You're Slamming the Brakes on Your Success with this ONE (Heartbreaking) Excuse + How to Flip that Script

There’s a conversation I’ve been meaning to have with you.

I'm coming in hot over here because..

I see your potential.

I see what’s possible for you.

I see how magical your vision truly is and how firmly it’s planted inside of your soul.

And I also see you making this heartbreaking excuse and if I don't say something about it, I'm flat out not doing my job.

I see you giving your power away in the most innocent a way that seems like you're doing it for love, but what lives on the other side is *you* ...feeling defeated, helpless, hopeless...and writing a story that isn't yours.

I help women (mamas, wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters) change the world with their work.

I help them manifest their real life dreams and make a gorgeous, rippling impact on their little corner of the Universe for themselves, their families, their neighbors and whomever their beautiful hearts touch.

And over these last 3 1/2 years, I have lost track of the number of incredible women I’ve had the gift of speaking with who use the same exact excuse as to why they can’t step forward on the pathway to their big dreams.

We dig in together, she cracks open….sharing what’s next and how ready she is for her biggest leap yet and then those classic (tired) words come out of her mouth:

“I reeealllllllyyyyyyy want to do this.....I just need to ask my husband/wife (partner/spouse/girl-boyfriend) if I can.”

(Is there an opposite to the #MicDrop?)

I want to make something crystal clear::

I am all about co-creating our lives with our partners and spouses.

I understand how important it is to make decisions as a unit that betters the both of us.

Ben and I absolutely-without-a-doubt discuss every significant spend either of us wants to make and evaluate if we’re ready or not collectively and individually.

There has not been a coaching investment or program either of us has signed up for that we have ever not shared with one another before we make the commitment.

But, never once, has that conversation looked like a request for a permission slip.

And here's why...

We do NOT need to ask permission to live our own lives.

And moreover…

When we ask for permission, we are, in effect, putting our dreams and our power in to the hands of someone else AND giving the blame to them right along with it.

We are hiding from the truth.

Because you and I both know that it’s our fear that leads to those words, not our big dreams, nor our co-creative and open connection with our partners.

And while we're at it, let's dip in to the grab bag for a few more doozies that come from this same flavor of fear:

"I can’t do it because I’m a mother..." (palm to forehead) OR..."My partner is too stressed about the finances. They don’t see the value in it so I can’t do it." 

Insert any excuse you’ve got that gives your power to OWN your choices to someone else- someone you love.

Have you ever found yourself doing this, {{firstname}}?

If your answer is's ok. 

Our fear is the least original thing about us!

We've all got it.

But not all of us OWN the truth of our fear.

And until we can OWN it...we will continue to swirl around in Stucksville, placing the blame on the people we love. 

Yipes, how's that for some real talk?

So here's a sparkly gift you can give to yourself this holiday season:

I invite you to call yourself out on this.

Where do you find yourself blaming someone else for a decision that you’re truly just fearful of making?

And when you feel those old, familiar words about to leave your lips...I ask you to do any of these 3 things:

  1. Own it. Own that you don’t feel like it’s a good fit, or that you don’t feel ready. Tell the truth about why you’re saying “no” to the opportunity instead of discharging blame on someone else.
  2. Rewrite the script. Instead of saying, “I need to ask for permission,” say “I am really excited about this opportunity and I need to have a conversation with my partner to see how we can make this happen.
  3. Bet on yourself. Let your faith in the magic of your vision be bigger than the fear that holds you back. Take your power back into your own hands and make the decision that’s best for you- no matter what that is - and then get ready to receive all the gifts that come barreling towards you when you get super clear with your intentions.

You do not need permission to shine.

You do not need permission to have the opportunity to make your dreams come true.

You do not need permission to show up as brilliant and brave Brand YOU.

Own your power, sister. Embrace it. Step in to it.

Let’s watch those fireworks together.

The Silent Lesson Our Hearts Teach us About Receiving

AL weeklyimg.jpg

I don't know about you, but we dove head first in to all things holiday when the clock struck midnight on Thanksgiving.

I love this season and the feeling of coming together to celebrate and reflect on the year in the rearview mirror and the one that lies ahead. 

One of our new holiday traditions, included sitting down with my family and asking everyone to share how they wanted to feel this holiday season. We talked about the special ways we wanted to give...the donations we wanted to make, the family we wanted to adopt, the in-person volunteering we wanted to do...we all shared what felt most important to us.

There's no question that there is going to be lots of giving this holiday season, but one of the things I always find to be the most challenging is answering the question, "What do you want to receive for Christmas this year?" 

It's ironic that it's so easy for me to GIVE so freely and willingly to others, yet, when it comes to receiving for feels hard. 

Can you relate?

I was listening to a podcast yesterday that talked about our hearts and how in order for our hearts to receive blood pumping through our bodies, they must OPEN in order for the blood to come in.

This one took my breath away.

