Erin Stutland on Expanding into the Fullness of Who We Really Are

Erin Stutland.png

Erin Stutland is a coach, fitness expert, TV show host and entrepreneur who has created a multi-platform movement with live workout classes, a new transformational TV show and online programs that reach people in over 155 countries around the world.

This woman and mama-to-be is a total rock star. Erin is going through an amazing transformation as she becomes a mother in addition to being a wholehearted entrepreneur. I’m so honored to speak with her in this sacred moment of her journey as she evolves into the next version of herself. Erin has so much to teach us about business, movement, and real happiness. I hope you enjoy this sacred conversation of expansion and self-reflection.


  • How to get past selling something surface level and more deeply into your mission
  • Why there’s no reason to wait for perfection in any area of your life
  • How Erin decided that becoming a mother was the right thing for her
  • How to be at peace with not knowing what comes next
  • What to do when you can’t stop thinking about your title and who you are
  • How to stop worrying about results and experiment in your business
  • How to find happiness that doesn’t depend on what others think
  • How to grow your business in an authentic way


  • Connected dance and the joy of movement to fitness
  • Brought spirituality into fitness and made it a business
  • Decided it was the right time in her business to become a mom


  • What was it like evolving the ‘buns of steel’ fitness industry?
  • How have you learned to trust yourself?
  • What are some of the ways you’ve expressed yourself more fully in your business?


“For me, dance was like prayer.”

“Why are you waiting for perfection in any area of your life? It’s about progress and accepting who you are.”

“Show up doing your best every day and your best will get better.”

“This is the right time in my life to be in a space where I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

“I always approach things I want to make as an experiment. I remove any pressure for what the outcome is supposed to be.”

“What do I believe about me?”

“You can figure out a way to be vulnerable without ripping out your heart all the time.”



Kate Northrup on Reimagining Entrepreneurship + Motherhood


Kate Northrup was one of my most favorite online entrepreneurs and writers when I first launched my business. I loved her down-to-earth style and ageless wisdom and so appreciated how she had created a business that included working with her partner.

Kate and I met back in December 2014 and became fast friends and mastermind sisters in our sweet little group that meets up in Maine every month. This conversation is going to open up a great deal of clarity for you and will also serve as a giant exhale for those of us who tend to do life on the perfectionist side of the fence.

Kate is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, bestselling author and activist with a mission to help you get what you want in business and life without sacrificing what matters most. She supports ambitious, motivated women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Her podcast, The Kate & Mike Show, is one of my absolute favorites.

It’s been so inspiring to witness how Kate has grown in her partnership with her husband and her journey as a mother and business owner. She has turned the doubt and fears that come up in business and motherhood into learning for others. I hope you’re able to take Kate’s sage wisdom into your life and business.


  • The impact of soul sisters on Kate’s biggest successes

  • How a weekly meeting with her husband transformed their relationship

  • Why having a couple’s therapist is key to rising above harmful patterns

  • How Kate spent less time on her business without losing income

  • Why you need to put out your work even if you’re scared

  • How to make the distinction of what’s really at fault for your failures

  • Why vagueness is holding you back from making more sales

  • Why you don’t have to share your current reality in your business

  • How being with your child can be a form of meditation

  • Why you need to show up first every day


  • Brought her partner into her business

  • Stepped back from her work as a new mom

  • Learned to own her voice and stake a claim


  • What does your husband bring to your business that you’re grateful for?

  • What’s surprised you the most as you’ve become a mom and business owner?

  • Where do you find the confidence to move forward with a launch?


“We choose our partners because we love them, but we also choose them because they trigger things within us that need to be healed.”

“I can show up for the things that matter most and my business won’t implode.”

“We’re all upgrading our lineage by stepping into our own work.”

“We are all given opportunities. Do we create gold out of those or do we not step up to the plate?”

“Being with a young child is such a beautiful form of meditation.”


