Karen Kenney on Finding Your Fearless Flow in Life + Business


Karen Kenney is a writer, speaker, retreat leader and founder of Fearless Flow Mentoring. She’s been a certified Kripalu yoga teacher since 2001 and a student and guide of A Course in Miracles for 23+ years. Her spiritual mother is world renowned speaker and author Marianne Williamson. Karen is known for her storytelling, her humor and her down-to-earth approach to spirituality. Her aim is to guide her students through an experience of strength, serenity, and Spirit.

Karen is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant, wise women I’ve had the gift of meeting. She breaks things down in such a clear and powerful way that I know you are going to gain so much out of our conversation. This conversation was like church and I am so honored to share it with you. You’re going to want to take notes for this one.


  • Why it’s so difficult to love yourself and how to begin the healing journey
  • How to clear past insecurities by owning the power to create your world
  • How Karen forgave and healed after her mother’s traumatic death
  • How Karen calls on the divine for healing and making miracles
  • What we can do to stop playing dumb and show up authentically
  • How to get clear on who you are and become unstoppable
  • How to pause and make a choice to respond to difficult emotions
  • What impact books had on Karen’s education and recovery
  • Karen’s experience working with Marianne Williamson on forgiveness


  • Learned how to act tough as a child around a volatile parent relationship
  • Lost her mother in a brutal attack and fell into a victim role
  • Transformed her mindset to stand in her power and end victimization
  • Became a student of A Course in Miracles and shares the teachings with others


  • What advice do you have for those who are still dealing with past insecurities?
  • How did you pivot from victimization to owning your authentic self?
  • What do we do when it feels like the people around us won’t change?


“I want to make God accessible to everybody.”

“We think we’re at the mercy of the world. You are actually making your own world.”

“Be in the world, but know that you’re not of here.”

“The worst thing you can do is try to be someone different than who you are. You don’t even know your own power”

“People are either showing love or crying out for love.”

“The Course says, ‘Our only problem is we believe we are separate from God.’”



A Return to Love

A Course in Miracles


Suzanne Adams on Discovering Your Life Purpose

Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams is a bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker, & Life Purpose Consultant that is sharing her zest for life with audiences around the globe. Suzanne was a Speaker at the 2016 Hay House World Summit and has recently been featured on TV on NBC and FOX.

Suzanne helps her tribe align with themselves on a soul level and get into their authentic power. She believes that having fun and following your passion are the keys to finding true happiness and living a life of fulfillment and joy. I could talk to Suzanne for hours, she shares her truth so vulnerably and beautifully. I know you are going to love hearing from Suzanne.


  • How to connect with your audience in an authentic, soulful way
  • How to maintain energy alignment in service of your life’s mission
  • How to shift your wealth consciousness story
  • Suzanne’s journey from surface level happiness to deep purpose and fulfillment
  • Why vulnerability is the key to authenticity
  • What you can do to help someone in your life feel deeply
  • How to release energetic poison to get to where you need to be
  • How Suzanne noticed her connection to the divine and called in her divine team


  • Went from depression to intuition and found her purpose
  • Brought the highest soul truth to a mainstream audience
  • Worked through impostor syndrome hosting her first live retreats
  • Changed her money story and dramatically shifted her life


  • How do you attract the clients that you’re supposed to be serving?
  • What do you do to stay in alignment with your energy?
  • How do you set big goals without your ego interfering?


“I believe that we’re all born with a very specific and unique life purpose.”

“Your most valuable resource is your energy. No one can take it from you unless you give it to them.”

“Get in the jet stream of the people you admire and want to learn from.”

“You can radiate so much of your truth that it makes the people around you tap into their truth.”



Suzanne’s Meditations

Musings of an Earth Angel


Amanda Bucci on Vulnerability, Impact + Hitting 500k Followers


While Amanda Bucci can be described as many amazing things, she is first and foremost, completely and unapologetically herself. Amanda is a NPC Bikini Competitor, USAPL Powerlifting competitor, YouTuber, entrepreneur and social influencer. With a passion for fitness, nutrition, and becoming her best self, Amanda wants to inspire you to ignite your fire, find the light within you.

Amanda and I have a lot in common on our life and business journeys when it comes to momentum and how we show up in the world. Not only that, but we are both New Englanders! Our kindred spirit connection warms my heart and makes me feel so grateful to be doing life and business with soul sisters like Amanda. She has achieved incredible success in building her personal brand and I can’t wait to share her story with you on the show!


