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We are so thrilled you are *here* and we’re ready to lock arms and walk with you on this sacred path to your big dreams. Are you ready?

Get started by watching the video below and following the steps outlined...


Just to RECAP:

1. Add yourself to the team Facebook Groups here and here. Your sponsor will be celebrating and announcing you on social media within 24 hours of your sign up so get ready for the love!

2. Connect with your Sponsor on the Voxer app for your next steps.

3. Make sure you’ve placed your Startup Order to get those products on the way to you!

4. Create a list of the top 10 people in your world you are excited to share the Arbonne Business Opportunity + products with.

5. Take a look at your calendar and find TWO dates/times to host Arbonne Launch Presentations and share those with your Sponsor ASAP.

6. Once you have your launch dates and Top 10 list, reach out to your sponsor to set up your Strategy Call. Please note, it’s best if we can try to do this in the same week you enroll to maximize the value of your Start-up order!

REMEMBER, your first month in Arbonne is a huge opportunity to create momentum + excitement for this incredible, live-changing business you are building. Click here to read about the Independent Consultant Cash Bonus you can take advantage of right away!

Once you have scheduled your strategy call…click the buttons below Complete these worksheets in preparation for your conversation with your sponsor.


ERVP Deena Kretzer’s Leadership Team Website
(password: Workharddontquit)

Be sure to visit The Source in your dashboard
for product information sheets, the success plan and SO much more!

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