Breakdown to Breakthrough podcast episode

Stepping in to Sacred Activism


I recorded this episode after the Las Vegas mass shooting in response to the thoughts and feelings coming up for me and so many. In this episode, I dig in to the opportunity for us to take personal responsibility for sacred activism in our lives. I also invite you to consider a new way of looking at your call to doing your soul's work in the world and why tragedies like this one are the wake-up call we MUST heed. 

Please listen, share and comment below to further the conversation. I, by no means, have all of the answers, but I am committed to using my voice and my platform to inspire others to do the same so we can begin to make positive change starting with us. 

Jennifer Desrosiers on Creating a Wild Adventurous Life

Jen D.png

Jennifer Desrosiers is a total boss with the ability to make things happen like a force of nature. Jen and I met back in December of 2014 and have been on a journey of upleveling and pushing past comfort zones together every since. We’ve attended multiple Tony Robbins’ events together, we’ve walked on fire and we’ve pushed ourselves to reach new realms in our lives and businesses. I am so grateful to call this amazing women my friend and be a part of sharing her story with you.

In this episode, we dig into what it means to live a wild adventurous life and how Jen took her engineering background and successful corporate career and applied what she learned to launch 2 incredible companies.

Jen is Founder of the Wild Adventurous Life wellness and lifestyle media company, the Founder of Laney & Lu, a wellness and lifestyle strategist, and a community leader. Her mission is to inspire others to live vibrantly and lead a more joyful, meaningful life. I can’t wait to share this conversation with you!


  • The wake up call that inspired Jennifer to ignite her entrepreneurial journey

  • How to let go of the anchors that keep you tethered to make the leap

  • How to follow your muse and pursue dreams that seem crazy

  • How Jennifer manages risk as an entrepreneur and adventurer

  • Why you need to take a break from your business and practice what you preach

  • What to do when you feel guilty for taking R+R breaks

  • How to deal when relationships fall apart as you grow and succeed

  • The trickle down effect your great vision can have and how it can change the world

  • What inspired Jennifer to create the Impact speaker series


  • Grew up exploring as a born adventurer in the woods of Vermont

  • Worked in manufacturing for 15 years

  • Got a health wake up call to explore other options for her life and career

  • Followed her curiosity and launched multiple brands


  • What are you continually challenged by in your own growth and development?

  • What advice do you have for women in the beginning stages of their business?


“We can all make the decision to be adventurous. Adventure lives in all things. You just have to look for it.”

“Everything in my life has happened because I made it happen - good or bad.”

“People think you have to be one way or another. I think everyone can be a lot of different things.”

“I have a fire in my belly to change the world. That’s what inspires my companies.”


Emily Ley on Creating Stillness + A Simplified Life

Emily Ley (1).png

When I dreamed up my podcast over a year ago,I made a list of all of the guests I really wanted to have on the show and today’s guest is one of the women who graced the top 5 on that very list! This episode is one of my favorite this year and will give you a glimpse into the life and mind of the one and only Emily Ley.

Emily’s energy is contagious and what she has done inside her company over the last 10 years is exceptional. Emily dreamed up the Simplified Planner and her boutique lifestyle brand, Emily Ley in order to create tools that help women to be more intentional and organized in their daily lives. Her work has been featured by Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping, Glamour, Forbes, and so much more. She believes everyday life doesn’t have to be ordinary and that joy is truly found in the journey. Her mission is to inspire women of all ages to build joy and simplicity into their lives through intentional choices, purposeful plans and playful experiences.

Over the last decade, Emily has built an empire all the while raising 3 babies, two of which are twins, and stayed true to herself with life-giving relationships and passions. It was such an honor to speak with Emily and to cover all things simplicity, spirituality and even mommy guilt in this episode. I know you are going to get so much from this conversation. Enjoy!


