Focus Friday: It Takes a Village


This week I was inspired by one very simple thought.

I was taking a break from the madness that can sometimes be the reality entrepreneurship and spent a few moments looking at my life. I saw the home and the spaciousness I have created in my world, the beautiful family I get to do each day with, the incredible friendships and students I get to connect with each day and the thriving business I have given life to… and as I looked, I had this epic realization...

No part of this has been a solo endeavor.

Nope. In order to craft this epic life I am leading over here, I needed my sisters, my husband, my daughter, my family, my mentors and you.)

Each and every one of my listeners, clients and students has helped me to rise up and keep marching onwards to meet the life that has always been waiting for me. You help me remember to remember WHY I do this sacred work in the world and you push me to keep growing even on the days I feel tired and start questioning myself.

Today, I want to dig in deep and discuss what I believe it TRULY means to say, “it takes a village.” And I invite you to spend a few minutes with me.ake off your “solopreneur” hat, or uncross your “I’ve got this” arms and hear me out as to why I believe we are stronger together than we could ever be apart.

You might be able to do it all on your own, sister, but at the end of this Focus Friday I will have one question left to ask you: do you really want to?

How I Tripled my Income in 2017


In today’s episode, I offer you a sneak peek at the blueprint I used to triple my income over the past 12 months and level up in a massive way. And, *bonus*... not only do I invite you to dream, but I am going to show you how.

2017 was the year of expansion...and it was my most prosperous year to date. Not just in the realm of finances; but also in terms of the abundance that I welcomed into my life through relationships, experiences and personal growth.

I want to be clear, though, none of this happened on a whim. The expansiveness of this year was a deliberate choice I committed myself to making on a daily basis. It was a choice to upgrade my mindset and consciously participate in my life on a level that the former version of me didn’t even know was possible.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but I can tell you it has been completely worth it and will continue to be as I’ve made a pact with myself to be here for all of the peaks and valleys ahead. And guess what, my dear sweet friend?

You get to make this same pact.

Let’s not wait another moment, game changers and light seekers.

Let’s make 2018, your most epic year yet. Your future self is ready and waiting!


  • How to upgrade your main operating system: your mindset

  • How to identify what is keeping you from reaching your fullest potential

  • Why our money blocks are holding us back

  • Why the world needs YOU to level up and dream bigger


“What you have achieved in 2017 is a result of the mindset that you’ve had.”

“I am now a person that is willing to bet on herself...all of the time.”

“The greatest investment you could possibly make on this planet is in you. Your potential is exponential.”

“I want to help you create a life and a business that changes the world, and most especially, it changes your own.”

“It is exponential the impact we can make on the lives of others.”

Focus Friday: Handling Overwhelm Like a Boss


It’s that time of the year again. You know, the time of the year when you have a to-do list that somehow only seems to keep getting longer: The magical and, often, overwhelming holiday season. You have gifts to buy, cards to send, newsletters to write, parties to attend content to create, launches to plan and a million other things to get done…I feel like crawling back into bed just thinking about it all.

And if you’re anything like me, sisters, this tends to send us into overwhelm city.

Suddenly, you are looking for the panic button and are so consumed with everything that needs to get done in the future, that you just ignore and fall out of alignment with what’s best for you and your life right in this very moment.

We forget the stuff that works because we’re so busy getting to work.

This Focus Friday is all about helping you find ways to break that pattern of overwhelm and step back into the flow of your beautiful and purpose-driven life.

I invite you to slowly back away from the panic button. Put Ben and Jerry back in the freezer  and take 15 minutes to gift yourself a way out of the chaos that is overwhelm. I promise you, friends, we can mindfully and consciously create spaciousness for all of our important work, without sacrificing our peace of mind in the process.

This episode is all about how.

Family Updates: Marriage + Business, CrossFit and Homeschool

Marriage + Business, Crossfit and Homeschooling (1).png

Ben and I sat down today to catch you up on all the momentous movement that has occurred in our lives since we retired him from the police force and brought him home to the Team 5 months ago.