  • How Amanda’s career came to entrepreneurship and her new big goals
  • How being a calculated risk taker changed Amanda’s future
  • What inspired Amanda to own her vulnerability and impact on social media
  • How to be vulnerable in your business and connect on an emotional level
  • What it’s like being authentic in the body-focused fitness world
  • What happened when Amanda zoned in on her impact online
  • Why finding the right focus is the secret to making an impact
  • Going through periods of evolution with a big audience
  • How to clean up your thoughts to get next level motivation
  • How Amanda follows the nudges and curiosity of her soul
  • How to break down your big goals into the very first step


  • Immersed herself in the fitness world while utilizing her nursing background from a nursing point of view
  • Became an educator for her tribe on social media
  • Said ‘no’ to her future nursing career and went all in on fitness


  • I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.
  • I acknowledge my own self-worth, and my confidence is soaring.
  • I am blessed with an incredible family, wonderful friends, and an amazing boyfriend.
  • My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.
  • I wake up with strength in my heart, and clarity in my mind.


  • What drives you to go for that next goal?
  • How do we begin to be vulnerable ourselves?
  • How do you approach sharing your body as your brand?
  • What do you do to move through the tough stuff?


“I like saying yes to myself.”

“If you do take a risk, you might fail, but there has to be something inside you that says, ‘No I won’t. I will figure it out.’”

“When I started focusing on making an impact, I was able to fully be myself.”

“Impact is a sustainable business model.”

“When you’re struggling with something, it’s probably something you haven’t worked on internally.”



Amanda’s Instagram, Youtube, Podcast

Be Obsessed Or Be Average


Our One Month Check-in + Reflection on Ben in the COO Seat


Ben and I carved out some time in our new schedule to sit down together and record a conversation about his new role as the COO of our companies and as my right hand man in life and business.

I was so inspired by his takeaways in the short time he has been sitting in the COO seat in a brand new role, working from home instead of a police cruiser and all that has come with that experience. 

If you have been wanting to go in to business with your partner, this one is a must listen.


  • How we made the decision to retire him and move him in to a support role in our company
  • How we have found our feet in this new aspect of our partnership
  • The exact structure of and what we share in our daily team meetings
  • How we balance parenting and business as a couple
  • How Ben made the transition from a highly masculine career to one surrounded by women

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Sterling Griffin on How He Went From Homeless To Six-Figure Months In Less Than One Year

Sterling Griffin

I am amped for this week’s awesome guest, Sterling Griffin and I can promise you that his conversation is going to blow your minds! Sterling went from being homeless and couch surfing to investing his last payment from his door-to-door sales job to hiring a business coach.  This incredible journey or hardship has transformed him into a successful entrepreneur who turns fitness coaches into six-figure business owners within 90 days through his program, the Wealth Coach Academy.

Sterling and I met at Lewis Howes’ mastermind group, The Greatness Mastermind, back in June and. He gave me some amazing tips about the way I am scaling and growing my business. This one is a must listen!


Why growth is the secret to happiness and how Sterling has made this his mission

  • How to change your mindset to get unstuck and believe in your self-worth
  • Sterling’s initial struggle with selling and how he changed his money beliefs
  • How investing in support can lead to your greatest transformation
  • Why coaching others without coaching yourself is a serious breach of integrity
  • How to step into a greater state of abundance to move toward your success
  • Sterling’s advice on dealing with a partner who doesn’t understand your business
  • How Sterling empowers himself each day to become a source of transformation for others


  • Was homeless and living on friend’s couches.
  • Realized he could make money by being a transformation coach
  • Sold a $1K package without a website or any marketing
  • Invested his last dollars in a business coach


  • How do you help people move through a traumatic history with money?
  • How do you stop doubting yourself and go all in on your big goals?
  • What do you say to women who feel like their partner is holding them back?


“We’ve got to get everybody growing because that’s the fastest way to have the most loving, most fit world possible.”

“If I have a model in front of me that works, I know that I can implement it until it works.”

“My results never determine my value.”

“Money is the highest form of commitment. What we pay for, we pay attention to.”




