BLC Video Blog: The Power of Your WHO

The creation of today's video blog was an adventure, as you will see by the appearance of Brand Love's "Creative Director!"

It was also a reminder to roll with the punches and just be real, your people are going to understand and love you even more for it.

Which leads me to the topic of today's video blog...your WHO! 

According to Bob Beaudine's fantastic book, The Power of Who and my own personal experience, I am here to tell you that the people you already know are the people who are going to help you build your amazing Brand. 

My first subscribers to the Brand Love newsletter were my family and friends and I will be forever grateful for that support!  

Check out this week's Brand Love Video Blog for a trick to helping you tap in to your powerful who...

Add me to your WHO List...let's have a chat and help you put together a Brand others DREAM about.