(Doors close on Saturday, August 1)


Launching Brand You is a private group coaching experience
that will help you design a brand and business that
are in complete alignment with your true message, inner
core values and personal mission statement.

Launching Brand You is so much more than just a online course or program.


You will receive LIVE 1:1 coaching for 6 weeks, LIVE training calls, exercises and the support of a community of entrepreneurs from various fields and backgrounds. 

Hear what the our grads have to say
about their LBY experience:

"Honestly, without a doubt in my mind, this process has literally changed my life.

It truly helped me get to the bottom with the issues I was having with my business and it helped me define what those issues were and get to the root of the matter. By doing that, I was able to shift gears and really turn things around in my life and in my business.

The emotional and mindset work that we do in the course, the coaching that we get through that, it's absolutely mind-blowing...Just aha's all over the place. The technical coaching is a complete game changer. With Amber's advice and guidance, I now have a new website that I am extremely proud of and excited about and I'm excited about my business and it shows in the work I'm putting out there....

The response that I'm getting has been incredible and that's really where it's at. I just can't express enough how much this process has truly changed my life, in so many ways.

So what I have to say to you, if you're on the fence, if you're doubting or questioning or whatever it is, whether or not you should do this course, don't. Don't doubt. It's amazing. Just jump. Just jump right in. Because you won't regret it, I promise, you won't regret it. It will literally change your life. 

Jen Heilman, Feng Shui Transitional Coach + Creator of the Shway Sisterhood

"Launching Brand You is a total game changer.

Before working with Amber, I had an idea I was really passionate about...but to be perfectly honest, I was completely stuck and overwhelmed. Amber's program transforms somebody's who's got a nice little idea to complete belief in your idea and it really fans the flames for your passion to take it out in the world."

-Anjanette Fennell, Your Writerly Retreat


The Launching Brand You 6-Week schedule:

Week 1: Setting the Foundation for Brand YOU 

  • Develop your Personal Credo, Core Values and Sacred Agreements
  • Identify your Core Strengths and Capacities in alignment with your business vision to maximize earning potential and client engagement
  • Set the foundation for your brand and biz for the future you desire.

Week 2: Breaking Through & Igniting Brand You

  • Peel back the layers of resistance to help you outline your ideal business model
  • Identify YOUR ideal know, the ones you actually want to work with.
  • Laser-focus in on the heart of who you are and who you want to be in your business and brand
  • Set the trajectory to design a business YOUR WAY

Week 3: Monetizing Brand You

  • Decide what business model BEST fits your brand and biz
  • Set up your business format and structure to work for you (sustainably) 
  • Structure your business to MAXIMIZE revenue potential
  • Determine your pricing structure

Week 4: Writing & Sharing the Brand You Story

  • Connect with YOUR tribe and begin to hone your message
  • Learn the basics for effective copywriting for your website pages and email newsletter communication
  • Take the leap in boldly sharing your brand voice like never before
  • Tackle the basics of social media and online marketing
  • Learn how to grow your email list by communicating your authentic message

Week 5: Brand You Lift Off

  • Connect the dots on your brand message and the technical platforms that will help you share it
  • Learn how to integrate user-friendly graphics websites to jazz up your offerings
  • Learn how to effectively design and execute a launch schedule (including a Facebook ads overview)
  • Implement road-tested tools and resources to automate and systemize your business operations
  • Learn the power of implementing Whole-Hearted Hustle in your business structure to maximize earning potential

Week 6: Powerful Brand You

  • Be the leader that you ARE in your industry
  • Learn how to close the sale and engage new customers regularly by utilizing your powerful message
  • Learn the difference between sprints and marathons and the need for both as an online entrepreneur
  • Map out your prosperity & growth plans
  • Plan the next 6 months of your business operations, programs, launches so you have a roadmap to follow at the conclusion of the program

"Before I worked with Amber, I had been working in a whole nother brand for about 5 years and when I say working, it was work...for 5 years, I can honestly say, it was work, work, work...

