What to do when you hear crickets chirping...

We've all had that moment in our careers and businesses (especially at the beginning) when we're not sure what to do next. We've hit a valley and business isn't coming in like it had before and we're starting to panic.

Here are 5 steps to help you avoid a meltdown when you hear crickets and get you climbing back up to that peak again.

1. Write down what you are GRATEFUL for.

Start a list of all of the things you HAVE in your life.  Your family, your dog Sparky, a roof over your head, wifi, a car to get you where you need to go, amazing friends, your health, a pen to write down your dreams...the list goes on.  Think of what you already have that has made it possible for you to achieve what you have achieved, and all that lies ahead on your journey.

2. Write down what you know to be absolutely TRUE.

It's easy to start posting the victim status in our brains when fear sets in. Swap those negative feelings with strength by listing out all of the things you are really good at.  The work you've already put in, the degrees you've earned, the experiences you've had are proof that you have the background to do whatever it is you're doing. Look at that massive list of achievements, even the tiny ones, as the swagger to make things happen.

3. Realize that EVERYONE feels like a fraud sometimes.

 Everyone experiences that moment of feeling like a complete and utter fake sometimes. Everyone. So when you start to question your abilities and say, "Geez, I don't even know what i'm talking about."  Stop the train and think of all of the experts, celebs and greats out there that you admire...they've all felt this exact. same. way. too.  Reference #2 as evidence that it's just fear talking and push onward. You've got this.

4. Answer the question What would __OPRAH__ do? 

Insert the name of someone you look up to.  It could be your mom, Oprah, your best friend,  a former teacher...anyone that inspires you and knows how to hustle.  Sometimes shifting the context and the circumstances around the challenge and thinking about it from another point of view can bring the answer in to focus for us. 

5. Get a change of scenery.

Put down the smart phone. Step away from the screen and get out in to nature. Go to a coffee shop and sit in silence watching people in action around you. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Go for a hike. Go to the museum. Change the scenery and shift your perspective.  Get inspired in a different space and bring a notepad and pen to write down what flows in. It's amazing what a little fresh air and different view can create.

Have faith in the process.

Ask for help.

Remember, this is your dream.

You can do this.

I'd love to hear about shifts you've made to help get your business cranked back up after a quiet spell.   What is your go-to strategy when you're feeling stressed out about your biz?  Share, inspire (love)...in the comments below.