My Wish for You + Me...

Dear You, 

I have been spending a lot of time in the final month of 2014 reflecting on my place here and the roles I have been called to fill. I've been doing the same on behalf of my clients and their journeys. The opportunity I have been given to serve them is one of my most sacred gifts of my lifetime and one that I honor so deeply.

I got to thinking about what an appropriate "end of year/holiday" message would be to adequately express what my heart has been singing about as of late and here's what came out.

My wish for you is... 

peace...of mind, of body and soul.

a 2015 that will be filled with wide open spaces, the wind at your back and a brilliant sunrise each morning when you awaken.

a deep knowing that you are seen and heard by those you love most, by those you trust with your story and your deepest longings. 

connections with others that set your heart on fire and ignite your soul.

more time spent looking to the horizon with clear eyes.

a steady flow of what you desire most of all.

the courage to proclaim what that is. 

solace in choosing to end what no longer serves you.

grace that will follow you on your path, even when acting out in anger feels like easiest choice.

that you will look upon your own reflection with gratitude, for this sacred body, your vehicle, your opportunity to be here.

the ability to embrace love, fully and to find it along the path when you lose your way.

the certainty that the time is NOW. Spread those wings and SOAR.

I have been calling 2015 the year of you...but I would like to make a revision and declare 2015: The Year of Us. 


May you carve out time for reflection, gratitude and peace over the final days of the year. May you celebrate the presence of love in your life and look to the future with a full heart and absolute certainty that the world is ready to embrace your dream. 

Amber LilyestromComment