The first live call we did in Launching Brand You...I just kind of put my frustration out there and with just a few minutes of speaking with Amber, I realized through her coaching, I just wasn't living my passion.

And so in those few minutes, Whole Woman, Whole You was born!

The other amazing part, aside from Amber's marketing skills, is her generosity, her caring for each and every one of us, daily you get that support as you're going through the program.

In addition, you're also connected with a group of women who are going through similar issues. So in supporting them, we are also supporting ourselves. As you're giving support to other women in the group, I would then realize, 'Wait a second, what would I tell myself if I was on the other end of this?'

I love that Amber's story was a story of her going from a traditional career to being there with her family. Just seeing that she did it changed my mindset and I know that I can do it too.

I encourage everyone to take the leap and work with Amber, the individual support is just awesome."

Melissa Kitchen, Whole Woman, Whole You.


Before Launching Brand You, there's not a chance you'd see me on video, so let's start there. Launching Brand you is such an amazing class. What I came in wanting was really an opportunity to hone my message...and what I got, it blew me away. In the last 6 weeks, I've completed a new website, I've identified my ideal client and I've gotten 3 new clients in the last month that really fit my ideal. 

The way I figured that out was through the exercises that Amber has us do and connecting with these amazing women in the group and really focusing on what is the way we want to deliver our message out in to the world.  And so the most exciting part of it, is that I am working on my first group coaching class called, 'Happy is a Verb.' The way that came about was through the wonderful exercises and homework that Amber gives in the class.

Amber, I want to thank you, it's such a great class and I hope you all get as much out of it as I did."

- Linda M. Perry, Life Coach



I share road-tested systems and practices, loads of technical know-how with a healthy dose of mindset work and big picture goal-setting to help you take your brand to the next level.

It's time to do it YOUR WAY...and I'm here to help.

I know how you are feeling...every program, webinar or online expert is telling you there's a formula and a system you MUST follow in order to succeed. 

By the time you sort through all of these materials, you're confused,
overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel. 

You start to question yourself and your vision and suddenly, you
don't know which direction to take your business and brand in. 

Should you be focusing on SEO? Video Blogs?
Email Funnels? Growing your List?

You just want to start making money
and living your dream!

You KNOW there's another more powerful (less stressful)
way to do this work.

But your lack of crystal-clear-clarity and the HOW in
what to do next is stopping you before you start.

Sister, I've walked in those shoes...and I know how hopeless that road feels.

But I need to tell you...

It doesn't have to feel this way.

Money doesn't have to be so incredibly hard earned.

You have lives to change, an impact to make, a movement to lead.

It's time to learn to trust yourself.

Join me in this transformational, private group
coaching experience and step in to YOUR power. 

Your life will never be the same...


"Life before Launching Brand You was a hot mess...really, life before Amber was a hot mess. I've hired business coaches, I've attended conferences, I've read books, I've gone to lectures, and the clarity that I've gotten in just a couple weeks of working with her in this program has radically changed my life. This program, beyond just having the support of a group of women who are wanting to serve the world in a really big way and being able to bounce ideas off one another and inspire one another, the value that Amber brings is above and beyond what she even promises you...

Launching Brand You has made me a better coach with my clients and it has made me a more confident woman in the world and in my life. 

This program has helped me attract more clients, it's helped me have the clarity that I need to express my message. Thank you Amber, thank you Launching Brand You...this has changed my life and I am forever grateful"

Meg Haines, Life Coach & Healer


"When I first called Amber, I honestly had no intention of hiring another business coach...within 5 minutes of speaking with Amber, it became so crystal clear to me that she is the missing link, she is what my business needs. I had just graduated school, I had this wealth of knowledge, but I had no way to weed through it and decide what information was going to best serve me and my clients and that's because I lacked my core message.

