What Bodybuilding Taught Me About My Brand

Fact: I used to be a bodybuilder.

I competed in the figure division and I could bench press my own body weight at the height of my training, I have never been that fit in all of my life. I ate cold fish and asparagus out of a ziploc bag and had to put 7 coats of self-tanner on my casper white skin in order to be dark enough for the lights and stage.

While this may come across as crazy to some of you, the lessons I learned from these experiences and the amazing friendships I've made with my fellow competitors are some of my most cherished. I learned how to be powerful and how to feel proud of this one body I have been given. I learned a lot about health and wellness and I learned how to find what balance means for me.

I also learned a lot about my brand and being congruent on-camera, in-person and on-stage.

Today's Ask Me Anything question from our friend Erika is: 

How did you find your own voice to write blogs or record videos? How did you find the courage to express yourself so freely?

What is your biggest struggle in recording videos or public speaking? Have you tried the power pose trick yet? I'd love to hear how it goes for you in the coming weeks! Comment here or over on my Facebook page and share your experience.

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