  • How Emily gave herself grace to ebb and flow with life’s seasons
  • How to find your true voice through distractions and comparison
  • Why saying yes to every opportunity may be your biggest mistake
  • The biggest mistake Emily made early on in her business and how she pivoted to thrive through the adversity.
  • How spirituality underlies everything Emily does in her life and business
  • What Emily does to teach her children to be still
  • How to deal with mommy guilt and decide what’s non-negotiable
  • How to make and keep meaningful relationships in a busy life and business
  • What inspired Emily’s latest book on creating a more simplified life


  • How did you learn to tap into your true voice?
  • What is the most educational mistake you’ve made so far?
  • How does spirituality weave into what you’ve created?


“You learn who you are by making a lot of mistakes.”

“I’ve always looked at life and said, ‘Do I have to do it this way?’”

“It’s hard to find real joy when we’re so bogged down by all the things.”



Megg Thompson on Empowering Kids + The Adults That Take Care Of Them


Megg Thompson is a Certified Behavior Consultant and Family Coach empowering kids and the adults that take care of them. She believes that children are perfectly designed and equipped with the exact right tools to help them be their best. With a proactive and strength-based approach to behavior, Megg facilitates empowering relationships and nurturing environments where children thrive.

Megg is a dear friend of mine and was also my of honor. For those of you who are moms and want to pursue your passion and create a business, Megg has a special message for you. She’s an incredible example of someone who’s prioritized what’s most important in her life and created a business to support that. Megg and I go from her entrepreneurial journey of perseverance and determination to her work understanding child temperaments and empowering parent-child relationships.


  • How Megg went from teaching to entrepreneurship and what it took to create a business
  • How to get from a place of feeling like you can’t do it to achieving your goals
  • Why your children don’t need to be fixed or diagnosed and what you can do instead
  • How to understand your child’s temperament and empower your parent-child relationship
  • Why teachers have difficulty working with some children and what you can do to help
  • Why self-care is essential to being able to nurture others, including your children


  • Turned to entrepreneurship after teaching Kindergarten for 10 years
  • Persevered through numerous obstacles to build her successful consulting business
  • Built a business on her passion of working with children who others find challenging
  • Learned to understand temperament and what children really need


  • What do you need to create a business as a working mom?
  • How do we deal with the challenging behaviors of our children?


“You don’t need to fix me. This is who I am.”

“Figure out who you are first and then assess your children.”

“I help families become stronger, to do more and to do less.”



The Life-Shifting Effects of Finding Your Joyous Now


I just spent the day with Abraham Hicks and sister, do I have some takeaways!! 

I couldn't wait to get home to share them with you and in this episode, I dive in to the deep downloads and magical new awareness I've acquired as a result of this powerful day.

After attending the seminar, I've made one really conscious shift and that is to be fully present in my joyous now, no matter where I am or what I am doing and that subtle shift has been a HUGE game changer in the way I feel and the way I am showing up in my life.

I am leading with appreciation and reveling in the experiences that are my life, therefore, I am greasing the energetic skids, so to speak, to welcome in more of what's next on the path (aka my deepest desires).

Where are you focusing your energy and how could shifting in to the Joyous NOW make a massive shift in how you see yourself, your career and your relationships?

Julie Solomon on Discovering The Core of Who We Are

Julie Solomn.jpg

Julie Solomon is a New York Times Best-Selling publicist, co-owner of OMG! Publicity, and host of The Influencer Podcast.  She is a communicator at heart with a purpose to encourage confidence and determination to create, perform and connect others.  Julie is a total rockstar.  When I was researching for our conversation,I had a total fangirl moment when I realized she is married to one of my childhood heartthrobs (LOL).  Julie shared her powerful story of shifting gears and changing directions and the power of honoring the pull of her soul. If you’ve been called to share a your story and message with your tribe, this conversation is going to inspire you to show up on so many levels.


  • What Julie did on the verge of a quarter life crisis to find more meaning

  • How Julie made sure she was creating moments instead of patterns

  • How to stop trying so hard to be unique and listen to the small voice within you

  • How to identify spiritual conditions and prepare to take your next leap

  • How to figure out who your audience is and share your message with them

  • Why you need to give yourself permission to not have it all figured out

  • How to speak your truth as a women in spite fear


  • Left an exciting career in NYC to reconnect and root in her space

  • Divorced in a year of marriage and stripped herself of everything comfortable

  • Moved across the country to get remarried, got pregnant, and started a blog

  • Rebranded her online business to show up as her authentic self


  • What if you have an important message, but don’t have influence yet?

