What’s your Brand Crush?

What is your favorite brand of all-time?  What brand are you hardcore crushin’ on?  What about it lights you up?  Is it the amazing customer service, the slick packaging, its product functionality or are you just a superfan of the person behind the brand? I’m not afraid to admit that I am an official Danielle LaPorte super fan, by the way, her words are like a cashmere blanket for my soul.

enjoying a few of my favorite brands...

Brands evoke feelings in all of us.  Sometimes they are less than desirable feelings; but, feelings nonetheless.   Your favorite brand makes you FEEL something.  This is what incredible brands do…they translate your good feelings in to brand engagement.  They play on our multiple senses and keep us wanting more.  Think about some of the big Brands out there and their cult followings.  Apple presents its products in a very deliberate way.  The simplistic, modern packaging and design resonate with customers and are useable by people of all ages.  There’s something thrilling about opening the packaging to a new iPhone, isn’t there?

Small brands can engage in this very way, also.  Think about when you walk in to your local coffee shop.  The baristas welcome you as they are simultaneously writing your name in fantastical script on the side of your Americano.  Man, do they make you feel cool. 

The Apple and coffee shop experiences are just two examples of ways brands engage with their customers.  How can you provide a sensory experience for your clients?

  • Could you include beautiful wrapping with every purchase made in your handmade jewelry shop on Etsy.com? 
  • Could you send a thank you note with a 10% off bonus for future bookings or prints in your photography business?  Or could you send a complimentary print from your newborn photo session to a new mom on her baby’s first birthday?     
  • It could even be as simple as providing your personal training client with an extra-long cool down session for adequate stretching and time to reflect and set intentions for the week ahead. 

Humans are sensory-feeling creatures.  Providing a memorable, positive-feeling experience is vital to retaining and growing your client base. 

What are some of your favorite brands and why?  I would love to hear about some of your strategies to give your clients a positive sensory experience when they engage with your Brand in the comments below. 

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Much Love to you {and your Brand}!




And...without further ado....
Click here for some Idea Inspiration in creating Sensory Brand Experiences!

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