How to Get the Glitz and Love the Grind IN the process

You know the familiar scenario, you're talking to a friend or a colleague or coach and you hear yourself describing your BIG vision to them. You're outlining what it will feel like, your heart is fluttering, your pulse quickening, your speaking more quickly in your excitement and then the infamous line comes next, 

"I really want xxxxx, but, I just need to...(insert excuse, fear, trepidation here)...first."

I hate how it sounds when I say it. Because I know that if I REALLY wanted that vision, goal, dream as badly as I said I did, nothing would stand in the way of me JUST DOING IT. 

I've said on a few (recorded) occasions now that I'm not ready to meet Oprah yet. Now, there is some solid logic in this statement, in that, I want to make sure my book is published first and I've really got my stuff together...but then I got to thinking, why wouldn't Oprah want to meet me without my book? That's a pretty unfair generalization to make, that Ms. O. only wants to talk to people with published books, right? We all know she's a busy woman, but let's give the gal more credit than that.

The statement also implies that, in effect, I am not worthy of meeting someone like Oprah without a book. It implies and perpetuates the belief that somehow I am not enough as I am. 

And this belief, that we're somehow not enough as we are, is a big part of what holds us back. 

You see, all of this waiting and angst and creating stories just to help us accept staying in our safe little cocoon is getting us nowhere fast. 

The reality is, the more time you spend obsessing over what you want, the less time you spend acting to create it. (click to tweet)

How long have you been waiting to start that blog or business?

How long have you had that inspired idea that you still have yet to act on?

The next time you hear yourself saying, "I just need to..." I challenge you to stop yourself and think about what inspired action you could take right now to put that dream in to action.

You might not love what that looks like. It might mean making an investment you weren't quite ready to make, or forgoing that vacation or weekend trip with friends so you can stay home to do the work. The key is to recognize and fully own what it's going to take to make our so-called dreams happen. 

You can't have the glitz without the grind. (click to tweet) 

The beautiful thing is when you start getting real with how far you're willing to go to bring it to life, you're publicly declaring how badly you want this dream and how you plan to make it happen on your own terms.

I urge you to tune and listen to what it is you're really saying when you tell someone you "just need to..." It's not always about the money, honey. Dig deeper and decide what it's going to take to get moving, pick up the phone, book the plane ticket, start writing, hire the coach, take the course, whatever it is...

Inspired action is the only thing separating you and your dream. 

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