In order for our hearts to receive blood, to continue pumping, in order for us to be ALIVE in our physical bodies, our hearts must open over and over and over again.

I'm just going to give you a moment to soak that one in. 

We, literally, cannot EXIST without opening to receive...yet so many of us walk around constricted, unable to receive the love from others we so willingly and freely want to give to them. 

So here is my question, an invitation, for you + me....

What are you ready to receive this holiday season (and beyond)?

What are you physically, symbolically, energetically ready to accept?

What would happen if you extended the same level of generosity of spirit to your own, special self?

What gifts are you going to offer to yourself this holiday season?

So often in our lives we get caught up in what we can do for others that we forget what we can do for ourselves.

You deserve to be at the top of the list of people you love and appreciate.

Because no one knows just what you need more than you do, sister.

And so this holiday season I am encouraging you to ask yourself, what do you need the most?

What can you gift yourself that will help you take the next step on your journey?

What is something that can allow you to step into your life with more enthusiasm and expansion?

This year, I am inviting you to extend your generosity to yourself, to your soul, to your business, to your dreams...

What does that look like on paper?

Write it out. Claim it. Share it over in my free FB community.

Get ready to receive...

How to Create a Daily Journaling Practice (My Favorite Prompts Inside)


My journal is my church.

It's the place I go to have a daily conversation with myself, to tap into what’s beneath the surface and to get real on the page.

It is a grown-up “Dear Diary” from my younger years and it’s the place I feel most clearly connected to what I know to be true for me.

I get asked on a very regular basis what my daily journaling practice looks like, so I thought I would throw out a few tips and prompts I love to use to help you get started with yours.

1. Grab a rockin’ journal + pen.

I’m a stationary fan girl...nothing makes me swoon like the right paper texture and sensation of the perfect pen gliding over the page.

Who's with me?

It may seem silly, but the more you LOVE looking at the beautiful textiles that will be home to your dreams and thoughts, the more likely you are to get excited about sitting down with them daily and spending some time making them your own.

THIS classic is my favie fav in the journal category.

2. Carve out quiet time for just you and your words.

This part is vital. If we don’t make the time, we won’t find the time.

In a world where our to-do lists can run a mile long (and mine always does), writing down our deepest thoughts might seem like more of an afterthought.

But the clarity and the understanding I glean from spending time daily with my pen and paper not only helps me become more joyful and grateful for the items on my to-do list, it helps me condense time by recognizing what is most important so I can focus my energy and attention there.

I encourage you to get rid of distractions while you’re in process as well, be sure to put your phone somewhere where you won’t be tempted to look at it, find a quiet little nook where no one is around, and just be present with you and your thoughts.

3. Curate the experience with an inspiring playlist

Music is so powerful. So many moments of my life are accompanied by soulful lyrics and powerful memories prompted by song. Music plays a significant role in my live events and speaking opportunities, so you better believe it’s an integral part of my writing practice.

Make a playlist for yourself on Spotify or on your iTunes that brings up feelings of peace, courage, serenity and abundance. Make this time sacred for yourself so that the practice fills you up and invites you to keep coming back daily for more.

Here’s one of my favorite writing playlists

4. Start with an easy prompt that brings you inward

Let’s face it, we won’t feel inspired all of the time.

I find it immensely helpful to use journaling prompts on some days that allow me to ask myself meaningful questions that can be answered on the pages in front of me. Sometimes when we don’t know the answers, it is because we aren’t asking the right questions… so this is a beautiful way to go deeper into ourselves and uncover thoughts and feelings we may not have known were living within us.

Here are a few examples of prompts that help me connect with the page + my heart:

  • What does my soul need today?
  • What am I most excited about in my life right now?
  • What am I ready to welcome more of in my world?
  • What am I most grateful for today?
  • If I were not afraid, what would I say yes to right now?

This simple daily practice has assisted me in creating a devotional practice that allows me to better understand and step into myself more completely and fully.

It is also the practice from which I birth content for my blogs, podcasts and courses.

In putting this into place, I have found space in my life to devote to understanding who I am and what my deepest desires are. It is in this practice, that I then can go back into my life a more present mama, and more caring wife and a more inspired entrepreneur.

So what about you? What does your journaling practice look like?

I would love to hear about what inspires you and what keeps you writing daily, and if you haven’t found anything that has worked yet- give the prompts a try and report back with what comes up for you.

Happy Dreaming!

Titanium Trust + What I believe


Today feels like one of those "let's grab a mug + curl up together" kind of days over here...

Life has been feeling especially tender lately.

Maybe it's the change of seasons or the drawing inward that fall and the horizon of winter brings with it...or maybe it's just the natural ebb that comes with being a human who is learning how to slow the doing to stand more comfortably in the being.

I've been witnessing myself and my tribe working tirelessly in the pursuit of our big dreams. 

I've been watching my Mastermind students hit huge goals, launch podcasts, programs, + books., while welcoming in new clients...and making the big, scary leaps they've been praying for.

