It's just a why is it hard to write?

Just like recording your always-seemingly-awkward voice mail message, typing up a personal bio can feel just as uncomfortable.  What is it about those few lines of self-promotion that makes us squirm? 

How do we make ourselves sound polished and professional, yet not "boasty" or pretentious in only 160 characters?

Well the bottom line is you've got to toot your own horn to some degree. So here's a quick exercise to help make it a little easier.

Sit down and list out ALL of the roles you play.  ALL of for example, my list would look something like this:

Branding Expert
Communications Expert
Nature Lover

Now revisit your list and circle the words that connect with the Brand you are trying to put out in to the world. 

For Twitter purposes, you only get 160 characters to share your message.  So you need to make it count

Here's what mine looks like...

Your Brand Love Coach. Branding. Marketing. Communications Expert. New Mama. Athlete for Life. Photographer. Connect with me to give your Brand a little T.L.C.

Another important point: BE CONSISTENT in your punctuation and spacing. Format is as important as content to some degree. 

Use an image that is consistent in the social media space, as well.  It should represent you and your brand and be high-quality and notable. 

Going through this exercise should help you tighten up your SM bios and should also feel authentic and easy.  If you're still struggling, shoot me an email at and we can walk through the exercise together.