Life is all about evolution, and ours is no exception. We get into some real talk about what we’ve been up to, how our roles are changing and our hopes for our family in the coming months and years, as we become more and more attuned to how we feel most deeply called to show up in our world.

Plus, Ben also talks about his newest entrepreneurial venture and we get to answer some hard hitting questions from our listeners!

We are excited to share this one with you, friends…There is nothing quite like doing your life’s work with the one you choose to do life with.

Focus Friday: Launch it Ugly


What do CrossFit and my business have in common? In both of them, I have to show up, do the work, meet them where I am at, and not worry about what the girl next to me is doing.

So often in our lives, we allow our fear of needing to do something perfectly, stop us from doing it at all. But we do ourselves a huge disservice when we do this, and in this Focus Friday, I am explaining to you exactly what that disservice is.

This episode is all about learning to step forward, however unprepared we may feel, towards our greatest visions and dreams. It is about doing it imperfectly instead of never doing it at all.

Not sure how to do that? Have a listen friends, I’ve got all the experience on this one, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Bottomline: Progress often does not equal pretty.


Heather Crabtree on Finding the Way Through the Painful Unknowns of Life + Business

Heather Crabtree (1).png

Friends and fellow mamapreneurs, if you’ve ever wanted to see a living and breathing example of stunning dignity and grace in the most difficult of circumstances, you’ve found it in today’s guest.

Heather Crabtree is a mama, a wife, a friend, a daughter, and yes- a rockstar entrepreneur. But 8 months ago she found out the devastating news that her 9 year old daughter had Stage 4 cancer, and ever since that moment, she has been on a journey to remain grateful, hopeful, and immensely clear about what it is that matters most of all in her life.

(Hint: It isn’t the 6 figure months and a growing business.)

Her message isn’t just for people in time of crisis, though, it is for YOU and me, sisters, right in this very moment. It is a call and an invitation to get really clear and intentional with how you spend your precious time, and the things and people that you give your energy to.

It’s not every day we get to see such courage and  an example of grace-filled dignity, and I am beyond honored to share this beautiful conversation with you.

Sit down in your favorite space, grab some tissues + tea, get comfy and open your hearts for this one. Today, my sweet friend Heather is going to remind us about what really matters.


  • Why it’s okay to change your mind and change your course

  • How to know if you’re making decisions in your life in business based off of fear

  • Why it’s important to put family first

  • How to move through the fear about “what’s next” when it comes to our families and children

  • How we can be of greater service to families who have sick children


  • What are some of the challenges and greatest takeaways you’ve learned in the process of the evolution of your career?

  • What was the moment that made you finally understand that you have to do what’s right for you?

  • What are the top 2-3 lessons that you’ve learned by going through this experience with your family?

  • What do you want people to know about families that are going through this, and how can we be of greater service?

  • What is the greatest lesson that your little girl has taught you?


“I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I’m here, and my family comes first.”

“With any big tragic thing that happens, you go through these stages. So this past year has been about recognizing those and just really digging into what matters.”

“We make these moments count, because we don’t know what’s next.”

“I don’t have a problem with money. What I have a problem with is thinking that that’s what’s going to bring you happiness.”

“Your business should fit into your life, and we try so hard as entrepreneurs to fit our life into our business.”

“I think the more you can share and open up, the more that you inspire people and allow them to feel like they’re not alone. “

“Every moment counts. Give the most you can to the people that you love.”

Focus Friday: The Gratitude Habit


We all know how important gratitude is, but do we ever think about what purpose it truly serves in our lives?

In the United States we just celebrated Thanksgiving, the time of year where people spend a little extra time and attention on what they’re grateful for.

This Focus Friday, however, I am calling you to welcome that practice into your lives each and every single day. We’re not just talking about a morning practice or nightly devotional, but as a way of being.