And I've also been fully present to what that experience feels like for lil ol' me right alongside them, because 2017 has been a year of tremendous expansion for us as a family on every, single level, too. 

We've been riding the wave of momentum that comes with it as it stretches in to every nook + cranny of our lives from our finances to our big picture vision to the ways in which we make intentional micro shifts to live in even greater alignment with what matters most to us.

And what we're learning over here is that change only shows up when we do.

Truth only has the space to spread its wings when we have the courage to welcome it in.

The panacea for inevitable package deal pain that goes along with being human is to follow the joy because everything else, if we're gonna keep it really real up in here, is just self-selected suffering.

My word for 2017 was TRUST.

I knew that I could not move the needle forward on my life, let alone my business, until I began to trust myself and this big, ol' sparkly Universe we're living in. 

Leaning in to titanium trust has required deeper levels of faith and the courage to let others in. 

It has challenged me to be seen in new and less polished ways and it has provided me with the invitation to recognize that this world isn't interested in my perfect...

This world is craving what's real. 

Settling in to this new(ish) rhythm inspired me to record a video about what I believe way deep down and how that belief has lead me right to this work. 

I set up the camera in our living room and in just one take, I dug in to share a love note from my heart to yours.

You can watch it right here. 


What do you believe?

How has your sacred work in the world been calling you home to more of what's real for you? 

What would your life and ability to touch the lives of others look like if you began to follow the bread crumbs to your deepest truth?

I want to invite you to have a deeper share the parts of you that are ready and raging to come out. 

I want to explore what taking that big leap and launching what's next could possibly feel like with you. 

Because the world needs what's real for you.

Click here to schedule your free breakthrough session here.

Can you imagine what 2018 could look like if you put the wheels in motion on not only building an aligned + uber-authentic-to-you business plan, but had the titanium trust, soul sister power posse and magical momentum to ride the waves of your biggest dreams to go with it? 

"When doing something that seems risky, I find it helpful to remember that not doing it will be worse. You'll always wonder what would have happened if you had tried. It will haunt you."
-Sister Gloria Steinem

Oooooo sister...let's get to it. 

Click here, let's swing for those fences. 

3 Quick Tips to Make Peace with Selling (and Hack Your Sales-Phobic Tendencies)

Rachel Camfield-Quirk-0095.jpg

If I had a dime for every time I heard one of my tribe members say, "I don't like sales, I'm just not good at it," I wouldn't have to launch another program for the rest of my days.

But here's the thing: You know sales better than you might think.

We are sold to all day, every day...especially now that we all have mini-computers in our pockets everywhere we go.

From the ads you scrolled by on your newsfeed this morning to the signs you drove by at the gas station to the book drive pamphlet stuffed in your kid's backpack - you are constantly being sold to. 

And I am willing to bet that you are VERY clear on how you don't like to be sold to, right? 

Have you ever been that person diving to hide behind the kitchen counter in her own house to avoid someone who was knocking on the door trying to sell you on their political or religious beliefs? 

Raises Hand. #guilty

When was the last time you answered an unrecognizable number on your phone at dinner time (or anytime nowadays)?

Can you even remember life before caller ID? 

In these examples, I am willing to bet you can clearly recall the visceral feelings coursing through your body when you were being sold to in a way that felt high-pressure or off-putting in some way.

Gues what? This is great news!

By recalling these examples, I've got you primed to tap in to what you DON'T want, which guessed it...will easily pave the way for you to recognize what you DO want. 

Can you remember a time when you bought a product or service and the experience felt absolutely incredible? 

Take a beat and jot down what the sales person said or did to help you make the decision to buy feel amazing. 

Consider how motivated you were to make the purchase in the first place and what role the sales person played in walking you to the checkout counter or sales page with ease and a feeling assurance and trust. 

Is it getting clearer for you, now?

Great, now let's flip it around to the products and services you are selling to your audience.

Let's begin by assuming that what you are selling is already a perfect fit for your ideal client (if you need help with that, click here).

Here are 3 Quick Tips to Make Peace with Selling (+ Hack Your Sales-Phobic Tendencies) 

1. Sell the way you want to be sold to. 

What does that look like for you? How do you want to be sold to? What does this experience need to feel like in order to engage you and not send you running for the exit? 

When it comes to coaching services and programs, it's all about connecting to the bigger why and remembering what your former self really needed to hear. 

In my sales process, I have spent a great deal of time and attention on this and have enlisted the help of 2 of my nearest and dearest clients and friends to help me connect with new clients who are interested in joining our tribe of soulful CEOs and mamapreneurs. 

Each and every potential new client has the opportunity to have a personalized coaching conversation with my team to discuss their goals and big vision.

The calls are heart-centered, action-oriented and provide massive value for the women we know these programs are for.

No matter the result of the call and the timing for the prospective client, we deliver value. We meet them where they are.

