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Programs + Products That have changed my life


DIY Legal Documents

My dear friend, Lisa Fraley, is a Legal Coach & Attorney. She helped me create sacred boundaries in my business, while protecting my intellectual property and my clients in the process. I could not speak more highly of her products and services. Click here to check out her DIY offerings and her 7-Module Course.


Email marketing/course management/affiliate program Tool

Simplero is my all-in-one solution. I swapped over from Mailchimp in the fall of 2015 and now have a one-stop-shop for my email marketing, course management/spaces and affiliate programs. It's an affordable solution with an easy-to-use interface that has provided an excellent customer experience. Click here to learn more and see if it's a fit for you and your business.


Zoom Meeting/Conferencing 

I use Zoom every. single. day. I use it for all of my client calls, group calls and webinars. I even use it for recording my own trainings with the awesome screenshare feature. I could not recommend this product more highly, it's far easier to navigate than ANY online meeting tool or webinar platform I've used to date. Click here to check it out!



Graphics & Fonts

Creative Market is where it's at. It's an amazing and affordable spot for gorgeous fonts and graphics I use for inspiration. I am a total #fontnerd, so CM is a total guilty pleasure. Click here to check it out.



The gals over at Stitchfix send me monthly "fixes" and it saves me tons of time and money. 5 pieces each month and I get to keep what I want. Customized, stylish pieces to add to the wardrobe without having to shop with a toddler. #winning. Click here to check it out.


Money mindset

Denise's Lucky B Money Bootcamp helped me reframe my relationship with money, break through my money blocks and expand in to an abundance mindset that my bank account has grown to match! Click here to check it out.



**I love sharing tools and resources that rock my world and make my biz and life journey easier to navigate. As a fan and user of each of these products and services, I may receive compensation or services as an exchange for sharing it with others.