of operating was not only impacting the way I showed up in my sacred work in the world, but it was dramatically impacting my health, my marriage and my life as a mama. 

In today's email I want to share the 3 ways I began to release the grip of Entrepreneurial Angst to focus on growing in my life + business. 

Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who might be needing it. 

#1 - I got real.

When I fully acknowledged and accepted that this anxiety was not who I really am, rather, it was a coping mechanism I was using to deal with my fear and manage my life, it felt like a a million pounds had been lifted off my chest.

When I saw anxiety as a physical symptom, rather than an identity, it totally shifted my perspective and began to free me from its grip.

Anxiety was simply spotlighting the places in me craving more love, trust and most of all a need for surrendering in to who I really am and what I was put here to do. 

The more real I got with myself about all aspects and angles of my business and the roles and responsibilities I was playing in every aspect of my life, I gave myself the space to make the necessary tweaks to honor my needs.

#2 - I got quiet. 

I've spent so much time getting quiet within myself, slowing down, honoring, praying, meditating and remembering why I was lead to this work. 

In my voice lesson the other day, my teacher and spiritual guide Martha Omshanti Gleason (the fact that the word "glee" is in her name is not lost on me!) shared a quote that, quite literally, cracked me open and brought everything in to focus in a split second:

"The work of the guru is not to weaken your will. The work of the guru is to strengthen you, so you can stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds." - P. Yoganada

All I've ever wanted was to find a pathway to walk this life as the ground shook beneath me. 

Because trauma and being human is a package deal...just flip on the news for :30 seconds.

Grief and sadness and accidents and fear are unavoidable experiences, but being steady as the world spins within ourselves is a choice.

Learning how to trust in this notion and in myself is something I have committed to on a cellular level and in doing so, I have come home to more of who I really am, day by day.

And the magic of this has been discovering that there's no room for the chaotic vibe of anxiety when you're on a quest for inner peace and truth.

#3 - I connected the dots on my bigger purpose and mission. 

I came to the deeper understanding that this work...this sacred brand and business birthing process is really about self-actualization.

It's the portal to stepping in to our deepest truth and sharing it with the hearts of others.

It is about coming home to who you really are and crafting a life that fully supports you in the ways you learn and earn and stretch and love and grow and give and receive and revel in the magnificent, brutal experience that is being human.

It's about surrendering in to your reason for being here and accepting that your work in the world is not about strategy and follows and hitting six figures.

Your work in the world is about the IMPACT you make on the lives of others by honoring the call of your soul. 

It's about the collective rising of human consciousness that begins as a tiny seed inside each of us. 

It's about your personal mission and that thing you can't stop thinking about, that thing that has been calling to you all the days of your life.

Your brand and business are part of your pathway home...the rest is just details.

Once these concepts came in to focus for me, I started to view my anxiety as a symptom rather than a way of being.

And as the feelings of angst began to rise to the surface again, I recognized that it was an invitation to take better care of myself, to get more aligned in my business and to reframe what used to send me spinning. 

I started to have more fun with the inner workings and mechanics of running and growing my business.

I awakened to the realization that I get to choose how I want to do this thing and how I want to feel in the process. 

Now it's your turn:

Do you ever feel anxious inside your life and business?

How could the connecting more deeply to your purpose and bigger why help you unravel yourself from those anxious feelings?

We're talking about it over in the Why Warrior Tribe.

Click here to join in on the conversation.