Tell your story and feel the love

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This weekend our daughter was baptized at the very same spot my husband and I got married in Rye, New Hampshire. It was a sacred day and I felt an electricity running through my body as the Rev, as we affectionately call him, started speaking and I looked in to the eyes of our loved ones. We were surrounded by our nearest and dearest as I held our incredible little miracle girl in my arms. She smiled and giggled through the entire ceremony as we stood in this livingwater. 

It was truly a blessed day. 

When I got home, I felt completely overwhelmed with gratitude, love and emotion and posted a story about the day on my social media profiles. I spoke from my soul and shared an important and personal story. It turns out, it touched a whole bunch of people too.

For those who missed it, here is the story I posted with the photograph:

Today was a day to remember for all time. I need to tell the story of this little rock. 

Today Anni was baptized at the place on the ocean in Rye, NH where we got married. As I stood there, surrounded by the people we love, listening to The Rev's voice speaking directly to this sacred place...I felt so incredibly connected. So held. 

After the ceremony ended, I asked everyone to look for heart shaped rocks. We have a garden with tons of heart shaped rocks in it & I collect them from special moments in our lives and remember where each one came from. It seemed everywhere we looked there were more and more perfectly imperfect heart shaped rocks. Everyone was going to bring some home to their gardens too, on this special day. 

And then Ben's Auntie Lois brought this one to me. This tiny, perfect heart-shaped rock. Lois' heart is especially tender, after losing her best friend and beloved husband only a month or so ago. I turned the rock over and discovered it had actually broken and in the act of cracking open it created a perfect little heart shape. It occurred to me at that moment that sometimes the most beautiful hearts are the broken ones. For they understand what it means to have loved and to have lost but to be grateful in spite of this loss because the love was so great. 

This one is for you Uncle Leonard & Auntie Lois. On this special day, where we all stood together just 3 years ago celebrating our love. 

So the takeaway is this...

Tell Your Stories. 

Share your true self with the world and feel the love. You and your Brand benefit from authenticity and it should be at the root of all things, from your product/service offerings, to your about page, to the way you post on social media. 

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.

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