Bonnie Kelly on Choosing Faith Over Fear


Bonnie and I had the gift of connecting during a summit she hosted earlier in the year. Our conversation was a super charged soul fueled deep dive in to how our stories create our realities and more. Every time Bonnie and I get to talking, we not only provide practical solutions, but incredible inspiration. I am thrilled to share this powerful conversation with you. 

Bonnie teaches people how to de-weed their minds of underlying Negative Core Beliefs and cultivate a beautiful garden of emotional health and balance. As an author, personal development and emotional intelligence expert, motivational speaker and founder of Bonnie Kelly & Associates and MindFu Academy™, Bonnie has dedicated her life to helping others stop the cycle of self-sabotage. From her experiences as an abused child to her life on the streets as a teen to being in and out of jail and rehab, she has experienced life’s lowest points firsthand. When she hit rock bottom, she became determined to change her life for the better. Now, she is supporting individuals, groups and businesses in understanding what it means to operate from a place of emotional clarity and wellness. 


  • About Bonnie's incredible story of survival and how she became an author and multiple six-figure business owner.
  • How to translate our stories of pain in to passion and perseverance.
  • How to choose between fear and faith when making big shifts in our lives.
  • Bonnie's #1 tool for staying in a high vibe state to live a fulfilling life.
  • How Bonnie makes the big decision about hiring support and coaches in her business. 


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Amber Lilyestrom

Amber Lilyestrom is a soul-based branding & business coach, writer and motivational speaker. Amber currently coaches new and established entrepreneurs in creating strategies to transform their brands and businesses. She also works with individuals who want to leave their current careers and launch their big idea. From idea conception to the construction of the business and all of its digital assets, Amber assists new entrepreneurs in making “the big leap.”