Sterling on Instagram


Liza Witonis on Making Peace with Money + Developing a Wealth Mindset


Liza Witonis is a personal wealth coach and one of my very best friends. She helps her clients establish their personal wealth and heal their relationship with money. For so many of us, just the word “money” is a major trigger.. Reframing our money stories can be a huge challenge. Luckily, this is what Liza helps people with the most!

Liza took her teaching background and has utilized it to launch her personal wealth coaching business in the last year and a half since her little one was born. It has been an honor and a delight to play a role in this transformation and to support my dear friend in impacting lives all over the world. Grab your notebook for this one because Liza drops a ton of beautiful knowledge bombs.


  • How to shift your mindset on debt to align with your values

  • How to start a conversation about debt with your partner

  • How to reframe the the true purpose of money as energy

  • How to rewrite your wealth story and remove the shame and anger

  • Liza’s mind-blowing beliefs on budgeting that  give you the freedom to live the life you desire

  • The freedom of choosing to set money aside

  • Creating space in your relationship to work on your money stories together

  • Liza’s #1 lesson learned as a mompreneur


  • Quit teaching to start a business after the birth of her daughter

  • Shifted her money story completely from working 3 jobs to entrepreneurship

  • Paid off over $150K in debt in just 5 years


  • How did you overcome feeling unworthy because of debt?

  • What is your overarching belief about money?

  • What are your favorite ways to calm down your money story?


“Regardless of what your situation is, there’s always another path you can take.”

“We all have our own money DNA that was imprinted on us in our lives.”

“A budget allows you to do whatever you want.”

“When we heal our relationship with money and give it a sacred purpose, emergencies aren’t emergencies anymore. That’s wildly freeing.”  



Sacred Success


Chris Harder on When Good People Make Good Money, They Do Great Things


I am super psyched to introduce you to my friend, Chris Harder. I just love the synchronicity of this conversation! Chris and his wife Lori have been an incredible inspiration for me and my family as we retire my husband from his 11-year police career as we speak and have him join in my business full time. Chris and Lori are an amazing example of people courageously living a life they built from scratch to unimaginable heights and their journey has been a huge inspiration in the vision that Ben and I have created for ourselves.

Chris believes that when good people make good money, great things happen. With his podcast, For the Love of Money, Chris motivate his listeners to claim their right to abundant living and their responsibility to help others do the same.  


  • Why we’re addicted to our comfort zones
  • How to decide which fears can control your decisions and how to learn from them to take action
  • How making more money can enable you to do more good
  • Chris’ sacred agreement with his wife that helps them continue to grow
  • How chasing your passion will make you the sexiest you’ve ever been
  • Why ultimatums can be empowering in our relationships
  • Why you need to release the fear of chasing your passion 


  • Lost himself in Corporate America until he was forced out
  • Redefined his fear to take a chance on entrepreneurship
  • Started a 7-Day Generosity Challenge to create a chain of good
  • Created jobs and security for his family by building a business 


  • What are some things you do to bring forth what you desire?
  • How do you get past the fear that you won’t make enough money?
  • What tips do you have for women who are nervous about taking the next step?
  • What advice do you have for partners who want to leap for a big goal that their spouse may not be in total support of?


“We are addicted to our comfort zones. We are so afraid to not have comfort for even one day, that it causes us to miss opportunity.”

“You have to have those moments where it feels scary and crappy sometimes. Without those moments, you’re never going to step into what you’re meant to do.”

“You are inspiring people to get out of their comfort zones and do something big if that’s something you do out loud.”

“You are at your sexiest when you are living in your passion.”



Chris on Instagram


Denise Duffield-Thomas on Overcoming Our Money Blocks + Rewriting Our Money Story


I am so honored to introduce you to my amazing guest, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Denise is a money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business. Denise teaches women to release their money fears, set premium prices for their services and regain control of their finances. I have been a fan of Denise’s work for years and I am thrilled to share our epic conversation on upgrading your life and business, growing an authentic audience, and overcoming money blocks at every level with you!


● The mindset needed to upgrade your life and business incrementally

● What ‘Procrastabranding’ is and how it’s holding you back

● What money blocks are and how to find them

● Denise’s strategy for discussing the entrepreneur lifestyle around her children

● How Denise and her husband set business boundaries and work together cohesively as a soul fueled team

● How introverts and experts can create a successful business

● How the Wonder Women call to action moved us into motion in our personal missions in an even bigger way

● How Denise uses productivity hacks to avoid decision fatigue

● Denise’s specific advice to women overwhelmed with money blocks


● Decided to stick to her zone of genius and embrace money mindset work

● Retired her husband from his 9-5 to join in her home business

● Recognized she was introverted and honored that space in her business

● Created her million-dollar business as a mompreneur of 2


● How did you begin to uplevel your money mindset?

