What Bruno Mars can teach us about getting (and keeping) awesome clients

My husband and I had the opportunity to go to a Bruno Mars concert last Friday night. I had purchased the tickets shortly after the SuperBowl and have been eagerly awaiting this date for a LONGGGGG time. 

One of my lovely friends at the arena hooked me up with access to tickets in the club seating section, which meant we were only a stone's throw away from the beautiful Mr. Mars, himself (swoon).

In my typical form, I was like a sponge soaking up every detail of the night (with my camera phone fully charged, I might add)...from the awesome vintage-looking poster on the equipment truck outside to the roadies starting a wave with the crowd a few minutes before the show began. It's all wildly fascinating to me and a page out of my history book as I worked behind-the-scenes as a sports marketing director/event planner (at this particular arena many times over) for a decade. I lived behind-the-scenes and was solely responsible for all fan entertainment at our games, so this is the kind of event I completely and utterly nerd out with.

When Bruno took the stage I could literally not contain my excitement...I felt like the little girl I was at my first New Kids concert back in 1991. (All-time fav NKOTB song, you ask? This one's a no-brainer....click here)

Bruno is a modern-day Michael Jackson and the fact that his show sold out in 30 seconds at Madison Sqaure Garden is not a fluke. So, I thought I would share some key observations about the Bruno Mars Brand with you. These tips will come in handy as you focus on your client generation strategies and who knows, maybe your next product/service offering will sell out in record-time too...

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1) He's got a way with the grandmas AND the teeny boppers.

My husband and I were blown away at the vast array of folks in the crowd. There were older folks there on a date night, teeny-boppers with mom or dad in tow, younger couples canoodling in their seats, people of all colors and backgrounds. It is clear that Bruno has fans across an incredibly wide spectrum, which got me thinking...what drew us all to this concert in the first place? Surely his good looks and vocal talents are an important part of the equation; but, what really stood out was the "gameday" experience. It was was second to none. From the pyrotechnics to the lighting choreography to the GLITTER SHOWER we got at the end of the show, the Moonshine Jungle Tour is an EXPERIENCE.

So how can you make your Brand more experiential? What are some ways you can engage with your potential clients and differentiate yourself from others in your field? How can you make your current clients feel amazing when they use your product or service? It starts with going above and beyond for your people. Create a dazzling experience with small touches like follow-up emails, a courtesy discount for their next purchase or an opportunity to participate in a referral program. It may sound weird; but, even cool little out of the ordinary gifts/trinkets serve as a special reminder and gift. I send heart-shaped rocks as thank you to my 3-month coaching clients. They mean a lot to me and I want my clients to know that they mean a lot to me too.

Think about the last incredible customer service interaction you had and what that felt like. I have recently had amazing help from GoDaddy in managing a URL transfer for one of my clients. They were patient with me on the phone and coached me through the backend of their site and were able to handle all aspects of my challenge on one call...it didn't turn in to the ping-pong transfer situation calling CS typically can. I got a survey immediately following the call and I filled it out right away, complete with a note thanking the CS rep for being so fantastic.

It's pretty simple...over-delivery is the way to build lasting relationships.

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2) He brings his whole heart.

The guy can dance. This should come as no surprise if you were one of the 111.5 MILLION who watched him on this year's SuperBowl. But what I found to be even MORE impressive than his dancing, is how freakin' hard he sings his songs. He is giving it his all, ALL NIGHT. He was visibly sweating after the first song and you could literally see the tendons popping out of his neck as he hit some of his big notes throughout the night. 

The bottom line is - he shows up. He brings his best and he makes you feel like he is doing so just for you. He makes it feel like the money you spent on the tickets was worth every penny with his gratitude and whole-hearted performance. 

So how does this relate to you?

Show up for your clients - every single time you communicate with them. Give them your focused energy and enthusiasm (yes, even the one that irks you a little bit). This is one sure-fire way to create Brand evangelists, as well as feel amazing about the work you are doing in helping others achieve their goals. Bruno Mars is a force on stage...just like you are doing the thing you love to do most.

3) He doesn't take himself too seriously.

Throughout the night, there were little bits where he and his band would joke around with the audience and one another. It's clear he has a sense of humor and while he delivered an impeccable show, he seemed to have a blast during every second of it. That light-hearted approach to his work made it a relaxing and fun environment for the fans to be themselves in.

And, like I said before, there was GLITTER....raining down from the ceiling!  I mean....seriously?

This feels like an easy one; but, when we're feeling pressured to bring in new clients or to hit our revenue goals, it can get pretty intense at times, right? I'm talking mostly about the things you are saying to yourself in the midst of it and the resulting emotions and physical symptoms that often manifest. If I have learned anything in my short time as my own boss, the more open I am...the more I let go of the control and pressure and self-deprecating thoughts...the more successful I am in my business. Life just feels better. I laugh more. I enjoy working with my clients even more and we have greater breakthroughs. 

I'd highly recommend you check out a Bruno Mars concert should the opportunity present itself, though Madison Square Garden sold out in 30 seconds, so I am guessing tickets are limited at this point.

Whatever you do, enjoy the ride, my friends...we only get one shot and this business, this Brand...remember, it's your dream. Take care of it, take care of you and make great things happen! 

Oh and you don't think I would deprive you of the GLITTER, did you?  
Click here to see it live and in color

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