Dazzle your fans

You've decided on your company name. Your website just went LIVE and you're ready to rock & roll. Your excitement level is at 1,000 and now that your web presence is live and in color you sit there scrolling up and down the beautiful pages thinking, "hmmm...now what?"

Often times we spend so much of our energy on making sure everything is just so *perfect* with the visual Branding elements of our biz we forget to keep our eyes on the bigger prize...THE ROADMAP to gain new clients!

Your Brand exists. Congratulations!  Now you need clients and, unfortunately, your bestie and your mama don't count.  

So let's begin with your WHO?

Who is your ideal fan?  Who is going to get excited about your Brand?

Where does she live? How many kids does she have, if any? What is HER favorite brand and why? What does she want to feel? What does she desire most? And most importantly, what does your Brand GIVE to her? What does your Brand make her feel?

Answer these questions and step in to the solutions you can create for her via YOUR Brand.  

How can you meet her needs?  

Here's an example: 

You run a doggy daycare facility and are struggling to grow your clientele.  You've noticed that a fair number of your clients have kids.  What could you do to make the experience at your doggy daycare unforgettable?  
What about offering a valet service so she doesn't have to schlep car seats and hold little hands and leashes all at once? Or call/text ahead pick-up services for her pooch so she can grab and go? How could you up-sell her to a monthly fee with unlimited visits so she has her credit card on file and can grab little Gizmo on the go?  

Think about what your ideal fan covets most and dazzle her with the offerings.

Still unsure?

The beauty of business today is the opportunity to go straight to the source via our connected nature. In :30 seconds or less you can receive feedback on one of your social media profiles.  

Do you have friends on your personal social media lists or in your contacts that fit your ideal fan profile?  If so, reach out to him/her and ask for specific feedback:

Would you be interested in?
Would this be useful to you? 
What could make it even better?
What would you be willing to pay for this?
What out of seemingly impossible offering would be a total game changer in your world?

Then use the opportunity to Thank and Reward them with a small token of your appreciation...free content, a discount or bonus offer?

Remember, your people are going to be in your corner. Ask and you shall receive. Testimonials, Feedback, Support, Leads...Lean on them and show your gratitude by reciprocating when the time is right.  

Remember...Go Big or Go Home.


This ideal fan would LOVE a valet offering at doggy daycare!

Amber LilyestromComment