Launching Brand You completely transformed my brand, my confidence, my attitude about running a business.

Amber really helps you tap in to why you do the things you do and once you know why you care so much, your message just pours's crystal clear now. Blog posts are flying out of me. I wrote a 6-week course in a weekend. Newsletters are so much easier to write now that I have a core focus and mission. I am forever grateful and I'm just really, really excited to push forward. I'm no longer hoping that clients stumble upon my information. I'm not just out there with confidence..."

Tory Dube, Creator of, Certified Life Coach, hypnotherapist and Holistic Nutritional Coach 


"Launching Brand You was simply amazing...I don't really have all the words to describe the whole thing, it's just a feeling. I know that this is it. Other programs, they kind of scratch the surface and set you off with all this knowledge, but you don't really know what to do with it. With Launching Brand You, you go deep down, you learn about yourself, who you are, who you want to be in the world...

Launching Brand You was exactly what I needed to launch brand me."

Nadia Castonguay, creator of Your Journey to Health with Nadia


The program includes:

  • Six weekly trainings + 2 Live Q&A sessions with Amber - I will WALK WITH YOU on the path to busting through your blocks and resistance and getting on the other side of your fear. Once we get there, it's time to step in to YOUR power and LAUNCH BRAND YOU.

  • Your own personal Launching Brand You Journal + note from Amber - live and in color in your mailbox....a sparkly, fresh journal where the story of Brand You will come to life!

  • A private Facebook community for group participants only with daily interaction with one another and Amber - HUGE VALUE!

  • Daily 1:1 support from Amber in the FB group - This is not your average FB group. Amber is in there DAILY, sharing, connecting, answering questions and trouble-shooting WITH YOU.

    I will KNOW each and every one of you
    and your stories 
    and be a vested partner
    on your journey.

  • Weekly exercises delivered to your inbox to help you apply the learning firsthand. Can you say ACCOUNTABILITY?

  • Weekly Live Office FB Hours with Amber - Can't make our training call? No problem, hop on over to our FB group for Live Office Hours to ask your questions and get your answers in real-time (A HUGE Value to helping you BREAKTHROUGH your blocks and create momentum in your business)

  • A SUSTAINABLE, Mind & Soul-Shifting Approach to branding and business (with a little sprinkle of woo)

This program is for you if...

  • You've considered other coaching programs; but didn't get the personal 1:1 support you needed.

  • You are ready to blaze a new trail and lead the way in your industry. 

  • You detest rules and doing things the way everyone else does.

  • Your business idea hasn't congealed yet, but you KNOW what you love to do and you're ready to create it.

  • You could really use an accountability POSSE and coach to help you stay on task (you may or may not have a few programs collecting dust in hidden files on your desktop).

  • Your level of "stuck-ness" is starting to affect other aspects of your life: relationships, physical health, self-care, self-love.

  • You are ready to GO DEEP to really get in touch with WHO you want to be in the world and you are ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • You have a side project/biz/passion you are ready to make your full-time lifestyle and need someone to support you through the process who's been there, done that!

  • You are desperate to get your message out in to the world, but cannot figure out HOW to navigate the technical mine field with your limited techie skills.

You're ready to BREAK THROUGH and IGNITE Brand YOU!


Client Love:

"So, I am just going to put it out there...I took the big name online biz program, I hired coaches, psychics, shamans, website designers, course creators, money block clearers, energetic healers, LOA experts,  you name it...In the last year during my business re-vamp I held nothing back...

Not one person helped me in the way that Amber Lilyestro has. SHE helped me get clear on my mission, she helped me get clear on my brand and my message. She truly wrote my website with me in 90 minutes...I had been trying for at least 3 years...She also held my hand and supported me every step of the way! She still does! And, here's what's real...She gets me, my work, and what I am all about...she knows me. 

Every single day she is out there moving and shaking, keeping it real, and on those days when I am in doubt, fear or overwhelm, I see her face and her message of the day and I keep on moving forward!

