Denying yourself this one thing is the reason you're not living the life you want

So the days around here have been feeling downright dreary. The weather is gloomy and rainy and it's pitch black when we get up in the morning and that damn mercury is STILL in retrograde.

And I don't know about you, butI know that when I am feeling a little doom and gloom-ish, I tend to let that spill over in to other areas of my life. From the way I dress (sweats for days) to the way I act with my friends and family (ho hum, triple waaah) to how I look at myself in the mirror (woof), all of this leaves A LOT to be desired.

And you know what?

It totally blows!

I liken this attitude to the pouty teen phase I went through when my parents told me I couldn't go to my friend's party over the weekend. I was denied permission to do what I really wanted to do, so I pouted and sighed (loudly while simultaneously rolling my eyes) and stomped around acting as if life was happening AT me.

Now most of us have been there done that and some of us might be experiencing it with our own brood now (God Bless you if you are), but where else are you reliving the pout parties of the olden days?

During recent conversations with my clients, I have realized that so many of us still feel like that teeny-bopper sitting up in her room waiting for mom or dad to come up and say, "It's ok honey, you can go to the party now." 

We're sitting there waiting for someone else to give us PERMISSION to experience the things we want most. 

We're like Rapunzel up in her tower waiting for the handsome prince to walk up to the window and call to he's the only one who can unlock the door to set us free in our own lives!

Listen sweetie, your business...your dreams...your soul's deepest calling...they're there for a reason.

To PULL you out of your own way, your own fear to make shit happen!

You hold the keys to your own life.

What an amazingly powerful revelation!

If you want something, you gotta hustle. You gotta move and set your intentions and go out and get the help, the resources, the whatever to make that thing happen. 

You need to engage, as my brilliant friend, Jessica Fish, put it your "Titanium Backbone" and get out there and tell the world what it is you were put here to do.

NO ONE is going to give you permission to make that shit happen but you.

Today's blog post is as much for me as it is for you. I've been clicking around Facebook, comparing and pining and wishing for too many days in a row and it's gotta stop.

Answer me this:

What are you holding back on? What are you waiting to receive permission for?

Are you ready to quit your 9-5 and launch your jewelry making business? Are you ready to take on a part-time gig and write your book on the side? 

What do you want to do?

Let me remind you that time is non-renewable....we ain't gonna get it back! So enough is's time to MOVE and it's time to put the wheels down and drive toward that Grand Vision of yours, no matter how scary that might feel.

I give you permission to BELIEVE that your dream is doable. That the question marks are, as Marie Forleo likes to say, "figureoutable." Stop letting the roadblocks derail you. Dig in to the stuff underneath the surface. Face it head on and LET'S ROLL!!!

If you're ready to give birth to your beautiful Brand...I've got you covered. Schedule a FREE Brand Discovery Session and we'll hash it out and create your roadmap to dreams-ville!

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