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In August 2013, Amber survived a life-altering experience during the birth of her daughter that served as the springboard for a significant life transformation.

Over the next few months, she decided to embark on a new journey in empowering others to realize their true gifts through the creation of their dream brands. She launched Brand Love Coaching, L.L.C and Amber Lilyestrom Photography merging two of her passions - brand development and photography and left her 9-5 corporate job. 

Amber excelled in her position within collegiate athletics marketing and held a leadership position within the industry's chief professional development organization and at her institution. Her desire to live a more flexible lifestyle while raising her newborn daughter and to be more present in her life served as the guiding force in making the life change. Facing her own fears and desires, allowed her to shift her lifestyle in to a work from home model, while assisting fellow and future entrepreneurs in doing the same.

She has since created a multiple six-figure business in which she serves clients all over the world.

Signature Talks

Ignite Your Life:
How to find your feet, your purpose and your path to true fulfillment

Amber will share her transformational story and how she shifted her life from a fast-paced corporate career to launching her own business to work from home while raising her daughter. During a near death experience during childbirth, she awakened to the realization that the way she had been doing life wasn't "it." In that moment she surrendered to the truth that had been hiding beneath the surface all the days of her life. 

Eight months after she became a mother, she left her decade-long career in collegiate athletics to become a full-time work from home mamapreneur coaching women all over the globe. Today, she is Branding Strategist + Business Coach, the host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show and founder of The Brand + Biz Academy. She will also host a transformational one-day live event in Portsmouth, NH on May 21, 2017 called The Ignite Your Soul Summit.

In this talk, Amber will teach the audience how to:

  • Tap in to their true purpose by reconnecting with life experiences that once served as guideposts along the way.
  • Learn how to take radical personal responsibility for how they are showing up in their lives and physical bodies on a daily basis. 
  • Map out an inspired action plan that aligns with a more fulfilling state of being and way of operating in their lives and careers. 
  • Create a daily practice that helps them find their center and reconnect with their purpose to make a bigger impact in all aspects of their lives. 

2014 NH Conference for Women, presented by
Women Inspiring Women


Love Notes:

"Amber provides inspiration to all women who have a dream or need to make a change in their life. Her own life's story of choosing to quit her corporate career and successfully pursue her own business confirms that if you have a dream, listen to your heart, make a plan and take action. Amber's story confirms: Life is too short. Live the life that makes you happy."

Christine Malloy, Small Business Consultant (Attended 2014 NH Conference for Women)
pictured with CNN Contributor and Keynote, Mel Robbins.

"I heard Amber speak in November 2014 at the NH Conference for Women. Her heartfelt talk connected with so many in the room, myself included. I proceeded to watch several of her videos online had have since had the opportunity to meet her in person. Amber truly cares for helping women create the life and business they deserve. She’s motivating, caring and as genuine as they come. " 

Deb McGranaghan, Owner/Virtual Assistant at Beyond the Front Desk
(Attended 2014 NH Conference for Women)

"Amber's speech was so touching and authentic when she spoke at the recent Women's Expo in Manchester.  She really has a gift of connecting with women on an emotional level that is so sincere and from the heart.  Her ability to be vulnerable is something I admire in Amber.  As she spoke of her birth experience with her daughter, how she stopped breathing and how she had the realization during those scary moments that she had more to live for, I looked around and women were wiping away the tears.  This traumatic experience propelled her to start her own business by empowering other women to find their "passion" in life and be happy doing it!  She is so real and down to earth.  She wants nothing more than to bring out the best in other women trying to create their own dreams and for them to be successful.  Follow your passion she says...she has inspired me to find mine!  I truly believe anyone who works with Amber as a brand coach won't be disappointed.  She will help you figure out what makes your heart sing and give you the tools to become successful following your 'passion'!'"

Kristen Herlicka
(Attended 2014 NH Conference for Women)



Professional Bio:



Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding & business strategist, writer and speaker. She is the host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show and helps entrepreneurs turn their passions in to heart-centered brands and thriving businesses. 

From idea conception to the construction of the business and its digital landscape, Amber supports visionaries, leaders and disruptivators in changing the world and their lives.

Amber spent 10 years working in collegiate athletics marketing, managing the University of New Hampshire Wildcats brand, as well as teaching sports marketing and mentoring student interns. She was recognized as one of the top sports marketing professionals in the nation and currently holds the title of Mrs. New Hampshire America 2016.

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