We care about them, their families and their journey.

We follow-up with them and make a connection built upon a foundation of love. 

Because our clients are more than just a number and I know yours are too.

They are a dream, a heartbeat, a family, a soul here to make an impact...they are one of us and this is the ethos of what this company was built upon. 

We care about YOU. We care about your family. We want to know the names of your kids and your partner and the people that matter in your life. We want to know the names of your furry kids...we want to know what's happening in your world so we can help you make the necessary adjustments to live in greater joy so you can achieve the goals that will not only help your world become a better place to be, but this entire planet. 

We do this work for stories like the one a Mastermind student shared through tears on our group call last week. 

She is tending to the seedling of her dream. She is growing a business while raising a family and holding down a corporate job until she is ready to make her big transition. 

And this transformation is not just about her...her entire family is intimately connected to the work she is doing and the transition she is embarking upon. 

The work we're doing here is about changing the course of history for each and everyone of us. 


2. Encourage and incentivize courageous action

One of the biggest challenges for our students is that they have to push themselves in to action. 

Making an investment in ourselves, let alone our businesses, is hard. 

But the greatest success will only come to those who are willing to make the greatest leaps. 

The greatest success comes to those who are willing to jump in the water, not just tip their toe in the shallow end. 

The GIANT goals my clients have requires great commitment; therefore, we want to incentivize that courageous action. 

Ways you can do this is by adding a money-back guarantee (ala Zappos with free returns/shipping for up to a year) or a fast-action bonus. 

What can you offer your clients for making a decision on the phone in the way of a discount or additional content or services? 

Could you offer a one-to-one coaching call or a free invite to a live event if they say YES (and follow it with a deposit) during the sales call? 

Get creative and think about what would feel good to you and give it a try...

The emphasis here is on adding MASSIVE VALUE to maximize your client's success. 

3. Stop trying to go it alone

The most compelling form of sales is hands down, without question, word of mouth marketing.

Think about the last time you asked for recommendations for a service provider or when your best friend gave you a tube of her favorite lip gloss. 

Referrals from people you know, like and trust are pure gold. 

Think about all of the people you've already helped - how can they help you? 

Most recently, I hired a friend and colleague based upon a recommendation by 3 friends who hired him and his company. 

When he approached me about working together, specifically based upon a recommendation from one of our mutual friends, I didn't feel like I was being pitched, I felt like I was being supported on the pathway to my big goals. 

Pretty sweet distinction right? 

How could you enlist the help of your tribe and those you've served for referrals and recommendations about others who need your help?

Authentic referral marketing (affiliate or otherwise) that comes from a place of true service and a desire to serve will always be the #1 way to sell products and services.

How can you weave in the stories of those you've helped?

Here's an example of a video we put together of our client success stories...

The success stories of my clients is the lifeblood of my business. 

Because together we rise. 

Now it's your turn: 

Sales is all about emotion. 

The relationship your client has with his/her dreams and the rocket ship to achieve that success is at the root of their willingness to take action.

A little reflection and reverse engineering is the start of an amazing sales strategy. 

What's more...being intimately connected to why you want to help her solve her problem is even more important. 

Dig in to your latest sales experience, the good, the bad, the ugly.

What wisdom can you glean from your experiences? 

I hope today's love note serves as a reframer, launching pad and a clarifier around the hard edges that the notion of "selling" has been presenting you with.

Always here to help.

How to Tell if your Big Dreams are Blocking Your Success

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 12.18.38 PM.png

I'm a huge fan of swinging for the fences on our big dreams. 

One of the questions I ask my clients right at the get-go is about what their big vision looks like. 

Even if they struggle to describe it, I can immediately see what we're working with and where there mindset is.

One of the primary problems, though, with hanging out with big dreamers is that sometimes those big dreams can get in the way of progress of said dreamer if the energy isn't being properly managed.

Sometimes those big dreams can straight up sabotage us in our tracks. 

Because when you really boil it on down, the only reason we want what we want is to feel happy. 

And when we have decided to hang our happiness on an external condition, this can become our undoing. 

Thich Nhat Hahn wrote, "Say you have a notion of happiness, an idea about what will make you happy...Your idea tells you what conditions you need in order to be happy. You've entertained this idea for 10 or 20 years, and now you realize that your idea of happiness is making you suffer. 

This one made me sit straight up in my plane seat. 

How many of us spend years and years in pursuit of something we've wanted so desperately only to realize that when it arrives it's become actually the greatest source of our suffering.

Can you think of a time when this happened for you? 

Let's peel back the layers for a hot second to make sure we're really getting what we're talking about here:

We want what we want because we believe it will make us happy...until the pursuit of it and the process to get there practically flatlines us. 

Our goals are worth nothing if the thought of them and the waking up and recommitting to them each morning doesn't bring us joy.

I want to invite you to do a little deep dive scan with your big vision, firsthand.

