What Zucchini and your Brand have in Common

I am, quite possibly, one of the worst gardeners you will ever meet. There is a tale my husband loves to tell about a time when he was out of town and I called him and asked him what was wrong with the plants on the front porch.

He asked in a very practical, duh-like tone, "Well, did you water them?"  

Feeling like a complete and utter moron, I tried to play it off as a joke and replied, "Uhhh....ya, oh right, of course, I was just testing you." (said while running to water-aka drown-aforementioned plants).

So when we decided to partake in building a raised bed garden to grow vegetables, I was one part afraid for their little leafy-yet-to-be lives and two parts excited at an opportunity for redemption. 

I am happy to report that our summer has been nothing short of a fruitful harvest with bountiful zucchini and summer squash, the occasional cucumber and some very pungent cilantro. There are carrots and tomatoes on the way, too! 

I got to thinking this morning as I searched the garden for some hidden zucchini treasure that at the beginning of the summer I was afraid to dig in there because the branches of the plants have little sharp spikes on them. I am also not a huge fan of dirt and bugs. So, this morning, when I readily stuck my hand in to the plant to grab out a beautiful, ginormous zucchini it felt like a revelation:

We are feeding our family with the food we are growing right here in our backyard!

This presented me with a really powerful parallel to my business. Brand Love was just a little seedling back in May when I left my corporate career. I took a leap to launch BLC and the results have been beyond anything I could have anticipated.

To date, I have helped nearly 20 clients reach new heights in their Brands and businesses. I have manually built 3 websites and will build 3 more in the fall for amazing entrepreneurs with beautiful visions. I also am launching a massively exciting telesummit next week and in doing so, I have brought together 7 powerful female entrepreneurs to share their message of freedom, abundance and possibility in business and life. I went through my own rebrand and feel closer to my truth than ever before. I have a tribe and I am grateful for each and every one of you for helping me get *here*. There's no way this could have all happened without your support.

And just like our zucchini, I have grown. I have learned how to let go of things that no longer serve me, I have learned how to write an email blast in less than 20 minutes (amazing), I have learned how to host google hangouts and how to build websites and write stellar copy.  I have learned how to roll with the punches as a work from home mama, even on the hard days.

My skills are growing each and every day and because of this, my Brand and business are growing too. 

Often we desire to be at the finish line before we even begin. We have this glorious vision of where we want to go, but it takes time and the waiting can get exhausting. And slowly but surely, just like the little seedlings in the garden, your Brand grows bigger and stronger each and every day. The truth is...

Your Brand can't be what you dream it to be overnight.

Building a beautiful Brand takes time and energy and love and patience. It takes sweat equity and frustration and swearing at the computer screen and spilled water bottles on the keyboard and errors galore. It sucks sometimes....but it's worth it. 

Because eventually, you're at Target, buying diapers for your baby girl when you realize the money you're using to buy those diapers is the money you've earned doing what you love, helping others achieve their dreams and pursue the things that they love too.

It's the circle of entrepreneurial life. And it's a beautiful thing. 

Amber LilyestromComment