We can talk all day long about finding our purpose...organizing our approach,networking your buns off; but, there's one thing you can never underestimate the power of and that's the ability to G.S.D.

That's right, good ol' fashioned getting shiz done.

When I write a to do list, the title reads "GSD."  It feels more direct and powerful to me (and a touch kick ass, too).  I have two colleagues who are equally as driven and I made us all matching t-shirts.  I felt so strongly about GSD-in' there was a period of time in which my Facebook profile listed my job title as "CEO of GSD, Inc."  Needless to say it confused a few folks; but, my fellow GSDers knew exactly what it meant.

What's your POWER phrase for making things happen?  What's your favorite way to stay organized and cranking out results?  Please share your suggestions in the comments section below.

Amber LilyestromComment