● What has helped you the most in growing an authentic following?

● What’s happened in your life as a result of living your soul’s calling?

● What are your favorite productivity hacks?


“Money doesn’t cure money blocks. You can have a million dollar business and still have money blocks.”

“The biggest damage I see in business is people trying to be like other people. You really just have to honor who you are and create your business so it allows you to thrive.”

“When you don’t see any role models, look in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, there she is.’”

“You can be any kind of rich woman you want to be.”




Money Love, Retiring My Husband + The Upcoming Wealth Series


In this episode, I am diving in to a few of the recent nuggets around money mindset and reframing the conversation around wealth with myself and my clients. 

I share a snapshot of the upcoming Wealth Series I will be featuring on the podcast throughout the month of July 2017 with special guests Denise Duffield-Thomas, Chris Harder, Liza Witonis and Sterling Griffin. All of these entrepreneurs are powerhouses in their own right and are focused on helping their tribes expand in to greater wealth consciousness while releasing their fears and dysfunctional stories about money. 

I cannot wait to dive in to this with you and I shared this particular episode with you from the water, actually IN my kayak on the lake and reflected on this huge moment in time my family is experiencing in retiring my husband from his 11-year police career this week!

Lots of exciting things are happening in the business and here on the home front and I give you a glimpse in this quick episode and highlight one of my most favorite business activities that helps me celebrate abundance. This one will definitely surprise you! 

This podcast is brought to you by The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy

Laurel Holland on How to Live Your Inner Power in Life & Business


I am so excited for this highly anticipated podcast with my beloved soul sister, Laurel Holland. Let me introduce you to this phenomenal woman who is a pioneer for all female entrepreneurs, like myself. Laurel is an Author, Speaker, and Holistic Life Coach for women who are done settling for anything less than feeling really good inside. She’s been on a 30-year journey into self-development, spirituality, mental health counseling, and energy medicine. This sacred work informs her as she intuitively guides women into a strong connection with their inner guidance and soul’s calling. Laurel’s book, Courageous Women, and her signature program, Live Your Inner Power, help women create a foundation of courage, authenticity, and peace so they can create the life they deeply desire.

Laurel has been coaching for over 20 years and has so much to share with our listeners who have only just begun coaching. I’m so excited for you to hear Laurel’s sage wisdom and guidance as she leads us to live our lives truthfully and fully through self-awareness and soul work.


  • How to approach releasing our fear of being seen and overcoming the conflict that holds us back

  • How to balance being a mother and business owner in a way that feels right for you

  • What we can do to deal with our attraction to ‘shiny things’

  • How to manifest what you really want by looking at what you’re manifesting now

  • How to surrender to your truth by acknowledging what you’ve created

  • Steps to get back to being completely women

  • Why we need mother figures

  • How healing your wounds can open yourself up to new dreams


  • Combined her backgrounds in energy medicine, counseling, and business

  • Built her business while focusing on motherhood

  • Diagnosed with Graves’ disease and chose to be true to her voice

  • Realized she was living a life she didn’t want and became self-aware 


  • How were you led to coaching 20 years ago?

  • What advice do you have for us when we’re distracted by the shiny things?

  • Where do you think our dreams come from?


“When you start living consciously, you end up having a million good things to choose from. You want to be in the thing that’s right for you right where you are now.” 

“The chase is just an opportunity for you to have more life experiences.”

“If you cannot sit with yourself and look at the truth of where you are now, you won’t be able to get where you want to go.” 



Live Your Inner Power Program

Courageous Women


Annie Spano on Becoming Fearless + Building an Empire from Scratch

I want to introduce you to my friend who, literally, lives down the street from me….(talk about a small world after all!). Annie Spano and I connected through Instagram and after meeting for coffee on the UNH campus, the rest is history!! I am so inspired by the empire she has created and the brand she is living and the way she is serving. Annie is the Founder of Style Collective, a platform for fashion and lifestyle influencers or bloggers. Style Collective is a place for female influencers to connect, grow, and learn how to be successful entrepreneurs. She is also the host of the Becoming Fearless Style Collective Podcast. She connects women from all over the world through community and empowers them to do what they love through influencer education.


