What Does Success Look Like?

I was asked the question today, "What does success look like to you?" And I couldn't wait to dig in to answer it here with you.

To me, success is a feeling. 

It's not a possession or a material item. It's not the size or location of the home I live in. It's not the number of programs or books I've written, nor is it the balance in our bank account.

To me, success is the sound of my family's laughter...the warm fire in the hearth and the lingering scent of a home cooked meal.

It's a loving text message from a dear friend and my dog asleep on my feet.

It's a knowing radiating from within my soul.

It's the avalanche of love that is my life and it's the beautiful tears that come as I reflect on all that I have to be grateful for. 

Success is coming home to myself and meeting my heart there, all bruised up and beaten.

It's seeing the beautiful bits beneath the veil of doubt and fear and truly believing in them.

It's having the courage to share my message with the world even when it's terrifying. 

Success is making a difference in the life of one person and in doing so making a profound difference in my own.

Success is, simply...love. 




Amber LilyestromComment