You're OK

I believe that the root of all fear, anxiety and sadness is the belief that somehow we are not ok. 

I see it in my family, my friends, my clients, my co-workers, and most definitely, myself. 

We all just want to hear and believe that everything is going to be ok.

And so, as a result, we search and search and strive and battle for the solution that is going to make everything ok.

Only it never comes.

One profound shift occurs and we feel good for a little while; but, then we up-level and realize the same problems at the foundation are still there. Whether we are making more money or are in a better relationship or live in our dream location, if we don't deal with the stuff underneath the surface, the stuff that keeps us from realizing we already are ok...we continue to perpetuate the same old cycles. 

We start fights with our loved ones just to feel the familiar ache of guilt, conflict, frustration. We overindulge so we feel the same old bloat and immobility that we lived with for so long. We disconnect and run away and numb to avoid facing ourselves.

I didn't realize I was ok until I held my baby girl on the couch one day during my maternity leave. I remember looking in to her eyes and seeing her smile back at me...completely unknowing of my accomplishments, my awards, how many Facebook friends I had, the title on my door, how much money I made in a year or any of the things we place such a high value on in our society.

She just knew one thing and that was that she loved me.

The bond between us is unlike anything I've ever experienced in my lifetime. It's profound and deep and light and easy. I can wake up without any makeup on and dance in to her room in my bathrobe and she sees me. She sees my inner beauty as much as she sees my outer beauty.

Babies don't discriminate. They just see us for who we are...and for what we can offer, comfort, food, security, trust. 

It's amazing to see life through this lens: with an unconditional perspective, no approval process or hoops to jump through. 

It feels free and it feels right.

I encourage you to approach your work in the same way.

Remember why you began, without pretenses or judgement.

Connect with the higher purpose of what it is you are creating and see it with brand new eyes. 

**In honor of our little girl's first birthday on Friday, 8/29, be prepared for lots of reflection on the last year. Emotional mama alert! xo

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