The Marketing Tool You're Neglecting...

Tony Robbins says in his 7 Forces of Business Mastery that 15 years ago, it took 4 exposures for a potential customer to be influenced by an advertisement. Contrast that with today, where it takes 16 exposures before the average person will respond with interest to an ad. 

The good news is that advertising and engagement opportunities are far more accessible than they were 15 years ago. Companies used to rely solely on radio, print and event advertising to catch the interest of potential customers. While these methods still exist and are still quite pricey, the digital space has provided us with a plethora of new mediums. From Facebook ads to creating social media accounts for our businesses, we have the advantage of being smack dab in the middle of someone's daily scrolling experience.

So what does this information, paired with Robbins' points tell us?  

The only way to organically grow leads and increase engagement with your brand is to authentically connect and show up where your customers are all the time.

You are marketing ALL THE DANG TIME, whether you realize it or not. 

Marketing has to become a mindset. And the beautiful thing is that when we eat, sleep and live our businesses, sharing our personal stories and learning is the perfect way to engage and talk about your Brand. 

So in hearing this information, I am certain some of you have visions of dread as you contemplate being online all day and night, churning out brandy new content and pushing yourself to the point of resentment within your business, right?

Well it doesn't have to be that way. Through this one simple step, you can recycle your goods and share them to engage new folks.

The content you create has a shelf life. It's part of your Brand story. You do your new readers a disservice by not sharing some of the good stuff you created in the past with them. You SHOULD repurpose and re-share your content. It's really no different than re-watching a movie or rereading a book that you love, right? 

The principles founded in the content you are creating should help and serve your ideal customers, always, so re-sharing it is actually helping provide continuity within your teachings. 

And guess, what? Many of the most successful marketers in the biz do this ALL.THE.TIME.

Brendon Burchard readily admits to reposting the same exact same photos/quotes every few months. I just scrolled through his Facebook page and sure enough, I came across multiple iterations of the same quotes and images posted a few months apart. And he even uses the same app to generate inspirational quote images that I do! 

Sixteen impressions is going to take a lot of work and time, especially because you're not going to rapid fire post and spend tons of money on ads. You need to create a culture of sharing, informing and empowering. Engaging with your ideal customers requires you tell your story, teach and build trust in the process on a very regular basis. We live in a content-consuming culture and the person that embraces this and enjoys the process will be the one most likely to thrive.

What are some of your marketing struggles? I'd love to get a dialogue going on marketing speed bumps to help you take your Brand to the next level! Share in the comment section below...

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