How to Create a Mind Map

Things over at the Brand Love Headquarters are off the charts this week! I have had a nutty one with transitioning our daughter from 2 naps to 1 per day (can you say calendar adjustments?) and fevers and a sick hubby and you name it.  I've also had some profound revelations around my Brand and next week's Live Your Freedom Tour Telesummit (yay!) has been the talk of the town in garnering new sign-ups and excitement all over the interwebs. 

So,  in keeping my commitment to you lovelies, here is my weekly video blog post. It ain't glamorous, but, it's bonafide info to help you take your biz and brand to a new level.

This week's topic was inspired by one of my business coach colleagues, Kerry Nieberding. Kerry inquired about my mind mapping process after an Instagram post I put up earlier this week and I promised her I would share my process. This has been hugely helpful for me for many years and even more so now as a full-fledged entrepreneur and work from home mama. 

I'd love to learn about your mind mapping process.  Let's all SHARE ours over on Instagram with the hashtags #brandlove and #mindmap so we can track them. 

And don't forget, it's not too late to join the Live Your Freedom Tour Telesummit, kicking off on Monday, 9/8!  Seven female entrepreneurs giving you actionable steps to help you step in to your freedom to live your best life! 

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