Grab your journal and get to work by answering the following questions:

1. What big dream makes your heart do split leaps? (I'm talking Bring It On! style excitement)

2. How do you feel when you think about the dirty details to get there? Notice what's happening in your physical body and make note of it. (i.e. Do you feel exhilarated or exhausted? There's a difference and that difference matters).

3. Bring your attention now to why you want this goal and check-in on your internal joy meter. Does the dreaming experience make you feel as joyful as you imagine the physical manifestation will? (spoiler alert: If you're really going there, it should).

Let me give you a quick example: 

One of our big goals is to expand our home. We want to add more bedrooms for family and friends to come and stay when they are visiting.

We want to share in the magic of this place we get to call home with others and in its current state, we have to set up tents outside or turn our living room in to a slumber party. (For's a converted waterfront summer cottage that is now year-round magic and our beloved home). 

When I think about expanding our home (aka creating my Joanna Gaines-style kitchen #hearteyes and giving our girl her dream pink castle bunkbed with a slide), it makes me giddy with excitement.

I feel the feelings of what it's going to be like to touch the counter tops and put things away in the cabinets and walk in the new front door and tuck our girl in at night (slide and all). 

I think about having our beloved people come stay for the weekend and how much fun we will have together with late night chats and campfires. 

And instead of triggering me because it's not here yet, it makes me feel thrilled about enjoying it when it is.

This has taken LOADS of practice, but what I've learned is that the classic line from The Secret, "What we think about, we bring about" is the God's honest truth. 

And here's a little extra credit for you...

Being grateful for what you have...aka our backyard campouts, living room slumber parties and dishwasher-less the secret sauce. 

I love our home. I love my life. I love what we've got going here so much...and the idea of expanding it feels incredible even though it's not here yet. 

You've gotta love what you've got enough to welcome in what's next, {{firstname}}.

Is this ringing some bells for you?

Want to super-charge your goals?

Start feeling happy right where you are. 

Start appreciating what your former self worked so hard to bring to life. 

Watch what happens next. 

The One Word I will Never Use Again (This one will surprise you!)


Every one of us has a few “buzz” words in the way we think and speak.

But sometimes, those buzz words can not only help us express what we mean to others, but simultaneously, reveal an even deeper story to ourselves.  

I have always held dear the belief that the words I use hold an incredible power. And because of that power, it has become a necessity for me to be intensely intentional with them every single thing that comes out of my mouth.

And that’s why I have intentionally scrapped one word from my vocabulary, entirely…

And that singularly, super-charged word is EXPENSIVE.

Maybe that’s not quite the word you expected?

I want to invite you to think of ALL of the ways you find yourself using it, yourself.

In fact, I want to invite you to get out a pen and a piece of paper right now and write down 3 examples of things you want, that might just happen to have the wrappings of being too “expensive” for you to own or invest in right now.

(Go ahead…take a moment)

Now...look at that list.

How does it feel when you look at the words written on the page?

Close your eyes and do a body scan if you need to.

Does it make you feel limited? Anxious? Depressed? Frustrated?

Does it make you feel like you’re never going to get to a place where spending *that* kind of money feels effortless?

Does it make you feel even further from your big dreams?

Chances are, you said “Yes” to one of those questions. I’ve been there too.

The word “expensive,” in and of itself, is a charged one.

We hear it on social media, our parents have been saying it most of our lives and so do our friends and family.

But let’s break it down...what does expensive actually mean?

According to The English Oxford Dictionary, it means “to cost a lot of money.”

Hmmm...who determines what qualifies as “a lot?”

Are you feeling me??

And here’s the thing...if you’ve already decided that something that you want costs a lot of money, then you have already subconsciously chosen to deny that it’s even possible to attain.

I’m willing to bet that at one time or another, you have told yourself the story that this thing; this experience, this program, coach, trip, house, car, new pair of shoes...whatever - is out outside of the limits of what you can have or ACHIEVE, thus becoming a #SelfFulfillingProphecy that dictates the trajectory of your life….

And your overall feeling of satisfaction and possibility.

What we tend to lose sight of, however, is that when something we want is in alignment with who we are and what we need to be of greatest service to the world and to ourselves, the  conditions always seem to magically adjust themselves to make it possible for us to say “Yes.”

Take, for example, the Mastermind coaching program with Lewis Howes I joined over the summer.

When I saw the price tag on it, I had a little moment of doubt. (Okay, more like a week with lots of questions and calls to friends - but who’s counting?) I knew that I had enough to get started… but, in the spirit of unabashed realness- I had no idea where the rest of it was going to come from.

But- I knew deep down, (you know what I’m talking about, right, when something is just calling to you at a soul level…) that this was meant for me.

I thought about the VALUE of what this program offered…(Hint: It wasn’t just about growing my business).

This mastermind was about changing how I showed up in the world.

It was about how I could weave more LIFE into what I offered for myself, my family, and for YOU.