  • How do we show up professionally, energetically, and spiritually?



The Influencer Podcast

Pitch it Perfect Course

How to Free Yourself from the Victim Status


I threw down a quick walk + talk episode for ya'll in honor of my birthday(!!) and an exciting offer I'm sharing now through the end of my special day to support the recovery of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

In this episode, I share a story about discovering the places I had been identifying myself as a victim and disempowering myself and others in the process. I dig in to the ways in which I am consciously shifting this mindset and stepping in to my power. 

I hope it brings you clarity and focus in moving through what's holding you back!

To take advantage of the Hurricane Relief Special Offer, click here.

Adopting an In-Season Mindset


I threw down a quick episode this week to check-in and share my excitement for the fall season ahead and ALL of the amazing guests I will be having on the show.

I also reflected on my experience as a former Division One athlete and how adopting an "in-season" mindset was such a game changer for me with my ability to accomplish my goals.

Back to school is such a swirly time period with new schedules and getting ourselves sorted, but it's also an amazing opportunity to buckle down on new endeavors and really hold ourselves accountable to our big goals as we shift in to the fourth quarter.

What do you want to make happen before the end of 2017?

What are you focusing on and how are you aligning yourself to bring those things to fruition?

Karen Kenney on Finding Your Fearless Flow in Life + Business


Karen Kenney is a writer, speaker, retreat leader and founder of Fearless Flow Mentoring. She’s been a certified Kripalu yoga teacher since 2001 and a student and guide of A Course in Miracles for 23+ years. Her spiritual mother is world renowned speaker and author Marianne Williamson. Karen is known for her storytelling, her humor and her down-to-earth approach to spirituality. Her aim is to guide her students through an experience of strength, serenity, and Spirit.

Karen is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant, wise women I’ve had the gift of meeting. She breaks things down in such a clear and powerful way that I know you are going to gain so much out of our conversation. This conversation was like church and I am so honored to share it with you. You’re going to want to take notes for this one.


  • Why it’s so difficult to love yourself and how to begin the healing journey
  • How to clear past insecurities by owning the power to create your world
  • How Karen forgave and healed after her mother’s traumatic death
  • How Karen calls on the divine for healing and making miracles
  • What we can do to stop playing dumb and show up authentically
  • How to get clear on who you are and become unstoppable
  • How to pause and make a choice to respond to difficult emotions
  • What impact books had on Karen’s education and recovery
  • Karen’s experience working with Marianne Williamson on forgiveness


  • Learned how to act tough as a child around a volatile parent relationship
  • Lost her mother in a brutal attack and fell into a victim role
  • Transformed her mindset to stand in her power and end victimization
  • Became a student of A Course in Miracles and shares the teachings with others


  • What advice do you have for those who are still dealing with past insecurities?
  • How did you pivot from victimization to owning your authentic self?
  • What do we do when it feels like the people around us won’t change?


“I want to make God accessible to everybody.”

“We think we’re at the mercy of the world. You are actually making your own world.”

“Be in the world, but know that you’re not of here.”

“The worst thing you can do is try to be someone different than who you are. You don’t even know your own power”

“People are either showing love or crying out for love.”

“The Course says, ‘Our only problem is we believe we are separate from God.’”


A Return to Love

A Course in Miracles


Suzanne Adams on Discovering Your Life Purpose

Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams is a bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker, & Life Purpose Consultant that is sharing her zest for life with audiences around the globe. Suzanne was a Speaker at the 2016 Hay House World Summit and has recently been featured on TV on NBC and FOX.

