On Breathing

Em's 'surrender' tattoo and my sharpied 'let go' tattoo...coming soon in the real life version. 

Em's 'surrender' tattoo and my sharpied 'let go' tattoo...coming soon in the real life version. 

My dear friend and the most amazing writer I know, Emily Ballard, and I met for lunch yesterday. We are childhood friends who grew up together and lost touch and then reconnected a few years back. We are now full on soul sisters and total pack members of one another's tribe. 

I rolled in to the coffee shop and Em was already writing away in the back corner, nestled into the flowery velour couch. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, "So...I haven't been breathing much lately." I delved in a little deeper about how it usually happens when I am in front of the computer working: writing, updating my website, editing photos, etc. The feeling is intense and gripping and I find myself forcing deep breaths in and out of my lungs to counter it, but that doesn't seem to be enough by the time I've realized I'm hardly breathing.

We talked about it for a little longer and in the releasing and the realizations we made in conversation I started to feel my lungs filling back up again. The weight lifting as the time passed.

Together, we acknowledged that we're working our asses off and it IS paying off...that we're answering our truest and deepest calling, for probably, the very first time in our lives...that we feel more present than ever before in our work and in the presence of those we love...and that we actually "own" our stuff even when we aren't quite ready to fully grasp all of the intricacies of these challenges quite yet. 

(Deep cleansing breath...)

So, today, I've had 2 calls with amazing clients who are on a mission to change the world...and I've tasked myself with writing this blog and beginning the promotion for 2 big events I have coming up and I've done all of that and more. 

But more importantly...

II took a walk with our little girl and when the rain came in, we ran outside and played in it. It was invigorating and the most conscious I have felt in a present moment in a while. Holding her, watching her feel the rain on her skin, laughing with her while we were soaking wet in the middle of the day...we were surrounded by light...

Right now, as I type this outside on the back deck in the sunshine...I am breathing. I am feeling the hot sun on my skin...listening to the hum of the baby monitor as she sleeps...and I am in it. And it's all around me.  

This love.

I realize more and more each day that when we let love in...when we celebrate the simplicity of our lives and the beauty of what we already possess...our gifts, our families, our friendships, our talents, our callings and the pull within our souls to realize them...our ability to connect whole-heartedly with other souls...man alive, does life feel rich.

I am reminded, again and again, that it is in the letting go where the magic happens. Releasing our attachment to specific outcomes is the only way to bring the things in to our lives that we so greatly long for. Acknowledging that we already have everything we need available to us (even when that feels impossible to grasp)...is the answer.

This can present itself in so many incredible ways if we just open up and allow them to enter in to our lives. It can take shape in the hiring of a new coach, personal trainer, or virtual assistant...or in the signing up for a telesummit or online course. Or it can manifest in the space of just stepping outside to go for a solo walk...to be one with nature and your spirit. Listen to the cues that are all around you. Tune in and embrace your already abundant life.

I wish you and your Brand so much love and, as always, I am here to support your on your journey. 

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