It was about how I could elevate myself to a higher level and serve a greater purpose, while simultaneously, creating more freedom for myself and for my loved ones.

This mastermind was about living out my “Why” on a whole new level

So I said Yes to the experience, and with it I sent a little love note to the Universe that said, “I’m ready and willing to do whatever it takes to experience this.”

And wouldn’t you know, that note created a sense of urgency in me. It no longer became an option to find that money, it became a necessity.

Conditions changed, proverbial mountains moved and opportunities came up that brought in more resources...

And guess what?

One week after the program started I went to my first event with the Mastermind crew and handed Lewis a big ol’ fat check for the remainder of my balance.

Magic? Maybe.

Alignment? Girl, you know that’s the truth.

I’m not saying to you that things don’t cost more money than we might have in our possession at any given moment.

What I’m saying is; we rob ourselves of the opportunity to even want something that could potentially change the way we experience this life when we use a word that sets a limit on what’s possible.

Love doesn't confuse what’s possible with what’s a priority. #MicDrop

If it is a priority to you (like the mastermind was to me), then you will find any way to make it possible.

And the cool thing is, if it’s not you get to own it.

You get to say, “I don’t choose this. I choose not to invest my time, money, resources on this right now”  

Your choice can be a life-giving one, rather than one that makes you feel less than.

But, friend, let me make this one last point crystal clear... the price tag of the thing doesn’t do the choosing for you.

You get to choose and consciously create what’s account balance and all.

So, here is the challenge for you:

Witness the places in your life where you’re using the word “expensive.”

Identify how that might be limiting your growth or keeping you stuck and ask yourself, “How could I revise this statement and welcome this thing into my experience?”

Then get to work.  

Start re-writing your story today, see what opportunities and desires reclaim their rightful place in your heart- and start doing whatever it takes to make it all possible.

The Life-Shifting Lesson I Learned from a Bee


After dinner the other night, I headed out on the paddle board to take in the sunset. 

I've been finding myself soaking up every last morsel of my time on the water before it turns to ice over the next few months. 

I sat out on the board watching the sun tuck behind the trees and I got to thinking about the heart-breaking events of the last few weeks: the devastation caused by hurricanes to the unthinkable mass shooting in Las Vegas.

I asked myself the question, "What can I do?"

And for a few moments I sat with myself in the pit of a helpless silence.

Gun laws, mental illness, natural disaster, political corruption...

How can I possibly do anything to make a dent in the tidal wave of pain and fear that so many are living in? 

I knew my own questions were coming from a place of fear.

I knew that what I learned on that operating room table 4 years ago was to lean in to love and gratitude. 

I knew that my next right step lived on the other side of handing it over to something bigger than me.

It was time to listen for the answers I was longing for. 

As the sun disappeared for the day, I grabbed my paddle and started my way back home.

A few strokes from the place I had stopped to pray and ponder, I noticed a bee flailing its tiny legs in the air, stuck on its back in the middle of the open water.

I have a very human fear of bees and have been known to practically throw myself out of moving vehicles as a child when one got in the car, so I instinctively paddled on by. 

And then the thought hit me like a lightning bolt...

"This is where we begin...we must help those in the greatest need even if that means it might be a little scary for us to do so." 

We must meet the ones who need us right where they are...with love...with a helping hand...with the gift of humanity rather than hate and fear. 

I turned the board around and paddled quickly back to the spot where I had just passed the bee out in the middle of the lake. 

Fortunately, he was still there and the fish had not discovered him helplessly stuck there on the surface of the water.

I dipped the handle of my paddle down towards his little legs and he gripped on to it for dear life.

I lifted him up on to the deck of my board and he crawled around a little getting himself re-oriented.

Together, the bee and me, we paddled back to shore.

I pulled up on the little strip of sand on our beach and waited while he continued to get his bearings. 

I snapped this picture of him as a reminder of this sweet lesson and thanked him for allowing me to help him. 


Later that night, as I shared this story with Ben, I thought about the number of times I have "paddled" on by someone who was in need that I had the capacity to help. 

I reflected on the ways I have found myself justifying why I didn't have to send a letter to my representatives because I wasn't sure how to say the right words...or didn't advocate for a cause I truly believed in because I was afraid of not doing it just right.

And then I gave myself permission to start right here.

Because nothing will change until we do in moments like these.

Our lives will not transform until we make the conscious commitment to transform with them. 

There's one thing I know for sure and that's when we choose to pursue our sacred work in the world, when we design a life that feels in alignment with who we know we really are and with our personal missions here on this planet...that's when the world begins to change with us. 

How are you using your voice, your hands, your heart, your gifts to serve?

What small things could you do differently to make an even bigger impact on the lives of others and in doing so, make a dramatic impact on your very own life?

It starts with us.

I recorded a quick podcast episode in response to the events in Las Vegas that felt scary but also allowed me to step in to my truth in a big way. It's called Stepping into Sacred Activism - click here to listen.