Suzanne helps her tribe align with themselves on a soul level and get into their authentic power. She believes that having fun and following your passion are the keys to finding true happiness and living a life of fulfillment and joy. I could talk to Suzanne for hours, she shares her truth so vulnerably and beautifully. I know you are going to love hearing from Suzanne.


  • How to connect with your audience in an authentic, soulful way
  • How to maintain energy alignment in service of your life’s mission
  • How to shift your wealth consciousness story
  • Suzanne’s journey from surface level happiness to deep purpose and fulfillment
  • Why vulnerability is the key to authenticity
  • What you can do to help someone in your life feel deeply
  • How to release energetic poison to get to where you need to be
  • How Suzanne noticed her connection to the divine and called in her divine team


  • Went from depression to intuition and found her purpose
  • Brought the highest soul truth to a mainstream audience
  • Worked through impostor syndrome hosting her first live retreats
  • Changed her money story and dramatically shifted her life


  • How do you attract the clients that you’re supposed to be serving?
  • What do you do to stay in alignment with your energy?
  • How do you set big goals without your ego interfering?


“I believe that we’re all born with a very specific and unique life purpose.”

“Your most valuable resource is your energy. No one can take it from you unless you give it to them.”

“Get in the jet stream of the people you admire and want to learn from.”

“You can radiate so much of your truth that it makes the people around you tap into their truth.”


Suzanne’s Meditations

Musings of an Earth Angel


Amanda Bucci on Vulnerability, Impact + Hitting 500k Followers


While Amanda Bucci can be described as many amazing things, she is first and foremost, completely and unapologetically herself. Amanda is a NPC Bikini Competitor, USAPL Powerlifting competitor, YouTuber, entrepreneur and social influencer. With a passion for fitness, nutrition, and becoming her best self, Amanda wants to inspire you to ignite your fire, find the light within you.

Amanda and I have a lot in common on our life and business journeys when it comes to momentum and how we show up in the world. Not only that, but we are both New Englanders! Our kindred spirit connection warms my heart and makes me feel so grateful to be doing life and business with soul sisters like Amanda. She has achieved incredible success in building her personal brand and I can’t wait to share her story with you on the show!


  • How Amanda’s career came to entrepreneurship and her new big goals
  • How being a calculated risk taker changed Amanda’s future
  • What inspired Amanda to own her vulnerability and impact on social media
  • How to be vulnerable in your business and connect on an emotional level
  • What it’s like being authentic in the body-focused fitness world
  • What happened when Amanda zoned in on her impact online
  • Why finding the right focus is the secret to making an impact
  • Going through periods of evolution with a big audience
  • How to clean up your thoughts to get next level motivation
  • How Amanda follows the nudges and curiosity of her soul
  • How to break down your big goals into the very first step


  • Immersed herself in the fitness world while utilizing her nursing background from a nursing point of view
  • Became an educator for her tribe on social media
  • Said ‘no’ to her future nursing career and went all in on fitness


  • I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.
  • I acknowledge my own self-worth, and my confidence is soaring.
  • I am blessed with an incredible family, wonderful friends, and an amazing boyfriend.
  • My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.
  • I wake up with strength in my heart, and clarity in my mind.


  • What drives you to go for that next goal?
  • How do we begin to be vulnerable ourselves?
  • How do you approach sharing your body as your brand?
  • What do you do to move through the tough stuff?


“I like saying yes to myself.”

“If you do take a risk, you might fail, but there has to be something inside you that says, ‘No I won’t. I will figure it out.’”

“When I started focusing on making an impact, I was able to fully be myself.”

“Impact is a sustainable business model.”

“When you’re struggling with something, it’s probably something you haven’t worked on internally.”


Amanda’s Instagram, Youtube, Podcast

Be Obsessed Or Be Average


Our One Month Check-in + Reflection on Ben in the COO Seat


Ben and I carved out some time in our new schedule to sit down together and record a conversation about his new role as the COO of our companies and as my right hand man in life and business.

