The Brand Behind the Curtain

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My husband and I were on a reality TV show pilot once. 

We showed up super early to the set, me in my best heels and my husband taking a day off from work.

We were greeted by the producer and she told us we were going to pretend we were an engaged couple. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am pretty much physically incapable of telling a lie. I started to sweat a little as I took my wedding band off and put it in my pocket. Pretend? I thought this was "reality" TV? 

Our story line went something like this...

Ben gave Amber a ring. Ben cheated. Amber called off the wedding and wanted the ring as the consolation prize. Ben wanted the ring because he bought it and Amber's the one who cancelled the wedding, not him, so he deserved the ring. 

Things were gonna get fierce.

The scene looked like the two of us sitting in between our celebrity mediator reasoning with her as to why we deserved the ring, mixed in with a few monologue scenes where we spoke to the camera alone and were asked to throw in extra "sass."  I could not keep a straight face during my scenes, the producer in her wild British accent and frizzy grey hair bouncing about as she fed me lines. 

I learned a lot about myself that day...

1. I can't pretend to be something I'm not. In my brand, in my personal life...they're intertwined and interconnected.

2. I am definitely not destined for reality TV stardom. The Kardashians are safe for now.

3. Showing up, as all of your imperfect glory is the only way to show up.

Your Brand and your clients deserve to see what's behind the curtain, the behind-the-scenes version of you...not just the finished product.  

We spend our lives living in the in-between. The finish line, the wedding day, the performance. They're all important stops on our world tours; but, what about the lead up, the sweat, the struggle, the laughter? What about the ideas that hit the cutting room floor or the deep breath you take before picking up the phone to make the ask, or the moment you close your eyes and say a little prayer after you've hit send?

Why don't we spend more time talking about those moments?  

It occurred to me that all of the sparkly bits are a result of the moments in between where the creation comes together.  

I want to share all of me with you. The behind the scenes, the transformations happening beneath the surface. The relatable parts that make you say, "me too." 

There are so many amazing platforms to do so now too. From Twitter to Instagram, you can keep us informed, daily, on your adventures and the bits in between the moments in the spotlight. It might surprise you to find the thing that gets the most "likes" is the photograph of your dog or your vacuum cleaner. 

Elevate your Brand by sharing it with the world. We all have one thing in common: 86,400 seconds in a day and we are living each one as we speak. 

Tell your story. All of it.

Inspire us and remind us why we need to work with you.