This one is all about tuning ourselves to the things we truly want, by expressing overflowing gratitude for the gifts we already have.

This is a practice that can change everything for us.

So be sure once the audio ends, to take a moment and reflect on all the gifts you’ve been given, and then feel free to share them in a comment below. I’d love to join in your joy with you.

Happy Thanksgiving friends, I am oh-so grateful for each and every one of you.

Lara Casey on Cultivating What Matters in Life and Business

Lara Casey (1).png

Each and every one of us has gifts that we have been given and seeds that are meant to be sewn.

What matters isn’t that we have them; what matters is that we cultivate the courage to plant them...and find the willingness to get our hands dirty in the process.

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to do just that, my friends, look no further; Lara Casey has one heck of a green thumb.

Lara is the inspirational powerhouse behind PowerSheets: the “grace filled goal setting planner”, author of the epic book Make it Happen: Surrender your Fear. Take the Leap. Live on Purpose, founder of Southern Weddings Magazine, mother of 3, wife of 1 and devoted mother and wife.

What is most magnetizing about this woman, however, is not on her list of accomplishments; it is her willingness to share her journey with us in full transparency. We are not drawn to her success in all of it’s sparkly-ness just because; we are drawn to it because of the message that’s woven into it. And, as you’ll find out in this episode- the path to our message almost always begins... with our mess.

This conversation has been a long time in the making, and I couldn’t be more excited to share Lara’s genius with each and every one of you.

So get ready to plant some seeds and water the soil, sisters- this one is all about tending to the business of our souls.


  • How pride can become our greatest hinderance

  • How to keep faith even when your journey doesn’t seem to make much sense

  • Why purposeful goals are important

  • How Powersheets came to life

  • What mindful parenting actually looks like in practice

  • Lara’s secret to a strong and faithful marriage


  • How have you found your voice and the courage to share it?

  • What has lead you to this part of your story?

  • What is your favorite flower and why?

  • What is the story behind how Powersheets began?

  • What is your “Mama Mission”?

  • What is the constant theme that you’re being tasked to do your deepest work around?

  • If you could go back to any former version of yourself, what would you say to her?


“I was chasing all the wrong things, and I was chasing them because I thought that they were attached to my worth.”

“Anything can change with careful nurturing, tending and getting our hands in the dirt...because good things grow in the dirt, not despite it.”

“No matter how small you perceive your pool of influence is; it matters.”

“It really is those points of pain we experience, that might just be the very things that bring us the deepest connections with other people.”

“Even when you can’t see it or feel it, there is life below the surface.”

“You can’t do it all and do it well.”

“The pursuit of my life is to hopefully serve people.”

Focus Friday: Put Your Cape On


You know those moments we’ve been preparing for our whole lives?

The ones that we do the work for, so that when they show up we are able to handle them with dignity and grace? The ones that matter?

Yes- those ones.

On this Focus Friday, I share with you a conversation I had to have with my sweet daughter this week, that was precisely one of those moments.

I invite you to sit down and listen to this one, with an open heart (and maybe a tissue or two), as I welcome you into the sacred interaction that was shared not only between a mother and her daughter,  but also between a 36-year-old woman, and her former self.

This one is for all of us, friends- to help us remember that the most important thing that we may have forgotten along the way.

PS - You. Are. Magic.

Kristen Ley on Building an Empire with Confetti + Celebration

Kristen Ley.png

What does celebration mean to you? Is it the birthday parties, the weddings, the engagement dinners or the anniversaries? Is it the cakes, and the centerpieces and all of the sparkly gifts?

But, what if the celebration, itself, IS the gift?

What if we reframed celebration as a way to give (and to receive) love… and a vital part of the foundation that you could build an entire empire off of?

Are you wondering what in the world I am talking about?

You’re going to want to stick around for this one.

In 2012 Kristen Ley didn’t just “start a business”. What she did was find a way to make a living celebrating others by simply trusting her passion and following some truly Divine guidance.