BYPASS the BS...go right to the girl with the heart of pure authenticity!  SHE KNOWS her stuff...My husband overheard a call I was on with Ambe and we have a joke now...that is, if I am having an issue it's an 'AMBER ALERT'...The whole online biz world can be confusing and overwhelming when you are new ...let Amber hold your hand and give you the love you need to make your Beautiful Dream a REALITY!"
-JoAnne Young, | Intuitive Counselor & Empowerment Coach |

"I wanted to personally acknowledge the fierce, fabulous and wickedly talented branding maven Amber Lilyestrom.

This woman is incredible! She has changed my life. I've NEVER felt good about my coaching site and I've had major brand shame for years. She has helped bring out my dazzle, glitter, light, humor and confidence. If you suffer from brand shame or finding your voice like I did, please reach out to Amber.

She will help you bring everything you want together so you can FEEl confident with your website and brand. Love you so much Amber!"
-Cody Montarbo, Coach & Mentor |


"Amber is a sharpshooter. She is honest, reliable, trust-worthy, and truly focused on meeting her clients where they are at. She is kind and sweet, but also motivating and structured. It feels COMFORTABLE talking to Amber - no judgment. It's really great to have her on your side of the boxing ring." 
-Coach Antonia |









How will the program content be delivered?

You will receive a weekly video training + a downloadable PDF with exercises via email to complete prior to our weekly LIVE Coaching Calls.

When will the LIVE Coaching Calls be held?

This is TBD, however, depending upon the size of the enrolling class, there may be TWO Live Coaching Call windows for you to choose from each week.  

What if we can't make the LIVE Coaching Calls?

They will be recorded and shared for you each week and I will also be hosting Live FB Office Hours during the week (time/day TBD).

What if I don't have a concrete business idea or brand mapped out yet?

It is not required to have a business and brand fully realized in order to join Launching Brand You. Our students have been at different stops on their journeys and a handful have actually created full-fledged businesses that were born from inspired ideas through the work we did in the program together.

How can I guarantee my success in this program?

Success is a personal experience. The key is to success in LBY is to show up prepared for our calls with your questions and to open to suggestions while you are discovering what is going to help you thrive in your business. Like the age old saying, "You will get out of it the work you put in to it." LBY is no different. If you trust the process and allot enough time to do the work, you will make significant shifts in your brand, business and life.

How much time should I allot each week to do the work?

We would recommend you allow an average of 1-2 hours of viewing and exercise completion time for the training and approximately 1 hour for our live Q & A calls. 

How does the group component work?

You will be participating in this program with fellow entrepreneurs, whom you will get to know over in the LBY Crew Facebook page. We highly recommend you carve out some time to introduce yourself and get to know your classmates.  Amber will make daily appearances in the group to answer questions throughout the week, also, so feel free to post questions as they come up for you during the program.

I have a product-based business, does LBY apply to me?

It does if you are ok with that the majority of the teaching will be centered around service-based businesses. Amber will cater the training to the actual students in the course, and typically, this is more coach/service-based; however, there have been product-based business owners who gained a great deal of clarity and direction through their experience in the program.

Will I get one-on-one coaching from Amber?

YES. 100% YES....Amber will know you and your business, your grand vision and she will do whatever she can, realistically speaking, to help you achieve your goals.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the very experiential nature of this program and all of the live one-to-one coaching you will receive as a participant in this program, there are no refunds available.

Will LBY be offered again?

We do not have another launch date scheduled at the present time, but will likely run again in the fall of 2015.

Is there an age range that is most appropriate for LBY?

Age is, but a number, in my book. I have received this question a few times from a few gals, so I want to address it.  The question has been, "Is LBY was for women only in their 30s?"  My answer to that is a resounding "Nope!"  

We have had women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s to date and each and every one of our gals has gotten something different and transformational from her experience. Age is simply a state of mind.