  • The catalyst for Annie’s move into entrepreneurship
  • How considering “worst case scenario” will help you through transition
  • How to figure out what’s next for your career or business
  • What Annie did to heal her relationship with herself
  • How to stop hiding behind the screen in your business
  • How Annie gets engagement and growth on Instagram


  • Lost her teaching job in the economic crisis
  • Had a negative experience with corporate bullying
  • Overcame health issues and healing from the inside out
  • Created a space for women to empower each other


  • How did you start making money in your business?
  • What advice do you have for women who need to get out of their own way?
  • What are your tips for getting in front of your audience?


“If you can’t be yourself and live an authentic life, what’s the point?”

“What people like is me and the gifts I have. If I tried to copy someone else, it’s not going to come off as genuine and people will see through that.”

“Entrepreneurship is about being it for the long game, so don’t force yourself to do something that will burn you out.”

“How can I provide value, but also entice someone to join? It’s all about trying to get people to sign up in a way that’s helpful.”



Style Collective

Becoming Fearless Style Collective Podcast

Amber on the Becoming Fearless Podcast

Annie on Instagram

Style Collective Instagram

True North by Bill George

Christian Sinclair on Spiritual Mastery + Sacred Laws of Abundance

Christian Sinclair

Christian Sinclair is a spiritual teacher and intuitive writer who has worked with hundreds of clients helping them dynamize their life, health, relationships, and careers by integrating spirituality. Having two parents who were predominate figures in spirituality and metaphysics, Christian has spent her life in the spiritual field surrounded by the biggest New Thought and Spiritual Teachers of our time.

Our amazing guest works with people who have tried everything else and are still not seeing the results they desire and feel in their heart are possible. In this conversation, we crack open the spirituality nut to help you discover what’s holding you back and how tapping into a deeper level of consciousness can help you on your journey in your life and business.


  • How Christian sees spirituality without limitations

  • Why every human problem has a supernatural solution

  • How you can use your subconscious to program your reality

  • What we can do to align ourselves with abundance in our finances

  • How fear comes from feeling separate and how to feel whole

  • How to pray ‘right’ and meditate ‘right’ by letting your ego go

  • How to surrender your undoing to God


  • Saw limitations in spiritual belief systems as she grew up

  • Beat medical diagnoses with firm connection in spirituality

  • Used Christ Consciousness to stay healthy and affirm her truth


  • How do we engage with spirituality and inspiration in our daily lives?
  • What happens when we exit this human experience?

  • How do we stop our ego and move back to true intuition?

  • How do we have a conversation with our soul?


“When we’re resting completely into God or Spirit, there is no fear. It’s not a fear-based being. That’s a human problem.”

“When we tap into that abundance of God, it shows up in our finances, in our health, and all other things.”

“We’re not separate and all of our fear comes from that. Our coming home is the realization that we aren’t separate at all.”  

“That intuition is God speaking through you. If I’m afraid, then it cannot be God coming through me.”



Spiritual Archetype Quiz

Christian’s Upcoming Course


Melyssa Griffin on Monetizing Your Passion

Melyssa Griffin

I am so excited to share my mastermind sister Melyssa Griffin with you all. Melyssa teaches online courses and live workshops for online entrepreneurs, like you and me, and bloggers who want to turn their after-work hobbies into full-time businesses. A few of Melyssa’s specialities include list-building, webinars, and using Pinterest for your business. She also leads an active Facebook group of over 60,000 members and helps over 150,000 people in her weekly emails.

Melyssa is a mom to one wacky corgi named Monja, an expert at laughing and a green smoothie aficionado. She is brilliantly strategic in what she does and her genuine, service-based approach in serving her audience is second to none. This is a must listen, friends.


  • How we can get into a place where we feel alive and completely fulfilled

  • Why Melyssa started sharing income results with her community

  • How to get over limiting beliefs when it comes to numbers and list-building

  • Top tips for using incentives, content upgrades, and Pinterest to grow your business

  • How to tap into your truth and connect with your core purpose


  • Started an online community for herself and others

  • Decided to share her income results for transparency

  • Felt miserable after her best year yet and shifted her focus

  • Raised over $120K in 2 weeks for charity


  • What advice do you have for people who don’t feel alive in their business, career or relationship?