Starting with an $800 letterpress and a yearning for something more, Kristen gave birth to her company Thimblepress; a lifestyle brand contributing magnificently designed and crafted products to the world. Products that not only tell a story; products that help people tell and *celebrate* THEIR story.

Thimblepress has evolved from a garage housing an old letterpress that was collecting dust; to a team of 15 souls, retail in over 1500 stores, and 2 brick and mortar shops. Kristen Ley has used her passion, her faith, and her vision to celebrate not only the BIG moments in life, but more importantly, the seemingly tiny and often missed moments that are oh-so worth honoring.

If you’re wondering how to build a business that gives more than just a product... if you’re wondering  how to learn how to use your stumbles as stepping stones... and if you’re wondering how to stay true to yourself and your beliefs, while simultaneously creating an epic brand that is an extension of who you are; look no further.


  • What is celebration and how important is it to make it a part of our lives

  • How you can use your “love languages” to do your sacred work

  • What she is REALLY selling to people (Hint: It’s not just confetti)

  • Why you don’t need to have a big vision right away to start a business

  • How to turn your weaknesses into your greatest assets

  • How trusting God has played a pivotal role in creating her business, and building a team of people she loves and honors

  • Where Kristen gets her inspiration from and why she will never step away from designing and creating


  • Why does celebration play such a central role in your life and in the sacred work you do?

  • Where did that level of intentionality come from for you?

  • Did you imagine Thimblepress being what it is now? How did you make a beginning?

  • What has continued to pull you forward?

  • What has been most challenging about the growth and what has been the most surprising?

  • How do you go from being the person who does it all by herself to bringing in team members in a way that feels really good?

  • Are you still doing every single design that comes through?

  • What are some of your non-negotiables?

  • Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?


“Celebration does not just mean a birthday party, or a wedding…there are so many different ways we can honor each other and celebrate each other, little and big. And I want to be a part of that in people’s lives.”

“I was surrounded by so much love as a child. I see what encouragement can do for you not only as a child but as an adult, and you can encourage through celebration.”

“Weaknesses manifest into the best qualities that make you up.”

“When you start a business you either go into knowing you’re starting a business. Or you have a passion for something…and that passion becomes a business.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to continue this business, if I didn’t have faith. Because I believe worry and fear stop so many people from doing what they were meant to do. “

“It’s so hard, when we’re in a season of little fruit, to see that that season isn’t going to be forever. And to also accept that time we have to breath…”

“I want people to feel honored and celebrated that work here, because…at the end of the day, I see these people more than I do my family.”

“I need people that are different than me- that bring different thoughts and different opinions to the table. I need people that will challenge me to grow this brand in a bigger way.”

“Sometimes it’s the prayers that we don’t want to pray…that God says, “Alright, I was just waiting on you.”

“The happiness and the environment that I want to cultivate with my team is a non-negotiable.”

“Take time to cultivate the roots of what you’re doing and take time in your decisions, even through quick growth. But don’t take too much time to feel like you have to have things perfect…that you don’t leap.”

Focus Friday: Do it for the Love


Have you ever watched someone on stage, playing out on the field or in the middle of a creating a work of art? They just have this poetic and captivating way about them...lost in concentration, seemingly unaware of anyone else’s opinion of them. Watching them connect so deeply and beautifully to their art and in complete service to their heart’s expression is one of my favorite things to do.

I am eternally fascinated with musicians, athletes and performers who allow themselves to completely surrender to their craft.

This weekend, I had the honor of watching my friend Chris Lester performing his craft twice over the course of 2 nights. In this episode, I will share the story with you of what it felt like to witness him in two very different settings and what I learned in watching him.

This Focus Friday is your permission to surrender to your own genius, soul listen on up, the world is waiting.


Jeanine Staples on Generating our Personal Liberation Projects

Jeanine Staples (1).png

Every now and again, if you are lucky enough, you get to connect with people whose words are SO powerful- they just knock the wind right out of you.

