The Goddess Revolution with Mel Wells


Mel Wells is the author of The Goddess Revolution coming to bookstores on June 7.  She is a coach at The Green Goddess Life and the youngest Hay House author yet. She is a former soap opera star in the UK and is an advocate for ditching the diet mentality.

Mel and I, along with the majority of women, have a past of constrictive, controlling or unhealthy eating habits.

In this podcast, we discuss the power of healing and forgiveness and how making peace with food allows us to reclaim our lives and live the lives we truly want.


  • The awakening moment that allowed Mel to throw away the scale and nourish her body from the inside out. 
  • Why we can't be Soul Fueled CEOs when we are trying to control our food.

  • Mel's passion behind how one woman’s beauty does not make another woman less beautiful.

  • A little challenge for you to take a big step for sisterhood in this image-driven world.

  • Mel's ritual to prevent being stagnant in her body and mind.

  • The nonsense (and phenomena!) behind Mel's "before" and "after" photos on social media.

  • How Mel's push to continually be vulnerable and real in her business is totally worth it.


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It's the game-changing experience to help you set yourself free to build your own Soul Fueled brand that will go the distance.

Music Credit: My incredibly talented brother - Victor Radz

I would love to hear what your biggest takeaways were from this week's episode! Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and please take a moment to provide a review on the podcast in the iTunes store, it would mean the world to me as we grow this show! 


Amber Lilyestrom

Amber Lilyestrom is a soul-based branding & business coach, writer and motivational speaker. Amber currently coaches new and established entrepreneurs in creating strategies to transform their brands and businesses. She also works with individuals who want to leave their current careers and launch their big idea. From idea conception to the construction of the business and all of its digital assets, Amber assists new entrepreneurs in making “the big leap.”