On Asking for What You Really Need.

My husband and I have been working on communication a lot in the last year. Not because it was bad or broken before, just because it's something that we think we need in order to better support and hear one another.

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A few months ago, I asked him to stop asking me how my day was, rather to use the phrase "how are you feeling?" instead. The question, "How was your day?" to me felt like the most impossible thing to come up with an answer for. So my response would always be "fine." And I would feel like I was going to explode because I wanted to tell him that I felt trapped and contained and held back and madly frustrated inside. I wanted to say that I had this ginormous dream inside of me that was screaming to come out; but, I wasn't quite sure how to do that yet and I was getting wild in the depths of me with the waiting. I wanted to say that I was angry and sick and stagnant and felt alone in all of my thoughts and musings after reading an incredible new book or listening to a electric new song that just set my heart on fire. I wanted to say that I felt like my days were ticking by and I was wasting time just soldiering on...

But instead, I said, "fine." 

So...when my husband sent me a text this morning asking for some reassurance, for a little boost as he navigates a shift he is embarking on, my heart leapt. 

This asking for support we're doing for one another. This leaning and trusting we're doing here is IT.

It's magical, really.

So, I sent him a text back, immediately, telling him we're solid. I've got his back. That he had mine when I needed it most and now I'm flying free and I've never felt so close to my very own spirit and calling in all of my life and he deserves the same. 

And so do you. 

I want to know how you're feeling. Not how your day was. I want to reassure you that when you're making big decisions and you don't know if they're right or wrong that everything is going to be ok. That listening to your intuition. Trusting yourself and the thing you just can't shake IS the answer you've been waiting for.

You've so got this. All you have to do is leap.  

Trust yourself. 

And lean...lean hard into the knowing, the love, and the faith that your dreams matter too.

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