Elena Lipson Brand Love Soul Chat

This month's Brand Love Soul Chat is divinely timed as I am literally coming out of a 3-day flu bug. I have been burning the candle at both ends, taking on loads of new projects and work and truth be told...

I am flat out exhausted.

So it came as no surprise when I woke up on Friday morning sick as a dog and incapable of even standing up!

After my conversation with Divine Self-Care Mentor Elena Lipson, her philosophy and approach are weighing heavy on my brain and I have taken specific steps in the right direction to make some shifts in my business and life to ensure that my business fits in with my LIFE PLAN.

Watching this interview feels like a BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

For those of you struggling to find the balance, this interview is a beautiful jumpstart to help you see how Elena took her life from FRANTIC to FLOW with a few simple mindset shifts. She shares that self-care is not just a luxury, it's an actual bonafide BUSINESS STRATEGY.

My little flu-bug spell this weekend proved that without me, my business can't operate. So investing in my own physical and mental health and wellness is the #1 investment I need to be making. 

Check out my full interview with Elena here and tell us a little about your self-care routine. Where are you excelling and where could you use a little more TLC?

To connect with Elena, check out the following links:

The Divine Self-Care Circle Facebook Group


P.S. Here's a little sneak peek of my self-care calendar, inspired by my chat with Elena!

Kate Northrup Brand Love Soul Chat

Check out my first Brand Love Soul Chat interview of 2015 with the amazing Kate Northrup. She is the best-selling author of Money: A Love Story  and she is also a professional freedom seeker and creative entrepreneur. In today's interview, she reflects on how her brand came to be and how to build a business that grows with us on our entrepreneurial journeys. 

Watch the full video interview here or scroll down to grab the link to the full transcript and audio recording.

Click here to read the full transcript

Click here for the audio recording

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the interview:

"If you keep showing up, people will come at their own pace.  You have to have the basics like an opt-in on your website and you have to be putting out good content.  If you are putting out good content regularly that helps people on some level and you have an opt-in box just keep doing it and they will come.  I started my blog in 2010.  It is 2015 now.  I feel like just in the last nine months we have hit our stride." (Kate Northrup)


"I speak from my heart and what is the most relevant and kind of up for me at any given moment whether it is on my blog or in my speaking gigs or in products, the more people resonate." 
(Kate Northrup)

"It is kind of like artists, you have to become trained and know the rules so you can break them. I sort of feel like after a while once you have that 1000 true fans, then people just like what you are doing." (Kate Northrup)

For more  on Kate Northrup, visit her website at katenorthrup.com

To check out her Feng Shui for Financial Freedom course, click here

To sign-up for her Money Love Challenge, click here

To check out any of the other links referenced in the interview,
check out the full transcript for links.

Licia Morelli October 2014 Brand Spotlight

Licia Morelli

Psychic. Life Coach. Writer.

The October Brand Love Spotlight is with clairvoyant psychic, life coach & writer Licia Morelli. Licia is an internationally recognized clairvoyant psychic, intuitive coach, and writer working to help her clients actuate their success and find the love, relationships, and career they have always desired. 

Aside from Licia’s work as a coach and clairvoyant psychic, she is currently writing a children’s book on mindfulness and meditation (due out Spring of 2015 with Tilbury House publishers) as well as a self-help book for creating success. Licia is a contributing writer and advice columnist for elephant journal, Bangor Daily News, and Pen Bay Pilot. She can also be heard on the 92Moose morning show. She lives with her family on the coast of Maine.


Melissa Toler September 2014 Brand Spotlight

Melissa Toler

Writer. Speaker. Rule-Breaker. 

Join me for an interview with Melissa Toler of melissatoler.com. We will discuss how she helps women break the rules around dieting and playing small to transform their lives. Melissa is a transformational motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. I will never forget when Melissa made the leap and left her corporate career to start her own business.

Click here to check out Melissa's Body-Mindset Experience
(Sept.27, 2014) in Philadelphia, PA

Click here to check out Melissa's Mindset Makeover Coaching Program (Kicks-off on October 1, 2014)

Stephanie Keenan August 2014 Brand Spotlight

Stephanie Keenan

Writer. Radio Host. Founder of SK FitLife

Join me for an interview with Stephanie Keenan of SK FitLife. We will discuss how she built her online biz from the ground up and how she continues to grow her Brand while living her FREEDOM. Steph is a good friend and a rockstar entrepreneur that inspired me to pursue my dream and launch my own business.