Jeanine Staples, my friends, is one of those people.

She stunned the world (and me) with her TED Talk, “How To Die Peacefully”, when she challenged the notion that humans are born, they live and then they die. No- Jeanine believes we are born and then we die a thousand tiny deaths. She claims, we can only learn to live, when we learn to die those deaths peacefully.

Oh, I KNOW;  and this is just what I learned before our conversation.

Dr. Jeanine Staples is the Associate Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Penn State University. She is the founder of “The Supreme Love Project” , a movement which seeks to embolden marginalized people to heal their souls and liberate themselves. Not to mention, she is a genius, a soul excavator, a humanist and an all around “Be Your OWN Hero”, kind of Wonder Woman.

I am beyond thrilled and honored to share this conversation with you. I just know that these words will touch you in a way that could literally shift the way you live your life, today- if you let them.

So, grab a notebook for this one, sit down, and get ready to let it all sink in to your soma (how Jeanine refers to our bodies). This one’s a game changer.


  • How our to heal our soul terrors and begin our own Personal Liberation Project

  • Why seeking external affirmation can only lead to suffering

  • What it means to “Go Deeper”

  • The truth about our conditioned fear of experiencing pain

  • How to teach our children to understand their body and their pain

  • How your unconscious beliefs about money hold you back from being free

  • What it means to own your womanhood

  • What your “lover identity” is

  • How to begin to stand up for social injustices and become a voice for for the voiceless


  • How did you heal your emotional break and move forward?

  • What are the side effects of a life commitment to suffering and avoidance of pain?

  • Why are we so afraid of experiencing pain?

  • How do we meet our children right where they are to support them on their journey?

  • How does this work help bring in more abundance and wealth?

  • How do we start exploring and rebuilding our womanhood?

  • How do we, as white privileged woman who have businesses, who want to say something, who want to stand up, begin? What do we do?


“My generation of terror was so complete and so huge, I didn’t have that ability to bide my time and create a status quo. I had to break.”

“I was at what I thought was my bottom. And the voice of God, the Holy Spirit said… “Go deeper.”

“There’s so many of us who run from pain. It’s suffering that we need to cease, not pain. Suffering is this long term uninterrupted source of despair without hope. That’s what we need to move away from. But pain, pain is actually what we need to generate bigger emotional muscle. To grow the capacity to go deeper.”

“Let your child get attuned to their body. Because their bodies are instruments for their emotionality.”

“Our salvation and our liberation project would not exist, unless there was something we were in bondage to. And that bondage is your pain. Best to become really enamored with it.”

“You can only be satiated from the inside out.”

“Do I feel real? Or do I feel like I am wearing labels and descriptions that had been given to me.”

“I had to really do the work of saying, I am not the woman I want to be. I am not the woman I say I am. And I want to be congruent. I want to BE that person, and not perform that person.

“Your interior life is the precedent to any other exterior attachment or endeavor that you want to take part of.”



Focus Friday: Why I Threw Out My Vision Board


Inspired. To be in spirit.

This is the place with which I choose to operate from at all times and the driving intention behind the reason why I threw out my vision board.

Not that there is anything wrong with vision boards (because there isn’t), but because I came to find that I couldn’t be in an inspired state of freely becoming, if my gaze was always fixed upon immoveable and specific things I wanted to become.

But, let’s be real here… you know me.

You know how much I believe in the massive power of manifestation and aligning ourselves, and envisioning all the sparkly feels of what we are called to breathe life into…

So you know I came up with a way to call out to my dreams and my visions, while also allowing for a change in trajectory and a change of heart.

Want to know how and why I did all of this? Then listen up, girlfriend, I can’t wait to share this one with you.

Lewis Howes on Peeling Back our Mask to Achieve Greatness

Lewis Howes (2).png

If there is one man that understands how to achieve Greatness, it is this one.

But- not only does Lewis Howes know how to achieve it for himself, he has made it his mission… his life’s purpose... to help as many people as he possibly can, do the same.

