The #1 Key to Success in Your Life & Biz

As I sit here watching Elena Lipson's video for the Live Your Freedom Tour Telesummit, I am having an major epiphany:


I am sitting here at my desk at 5:30 am, typing this blog as it naturally flows out of my brain. I had been tossing and turning for the last hour with lots of thoughts racing through my brain and I realized the best thing I could do at that moment was get out of bed and go write. The writing, in and of itself, was going to feel like a form of catharsis.

But in the process of sitting down to write, I checked my email and started proofing content my client had sent me, then I began reading another email from a list I am subscribed to, subconsciously firing off to-do items, then the cat came in screaming his head off and I got up to feed him. 

And now, I am BACK at my desk and my daughter is starting to stir across the hall and as soon as she wakes up, I won't get back to writing until 1:00 pm in the afternoon. So much for getting up early for some peace and productivity! 

So, here's the deal:  

You will not accomplish any of your business & life goals if you do not make yourself a priority. (click to tweet)

Your business is not going to grow itself, the content is not going to osmose itself on to the screen while you sleep. Until you decide that having the time to do this work is important, you will not be able to hit the next level in your business.

So, I want to leave you with a few strategies, ones I will absolutely be implementing myself, in order to get on the content creation train in the coming weeks:

1) Carve out 30 minutes per day (min) to JUST WRITE. 

It doesn't matter if you write a story about your childhood or a giant list of things that entrepreneurship has taught you, you MUST make time to let the words flow. 

2) Have a tool on-hand to capture spontaneous content.

I have recorded blog posts and content for my online coaching program on my iPhone while walking with my daughter in her stroller. I have also been so inspired while driving listening to audio books, I've had to pull over to type or write down the quote/thought that was coming in to my brain. You know the classic notebook on the night stand trick too. Whatever works for you; Evernote, notes in your phone, whiteboards, give yourself an outlet to record your sparkly thought process.

3) Take your foot off the gas pedal.

Forcing content is the quickest way to guarantee you will write super inauthentic, awkward stuff. You have to feel inspired. So think of the various ways you return to yourself. Do you meditate, do yoga, go for a run, listen to some awesome music or an audio book/podcast? What gets your wheels spinning? I need to get outside of myself in order to return to my writing with flow, energy and wisdom.

No one can write in your unique voice. No one knows the world quite like you do. Don't be afraid to go for it and share your perspective. You never know who you might inspire or make an impact upon.

What are some rituals you practice when getting in to your creative content zone? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

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