Ask Me Anything Vol II: My Top 4 Tips for Family/Work Life Balance

This week's video is all about family/work life balance, the myths and the reality.

My answer might surprise you here, especially when we get to the topic of "mama guilt." 

It has been a slow process to get here for me; but, I feel like I have a rhythm now with being a work from home mama. I have learned how to ask for help and I have also let go of some of the unrealistic standards I set for myself when I started my business.

I'm posting this video today (after batch recording it a week ago) and my daughter is just settling herself in for a nap. I feel less frantic in these working hours because I have started to get myself more organized by prioritizing what it is I want/need to do during my work time. 

Check out this video for my top 4 tips here and let me know what works for you managing working from home and taking care of your kids.

I hope these suggestions were helpful! If you have a question you'd like me to tackle, post it over on Facebook here!

Amber Lilyestrom2 Comments