When I met Lewis in person for the first time at his Summit of Greatness Mastermind event, I felt called to share with him how grateful I was and how deeply connected our stories were on a soul level. Our pasts and our journeys share this incredible synchronicity, and even now- here is a man helping me to give life to my dreams, while I help game-changing women and mamapreneurs (like you) breathe life into theirs.

So, you know, what an honor it is to bring him here for you and to dig in deep on this conversation. Today we are breaking the code and unlocking the secrets that will help you take off that mask that you’ve been wearing to live in alignment with your truth, so you can manifest your dreams into reality.

Lewis has built a game changing empire around one simple word: Greatness. He has forged a path and given us the map to stepping into what we are afraid of and creating the life we know we were meant for. Whether it is through his podcast, in either one of his books,The School of Greatness and his newly released The Mask of Masculinity or in one of his live events; he is constantly urging us to break through our old barriers and set our eyes on the sky.

Friends- I am inviting you to slip out of your masks for the next hour, open your hearts, and get ready to download some powerful insights from a man and friend who has devoted his life to creating maximum impact. This one will not only leave you feeling inspired and motivated; it will leave you feeling capable and ready to do the same.


  • How your work in the world can align with the healing journey you’re on

  • How we can use pain to break through our physical and mental barriers

  • How our masks keep us from being seen, and how vulnerability can become the key to healing

  • How women can use his book, “The Mask of Masculinity” to help them understand the men in their lives

  • How to build the superpower of self trust

  • How to recreate a “stadium environment” in your own business

  • How gratitude, growth and giving have allowed him to live out his dreams

  • Why YOU should be your favorite brand


  • What are you most grateful for?

  • What have been some of the most painful emotions that come up frequently for you?

  • When did you start to consciously connect with the concept of the mask of masculinity?

  • When did you start dreaming?

  • What has been the podcast experience been like for you?

  • What is your mission of every conversation on your podcast?

  • What do you think the people listening to RIGHT NOW need to hear from you?

  • What have been your favorite podcast episodes?

  • What are you working on, emotionally, right now?

  • What is the core message you make sure you get to live out?

  • How would you say your choices in your youth served you today as an entrepreneur?

  • What do you advise for women who are powerhouses, but lack confidence?

  • What do you want more of in life?

  • What would you say to younger Lewis about the big vision, so he can keep moving forward?

  • Who are your favorite brands?


“I go to a place in my mind when the pain comes to see how much farther I can push it. What else can I do to strengthen and expand. I know when I feel pain, if I stop right then, I’m not going to break through.”

“I think a lot of us are weak minded and we’re afraid to feel uncomfortable. So I try to be as uncomfortable as possible whenever I can.”

“I think the biggest disservice to yourself and the world. is to try to put on a mask and fit in.”

“So many men are holding onto these masks, they’re unwilling to reveal themselves. And when we start to share about the things we’re most afraid of- that’s when we can begin to heal.”

“ I want to create something for myself that is a reminder everyday to improve and be grateful.”

“I want to make sure I honor the feelings that I have. But also honor someone else’s feelings and the commitments that I make. “

“I want to be a catalyst to show people that their dreams are possible. And that their dreams matter because they matter. “

“My goal is to make the maximum impact on the people I can, today. Because this is all I have- this moment.”

“I believed in myself every day more and more when I showed up and gave my all on what I said I was going to do.”

“It’s hard to go after a big dream when you don’t believe in yourself.”

“Focus on gratitude. Focus on growth. Focus on giving.”


Lilyestroms and Howes

Focus Friday: Changing the Plan


Last week, I shared something very sacred to Ben and I, on a very public platform. I told the story of our recent miscarriage on my Instagram profile.

In the wake of losing the child we had just conceived, I opted to lean in by opening up, instead of just blocking everything out.

