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If you're a passionate, heart-centered entrepreneur on a mission and want to take your business to the next level, then keep reading...

I am opening the doors to my high-level coaching program for leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step in their life and business. 

I have been way overbooked in private coaching clients (at a 5-figure investment level) and have been working hard to scale my one-to-one coaching model in a way that excites me and ignites the results my clients are after.... 

Are you ready for this?


The Mastermind

I've worked with entrepreneurs at many levels:

  • The mamapreneur who is ready to take her business to the next level and hit her first five-figure month.
  • The newly budding entrepreneur who has fire in her veins and a big vision calling to her but lacking the know-how to bring her dream to life at the pace she needs.
  • The six-figure earner whose success is feeling like a heavy weight that is keeping her from building momentum and pivoting toward her passion.

And what most of these women really need is road tested solutions that lead to RESULTS, accountability from a trustworthy and heart-centered coach with the proven results to back up what they are teaching. 

That's where I come in!

I've noticed that influencers like you are looking for the things I've already accomplished like: 

  1. How to hit the $500K mark in just 3 years as a full-time work from home mama (with just 15-20 hours available for work each week).
  2. How to make a massive impact on the lives of others by passionately and powerfully sharing your message.
  3. How to manifest your family's dream home (on a lake!) in just my 2nd year in business.
  4. How to land speaking gigs for audiences of over 450 members.
  5. How to plan and host a sold-out event that makes a significant impact on your community and the lives of those who attend.
  6. How to build a business with a strong philanthropic component that changes lives and communities.
  7. How to launch and grow a podcast to thousands of weekly downloads. 
  8. How to reach thousands all over the globe while helping them to be more exponentially more present for the people they love (less anxiety, more joy) and themselves through your teachings + services.
  9. How to build an Instagram following with over 22K brand fans.
  10. How to make authentic connections and friendships with celebrities and influencers in your industry. 
  11. How to earn the funds to invest multiple 5-figures into coaching programs, masterminds and growth experiences to support your own personal and business development. 
  12. How to grow your reach, your list and your impact on the lives of those who follow and trust you.

If you'd love to get your business and brand to achieve any of these results, make sure to apply right now because this mastermind is going to fill up on a first come, first served basis! 


What else can you expect from this mastermind experience?

You will experience:

  • An IN-PERSON weekend retreat (complete with a lakefront celebration dinner + campfire sessions for all participants) ($6,000 value)
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls ($3,000 value)
  • Access to all of my courses and programs to date ($5,000 value)
  • Two (2) private big vision + goals call with Amber to kick-off our life-shifting work together ($500 value)
  • An exclusive online community for regular interaction and support in-between calls
  • One-on-one hot seats and strategy sessions ($5,000 value)


  • A soul fueled accountability partner within the group
  • A community of leaders to partner and collaborate with on various projects 
  • A free ticket to my 2018 Ignite Your Soul Summit ($599 value)
  • Exclusive referrals to my team of rockstar service providers that have helped me build my business

This mastermind experience contains ALL of this value (over $20K) 
at half the cost of my current private coaching rate!



Check out these coaching student's success stories:

"Amber helped me transition from selling $1 and $20 programs to $600 programs within the first 30 days of working with her.

My income went from $1200/month to $4700/month by my 3rd month. She showed me how to stop devaluing my work. She put the mirror in front of my face and showed me that I was my own worst enemy...

Amber taught me to own my truth, no matter how pretty or ugly it is. My truth is mine, mine alone. The truth that makes me, me. I can own every single ounce of who I am, my soul, my heart without any guilt because I don't need to change who I really am to be what society says I should be. I can be the nerdy girl who is really great behind the scenes, is dorky & giddy about numbers, studies algorithms like the hottest issue of Vogue, and still rock the business world as a mamapreneur from back stage. 

Amber taught me to do more of the things that make me happy and less of what doesn't...To value myself if I want others to value me too and to never forget that my truth is unique to me. She helped put my restless soul at peace." 

Crystal Honeycutt, Owner/Creator at Train Dirty Fitness & Owner at Moms Love Marketing

I can safely say that Amber has completely changed my life.

She helped me push past a massive block and understand who I really am. Finding yourself can be a scary process, but with Amber I felt truly supported and taken care of. She held space for me so that I could access areas of my soul that I didn't really know existed. She works in a way that seems almost magical.

After just one session it felt like I took a blind fold off of my eyes. I could clearly see who I was and who I was speaking to. Once you are aligned with your true self, everything comes so much easier! Who knew!? Ideas began to flow and I actually started to get excited about creating my new brand!

Once I had my vision, Amber took the reigns and helped focus everything.

I am not a tech savvy person so Amber went above and beyond to help make things more simple for me so that I could actually feel confident about running an online business. I went from having NO idea what I wanted my business to be, to a few weeks away from launching a brand new website with programs and offerings that are aligned with who I am at my core.

I no longer feel stuck and I am actually excited to do the work everyday.

None of this would have happened if I had not hired Amber as my coach. I am truly grateful for her and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that wants to create a brand that aligns with their soul. She is the real deal and the best investment I have ever made." 

Jennifer Leah Gottlieb, NYC fitness & lifestyle expert, Creator of JLG Fitness & The 360 Shift


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Your Mastermind Coach:
Amber Lilyestrom

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding strategist and business performance coach, the founder of The Amber Lilyestrom Academy, host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show podcast and keynote speaker. She is a former Division One athlete and one of the nation's leading marketing & branding professionals in collegiate athletics. She has been featured by Huffington Post, and countless podcasts. She recently hosted her first sold-out live event, The Soul Fueled Summit and has served thousands of female entrepreneurs worldwide in designing heart-centered brands and thriving businesses while building a multiple six-figure business of her own. She has done all of this while raising her 3-year-old daughter and designing a business that supports the life she wants to lead as a devoted wife, mother and friend.

It's time to come home to who you really are!
(And to create a business + lifestyle that fully supports you)

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