I also sent a letter to my representative via Resist Bot. It's a text messaging tool that will send what you want to say to Congress in just a few minutes right from your phone. You can do that right here too

We also made a donations to the Houston Food Bank, the Houston Humane Society and Together Rising in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Click the links above to do the same or donate to a cause that touches you. 

Start where you are. 

When we connect to our own compassion, lean in to love, release fear and show up for the people in our lives and in our communities the change really begins.

Big ol' sparkly love to you.


How to Create Compelling Content that Converts


One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to spend a lot of time digging in to the stuck places with people.

Everyday, I get to reverse engineer to my heart's content and peel back the layers on the things that keep you and me from reaching our full potential.

I have been thinking a lot about one primary focus area for my tribe and that is on the necessity to be producing compelling and engaging content on a regular basis.

And while this one sounds like a no brainer, I realized that this, in and of itself, is probably more challenging than it seems for most of us.

How do I know this?

Because I write a weekly blog/newsletter to you every, single week.

I also record 2 podcasts per week and am constantly creating new content for my programs, while also writing my first book behind the scenes.

I am also a big fan of Instagram, Insta-stories and Facebook Live and I do them regularly which also equals a need for more content.

If you've ever struggled with coming up with compelling content that not only connects with your ideal client's biggest challenges, but moves them to make a purchase, this week's love note is for you.

I am breaking this one down for you in to 5 easy steps to help make your content planning fun and way more impactful.

Are you ready?

Here are my top 5 steps to create compelling content that converts:

1. Make it useful

I know. This one seems ridiculously obvious, but every single thing you write should have a clear cut objective to positively impact and serve your audience.

If it doesn't, dig deeper.

And remember...if you are writing out of obligation, rather than inspiration, whatever you not hit send. 

Time is our most precious resource. We cannot get it back.

If you are going to write to your tribe or your social media following, give them the good stuff.

Make it insanely useful and beneficial to their lives.

2. Keep it concise

Busy people don't have time for fluff. Peel back the extraneous layers of getting to what it is you really want to say and keep it on target. 

Ask yourself: Am I delivering this content in the most efficient and effective way possible?

Your tribe will thank you and your results will reflect it too. 

3. Create content that increases engagement

In a training I attended a few weeks ago, the viral video experts at Goalcast shared that the golden rule of Facebook engagement is way more simple than it seems. 

They dispelled the myth that Facebook's algorithm is out to get us and force us in to spending oodles of money on paid advertising and pointed the low engagement meter right back at us. 

The key to increasing engagement, likes and comments on our Facebook pages is to simply create content that people actually want to engage with!


What do they mean by this exactly?

Facebook measures time spent ON the platform as a total thumbs up; therefore, videos and lives keep you on Facebook for longer equals better results and visibility.

Content that is not engaging and does not encourage shares, comments and hearts/likes will be less visible. 

Bottomline: Create content that inspires, motivates and moves your audience to share it with others and get results. 

4. Keep it current

Does your content have a spin on it that is synced up with what's going on in your life or with a newsworthy event?

Speaking from the voice of present day planet earth and being connected to what's going on with humanity makes your words more relevant, grounded and real. 

It's great wanting to teach from your expert seat, but it's even more exciting when you're talking about what's happening in the lives of your tribe right now and reflecting back how your products/services are relevant to their experience. 

PS - Bonus for points for mega-relatability. 

5. Flex those expert muscles (aka let yourself get geeky)

One of the things I've learned lately is that the most compelling and irresistible celebrities, artists, thought leaders, etc. are the ones who are not afraid to let their freak flags fly. 

They are totally fascinated with what it is they do.

They're enamored with learning more and with sharing what they've learned with others to help improve their lives and experiences. 

Slow down on the strategy and let yourself go with the flow on what moves and inspires you.

Nothing is "cooler" than seeing someone OWN their genius and share it in a way that inspires others to take action to improve their lives and businesses.

BONUS: Be consistent. 

This one goes without saying, yet I cannot tell you how often I see newer entrepreneurs sending an email to their, albeit small, list only once in a blue moon. 

Consistency speaks volumes.

Consistency tells the story about your intentions and what it is you're actually doing in your business. 

Consistency is the key to creating the life you want.

If you're serious about whatever goals you've set and you are creating that empowered empire of your dreams, you have got to dig in to the discipline of actually DOING what it is you say you want to do. 

The process, in and of itself, is an intention and a non-negotiable.

Give yourself the gift of committing to your dreams.

Now it's your turn:

What does your current content plan look like? 

Where could you improve?

Challenge yourself to make a list of content ideas that are fun, engaging and useful for the next week and see what comes up for you. 

Don't be afraid to get super creative!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

5 Tips to Overcome a Brand Identity Crisis


A friend of mine recently reached out in a panic saying, "I think I'm having a brand identity crisis."

Her current business offerings are positioned in a way that no long feel aligned with her soul mission and she had no idea what to do.