I opened up my most private thoughts to the world, and what I received was a waterfall  of love and support from rockstars far and wide. What I received was the affirmation from those of you who have experienced your own sadness and sense of loss that by sharing our truth, we allow others to meet us right where we are. It was an amazing reminder that our souls are stronger together than they may ever be alone.

What I also received was the invitation to be completely and utterly present in the experience of my “now.” And in the unfurling of what was happening, my sweet husband and I were able to find acceptance in what life was handing us in that moment.  Instead of running from our pain or pretending that it didn’t exist, we did quite the opposite: we welcomed it with open arms.

And in that welcoming, we became willing to let life guide us to what’s next, wherein we became willing to say, “Maybe it’s okay to change the plan.”

I recorded this episode for you in hopes that it could perhaps inspire you to do the same for yourself.

This one goes deep for me friends, and I hope that in it, you too, can find your invitation to get entirely present in your moment, your pain and your story, so you can more readily become open to moving through it.

Thank you for honoring me through this process, now let me help you honor yours.


Najwa Zebian on Finding Home Through Our Story

Najwa Zebian.png

When I saw Najwa Zebian speak on stage at the Summit of Greatness last spring, I was just completely entranced. As you’ll hear in this episode, I often say that I live my life on the verge of tears, and here was a woman who was bold enough to step into her vulnerability and do the same. (In front of a LOT of people.) I felt such a deep connection to her story, to the parts of her that had struggled and triumphed, to the way she poured herself out into her words, that I just KNEW I needed to have this beautiful and courageous warrior on the show!

Najwa is an author, a poet and a motivational powerhouse who has used the act of sharing her truths to liberate herself, and to help millions of others do so as well in the process. Her books “Mind Platter” and “The Nectar of Pain” will rock you to your core. Through her own suffering, Najwa learned how to unload the burden of her shame by finding her voice and using it to speak up and speak out. She is unapologetically real, and encourages you and I to join her in that movement... and wouldn’t you know, that is music to my ears!

This conversationbrought us both to tears once or twice, and I have no doubt it will do the same for you. Make sure you grab some tissues for this one (I guarantee you’re going to need a few) and get ready to be moved by this small but fierce woman!


  • How looking outside of ourselves for love will leave us feeling empty and “homeless”
  • How to climb our mountains of struggle, instead of carrying them
  • Why anyone’s opinion of our story should never deter us from telling it
  • The 3 most important words we can say when someone is brave enough to tell us their truth
  • How to be a more present parent and bear witness to our children’s struggles so they don’t ever have to feel alone.
  • Why our own voice is the most important voice we will ever hear


  • At what point of your journey did you decide to engage in the most intimate relationship of your life; the one with yourself?
  • As parents of sensitive children, how can we better witness and support our babies so that they don’t have to feel the aloneness that you felt?
  • What is your definition of “home” and how has that transformed for you?
  • How have you found the strength to share your story in such a courageous way?
  • What do you say to those who are on the verge of sharing their story?


I believe that we have so much depth within us, that we are afraid to stir it up.”

“These struggles aren’t meant to live with me. I’m not meant to carry them everywhere I go. I’m meant to get rid of them.

“Love should help you grow. It should empower you. It should add to your life, it shouldn’t complete your life. It should make your life better, not good.”

“Healing comes in stages. We tend to believe that those stages are fixed. But some days you take ten steps ahead, and some days you go back. That’s normal.”

“Sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror, and I tell myself, “I believe you.”

“I was hearing all of these voices from every single direction, and the only voice missing…was my voice. So, I had to ask myself the question, “What’s the purpose of pleasing all of those people…if my voice is buried?”

“You don’t search for a home in someone else. You build a home inside of you.”

“What if you kept your love, and your value, and your self-worth inside of you, so, at the end of the day, you came home to yourself?”

“As long as you have that story inside of you, you’re going to have that mountain on your heart. And when you’re carrying a weight, as light as it is, the longer you carry it, the heavier it becomes.”

“My writing was, always will be, forever, until the last letter that I write; to liberate myself.”