Going up?

One of the chief strategies I've used in my career as a sports marketing professional is the "escalator concept" presented by Stephen Hardy, Bernie Mullin and Bill Sutton (1999), esteemed marketing professionals and educators, in the field.

The theory is based on getting a customer ON the escalator so they will engage with your brand. It costs a lot less to get them on the escalator and keep them on it than it does to go out and find new passengers for that escalator.

One of the strategies I've implemented in my career is providing season ticket holders with incentives, such as premium gifts as a thank you for supporting our program or the opportunity to win big prizes that only season ticket holders are eligible for.  Providing them with elements like this and the opportunity to feel like they are a part of the team with events like meet and greets, help them stay on the escalator and invested in our brand.  

How can you provide your clients and customers the opportunity to become "heavy users" on the escalator?  What kind of incentives or add-ons can you provide?  The key is to keep them engaged and through this process, create repeat users.  

I'd love to hear about your best escalator concept marketing methods in the comments below!  

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