You are the Artist

Your Purpose

Since you were a wee one, you've enjoyed getting lost in creative projects. 

Your work is an expression of the depth of feeling you experience in your daily life. Your art, be it music, writing, visual art or fashion design, is a way for you to express the deeper things and subtle nuances in life that go unnoticed by most.

As an artist, you are the heartbeat and soul of our society and your role here is extremely crucial. Your purpose is to spread beauty and truth, and to use your art as a tool to help connect people together on a deeper level.

You believe that art helps us communicate in ways that words alone can't. You also believe that art has the power to shatter prejudices and cultural barriers, heal the broken and the hurting, and pave new ways of thinking for generations to come.

Your Greatest Challenge

Your greatest challenge as an artist is setting aside time to breathe, think and create in the swirl of day-to-day life.

When you have kids at home and a demanding job, that can be WAY easier said than done. You’re also particular about getting yourself in the flow and often wait for the ideal conditions to pick up the paintbrush or to start sketching your next great idea.

How to Inspire Your Inner Muse

Set aside specific time each week (better yet: each day) that is sacred time to explore what art you are meant to create. Allow yourself to feel into all of your senses and to gift the world with what it needs most.

Next Steps

Fulfillment starts by being honest about what we really want. Now that you’ve connected with your Core Purpose and know these quiz results, are you living in accordance with your purpose, or are you living outside your lane?

If you're wanting to create a life and a business that uses your passions and gifts to change the world, the first step is to hone in on your unique voice and message.

 But don’t sweat the HOW—I’ve got you covered.

 I created Brand You Breakthrough for the artist and visionary in you.

This short, three-module course helps you focus your message and vision so you can start to build a brand that ignites the world around you. Check it out right here:

 Brand You Breakthrough

I believe you can have the life and career you want, but no one will see the world through your artist lens if you can’t figure out how to share it.

I want to keep this really simple. For less than $100, you can get the clarity you’ve been craving to take Brand YOU to the next level!

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