The ONE thing your Brand & Body need (& dread) MOST


I got out early this morning for a run with my daughter in her stroller. I had learned my lesson earlier in the week that the later I wait to go, the more resistance I feel to actually wanting to do it. It also gets closer to nap time and lesson #2 of the week presented itself, which is...a sleeping baby will not remain a sleeping baby if you remove her from car seat/stroller and try to get her back down to nap. These actions will result in ZERO nap, a wild baby and a frazzled mama who just lost her 2-hour morning block of time to get work done.  

Invaluable #workfromhomemama lessons abound.

I hit the road at 7:45 with the babe in the B.O.B. and started out walking. Once I felt a bit warmed up, I started to run...and typically, after about 1/4 mile, I begin to feel like I am going to keel over, so I walk until the pain subsides and try again.  This goes on for the first mile and depending on the day, sometimes ends with the remainder of the 3-mile adventure becoming a brisk walk...and me, subsequently, feeling a little like a failure.  

When I was pregnant, I fantasized about being this picture-perfect carefree "fit mama" pushing my jogging stroller, getting in the the shape of my life while my babbling baby girl smiled and waved joyously at the cars as they passed by.  Turns out, pushing a jogging stroller feels more like you're pushing a small pick-up truck down a bumpy road with no one holding the steering wheel.  I can't tell you how many times my one-handed approach has almost guided my child in to a mailbox or small stream.  

Today started out no different than it typically does, my first jaunt at the running was pretty horrific; but, I rebounded quickly and started to go for it again. Before I knew it, I had run the first mile without walking. I ran about 3/4 of the entire route, even up 2 hills...and all the while I was pushing that stroller. While I neared the end of the route, it occurred to me that training our bodies is just like evolving our Brands...the one thing we need and dread most of all is...


The definition of resistance, according to Google, is "the refusal to accept or comply with something...opposition to it." And all of us know what it feels like to start a new exercise regimen, don't we? It hurts like hell and feels impossible!  

The truth is, that funny little creature called CHANGE creates an immediate response within our bodies and brains. When something feels uncomfortable, intuitively, we want to resist it with all our might...even when it is just the thing we need to do most to help solve our problems and achieve the Brand and body of our dreams.

Today's takeaway is this...the next time that great Branding idea pops in to your brain and is quickly followed by a list of reasons why it won't work, recognize what is happening.  Resistance is coming for a visit and it's your duty to intentionally override it.  

The Resistance is what makes us STRONGER.  

The Resistance is what helps us GROW.

We need to feel gratitude for that Resistance and greet it with determination...because of IT...we are changing.  

We are getting closer to our truth, our passion, our most authentic & powerful Brand (and selves)!  

What have you found to cause you the greatest Resistance in developing your dream Brand?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! 


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