I was so inspired by his takeaways in the short time he has been sitting in the COO seat in a brand new role, working from home instead of a police cruiser and all that has come with that experience. 

If you have been wanting to go in to business with your partner, this one is a must listen.


  • How we made the decision to retire him and move him in to a support role in our company
  • How we have found our feet in this new aspect of our partnership
  • The exact structure of and what we share in our daily team meetings
  • How we balance parenting and business as a couple
  • How Ben made the transition from a highly masculine career to one surrounded by women

Click here to learn more about our
Network Marketing business


Sterling Griffin on How He Went From Homeless To Six-Figure Months In Less Than One Year

Sterling Griffin

I am amped for this week’s awesome guest, Sterling Griffin and I can promise you that his conversation is going to blow your minds! Sterling went from being homeless and couch surfing to investing his last payment from his door-to-door sales job to hiring a business coach.  This incredible journey or hardship has transformed him into a successful entrepreneur who turns fitness coaches into six-figure business owners within 90 days through his program, the Wealth Coach Academy.

Sterling and I met at Lewis Howes’ mastermind group, The Greatness Mastermind, back in June and. He gave me some amazing tips about the way I am scaling and growing my business. This one is a must listen!


Why growth is the secret to happiness and how Sterling has made this his mission

  • How to change your mindset to get unstuck and believe in your self-worth
  • Sterling’s initial struggle with selling and how he changed his money beliefs
  • How investing in support can lead to your greatest transformation
  • Why coaching others without coaching yourself is a serious breach of integrity
  • How to step into a greater state of abundance to move toward your success
  • Sterling’s advice on dealing with a partner who doesn’t understand your business
  • How Sterling empowers himself each day to become a source of transformation for others


  • Was homeless and living on friend’s couches.
  • Realized he could make money by being a transformation coach
  • Sold a $1K package without a website or any marketing
  • Invested his last dollars in a business coach


  • How do you help people move through a traumatic history with money?
  • How do you stop doubting yourself and go all in on your big goals?
  • What do you say to women who feel like their partner is holding them back?


“We’ve got to get everybody growing because that’s the fastest way to have the most loving, most fit world possible.”

“If I have a model in front of me that works, I know that I can implement it until it works.”

“My results never determine my value.”

“Money is the highest form of commitment. What we pay for, we pay attention to.”


Sterling on Instagram


Liza Witonis on Making Peace with Money + Developing a Wealth Mindset


Liza Witonis is a personal wealth coach and one of my very best friends. She helps her clients establish their personal wealth and heal their relationship with money. For so many of us, just the word “money” is a major trigger.. Reframing our money stories can be a huge challenge. Luckily, this is what Liza helps people with the most!

Liza took her teaching background and has utilized it to launch her personal wealth coaching business in the last year and a half since her little one was born. It has been an honor and a delight to play a role in this transformation and to support my dear friend in impacting lives all over the world. Grab your notebook for this one because Liza drops a ton of beautiful knowledge bombs.


  • How to shift your mindset on debt to align with your values

  • How to start a conversation about debt with your partner

  • How to reframe the the true purpose of money as energy

  • How to rewrite your wealth story and remove the shame and anger

  • Liza’s mind-blowing beliefs on budgeting that  give you the freedom to live the life you desire

  • The freedom of choosing to set money aside

  • Creating space in your relationship to work on your money stories together

  • Liza’s #1 lesson learned as a mompreneur


  • Quit teaching to start a business after the birth of her daughter

  • Shifted her money story completely from working 3 jobs to entrepreneurship

  • Paid off over $150K in debt in just 5 years


  • How did you overcome feeling unworthy because of debt?

  • What is your overarching belief about money?

  • What are your favorite ways to calm down your money story?


“Regardless of what your situation is, there’s always another path you can take.”

“We all have our own money DNA that was imprinted on us in our lives.”

“A budget allows you to do whatever you want.”

“When we heal our relationship with money and give it a sacred purpose, emergencies aren’t emergencies anymore. That’s wildly freeing.”  


Sacred Success