  • How do you make decisions about where to spend time in your business?

  • What is the most important thing you focus on in your business each day?

  • What would you say to someone who wants a bigger list and a bigger paycheck, but feels stuck?


“Even when it seems like a really tough choice like quitting a job or ending a relationship, it feels like the end of the world, but then we realize it’s just the beginning of this even better world.” 

“When you remove the anxiety and fear of the ego, it’s really from this place of having fun and helping people.” 

“The people who are meant to be in your tribe will resonate more with you the more that you are yourself and the more you have confidence in that person.”

“Do I need to be focusing on making more and doing more? Is it actually fulfilling me? For me, it’s about running my business from a place of meaning and intention.”


www.melyssagriffin.com ← sign up for her list here!

Pursuit with Purpose Podcast

Melyssa’s Facebook Community 

Content Upgrades: Create a Blog That Converts

Pinterest: Essential Strategies

10% Happier Book + App

Glennon Doyle Melton

Tiny Beautiful Things


How to Manifest Like a Boss


I felt a download coming this morning in response to some questions being asked over in The Why Warrior Tribe (my free FB group, join us!) so I grabbed the mic and threw down a quick podcast. 

I share how we manifested our dream home on the lake and the steps we take over and over again to create all of what we want (and what we don't want, unfortunately!) in our lives. 


  • How to manifest your deepest desires
  • How to shift from creating experiences that you would like to avoid
  • The mindset tweak that helped fast track manifesting the things we want
  • How we rinse and repeat this process over and over again

My Top 5 Epic Lessons from the Soul Fueled Summit


On May 21, 2017, I had the honor of hosting the sold-out Soul Fueled Summit live event right here on the New Hampshire seacoast. It was a life-long dream realized and when I walked out on to that stage, it felt just like I had imagined it would. It was a beautiful way to experience the sweetness of the physical manifestation I had been waiting for. 

In this episode, I will give you a full recap and download on what I learned as a result of realizing this dream and hosting this epic day for the souls who found their way to join us. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The powerful difference between choosing what you can and "should" do
  • The gift of inviting others to collaborate and bring themselves to enhance the experience
  • The unexpected magic of reflecting and celebrating life-long goals realized with others
  • How to trust yourself to take the next step on your life & business journey
  • The power of taking the leap, making the deposit and taking massive action to pursue your goals.
  • Plan an epic soundtrack. 

Make it so epic they have to see it to explain it!


Save the date for June 2018!!! 

Tori Sullivant on Finding Your Joy in Traumatic Times

Tori Sullivant

Tori Sullivant is a joy seeker and trauma thriver. This strong woman has countless reasons to define herself as a victim and keep to the sidelines of life, but she instead, she has chosen to look at life as an opportunity to learn and to give.  I’m honored to share her story with you and to amplify her light that still glows after so much darkness.

Tori watched tornados destroy two towns she’s lived in, she survived a terrorist bombing and lost her baby son just hours after he was born. She has battled severe PTSD and anxiety, and ultimately found a way to rise through the pain and darkness to serve the lives of others and create a non-profit in her son's name.

Tori has presented us with an opportunity to find a new perspective on the trauma and challenges in our own lives through her inspiring story.


  • How to change your perspective on challenges through your reaction
  • How speaking out about your grief will make a difference
  • How faith and alignment helped Tori move through grief
  • Why Tori never self-identified as a victim
  • The importance of sharing your truth and your story


  • Targeted by Somali terrorists in Uganda

  • Lost her son to congenital heart disease

  • Had her best business month and started a non-profit during her darkest time

  • Now coaching women to find joy through grief


  • What has helped you unravel and move through suffering?

  • What motivated you to never self-identify as a victim?

  • How has your story changed your life and business?

  • How do we learn to value ourselves and our story?


“I reached a point where surviving wasn’t cutting it anymore. Clearly, I’m here to do more than just breathe and walk around if I’ve survived all these things.” 

“We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we have so much power in our ability to react.”

“So many people get stuck on their healing journey because they don’t allow themselves to feel. 

“It was survival for me to find joy and hope in life. It was pure defiance. It’s very easy to throw in the towel. I didn’t want that.”



Tori on Facebook

Journey to Joy Course

Joy for Caden