I see this happen a lot and have even experienced it a few times myself over the course of the last few years, myself.

Has this ever happened to you?

Well, before we get under the hood and you hit delete on your website, I've got some good news...

A brand identity crisis is a GOOD thing.

It means you're evolving.

It means you're listening to that little voice inside guiding you towards what's meant for you.

It means there's room for greater growth and expansion.

So before you delete your entire list (the one you've worked so hard to create) and send out a dramatic "It's not you, it's me" existential crisis-style newsletter...

Let's talk about a few ways to approach this next phase of life and business.

Here are a few of the tips I shared with my friend and I've learned myself as I've shifted my business from a web design/coaching studio model to a straight brand and business coaching, group programs + live events - personal brand focus.

1. Start by getting clear on what's off

  • Do you not like designing websites or are you attracting the wrong clients because you're freaking out about money and you'll take anything that comes your way?

  • Are you tired of talking about the product you represent and want to talk more about your personal development journey instead?

  • Are you just feeling like the old way of doing things isn't working anymore, but you've told yourself that in order to be successful you have to do it in a "certain" way?

If you nodded your head to any of the above questions, this is, again, great news...

You are CLEAR on what's not working and when we're clear on what we don't want, it immediately directs us to what we DO want.


Begin by writing down a list of all of the things that are feeling less awesome these days and then move on to step 2.

2. Evaluate the scope the misalignment

Ok, so now that we're clear on what's not working, let's dig a little deeper:

  • Is it that you are tired of the product you're selling or is it that you feel like your soul is being sucked out every time you pull up to do a presentation?

  • Is it that you're sick of writing content about your area of expertise in the voice and style you've been writing it or do you feel like you're going to die if you have to do one more webinar or Facebook live talking about this topic?

You know that feeling when you're in a relationship, but you're heart is no longer in it and every, single thing feels AWKWARD?


On a scale of 1-10 (1 being awful, 10 being sparkles + sunshine), go back up to the list of things from number 1 and evaluate how unbearable this particular aspect feels inside your business.

Once you have this evaluation scale mapped out, it will serve as a roadmap to figure out what we need to address first.

3. Get honest with yourself about where this is really coming from?

You're growing.

You're expanding your horizons and you want to talk about what feels exciting to you.

We don't watch the same episode of our favorite Netflix series over and over and over again, right?

We move on, excitedly, to the next one.

The story progresses and so do we AND our brands and businesses.

The notion that you are supposed to stay stagnant is absurd and it's not going to feel very authentic for your clients in the long run.


Jot down what you think this is really about and notice what's starting to be revealed for you.

Before we proceed, let me call a little TIMEOUT....

You might be thinking...

"But what about the former versions of me coming in all the time looking for _(fill in the blank product I already have)_, so it's my job to make sure I have that available to them."

Yes, you are 100% correct, AND that's why automated online systems exist.

The products you made when you were uber-excited about them will contain your excitement about them in the emails you've written, the landing pages you've created and the systems that HOLD the digi-products you've already crafted.

The even better news?

You can continue to make money from those products serving your growing audience while you are creating NEW products and services that are the 2.0 level of Brand You.

(Hint: This is why authors write new books all the time and why bookstores sell all of the books they've written).

The Brand You Train gets to span the work of your lifetime...

Are you following mer?

Our final and most vital step in this process is to focus on what matters most of all...

4. Remember the secret sauce.

YOU, my friend, are the secret sauce inside your brand and business (most especially, those of us who are personal brands).

You doing you and talking about the things you're fascinated with and excited about is the surest way to inspire your audience.

I know you might be thinking, "Me doing me means I need to throw dynamite at my brand."

That might be the case (promise me you will follow steps 1-4 before lighting that match), BUT...not without a bigger conversation or going to number 5...

5. Innovate to feel great!

This one is ALL about ACTION:

How can you INNOVATE your current offerings?

Where can you differentiate what you're doing in a way that is not only more exciting to you and more engaging for your audience, but simultaneously positions you to make greater impact (which makes way for greater income).

How can you dust off the old tired approach you've been pushing and add some pizazz?

Just think about how StitchFix innovated shopping for clothes and Starbucks reimagined the coffee experience.

What does that look like for you?

Tap in to a few of my favorite places for innovation inspiration...

Read Blue Ocean Strategy and listen to the How I Built This podcast.

Think dynamically or plug in to a group of fellow-preneurs who have innovative brains and are willing to help you spitball on how to differentiate your products/services.

Reframe Alert: A brand identity crisis is's the opportunity to make like Madonna and reinvent yourself.

The good news is that you are thinking differently and more dynamically about the problem you are trying to help you clients solve.

You are a living and breathing and ever-evolving soul...

Congratulations, love, you are ALIVE.

I'm excited to see what you come up with.

And if you need help in working through it, schedule a free Brand + Business Breakthrough Session right here so we can roll up our sleeves together.