How to turn your brand from someone-else-based to soul-based

You know about the importance of having a great logo.

You know you want a website that reflects how fabulous you feel about your work.

And you can already visualize the copy your dream clients can’t resist.

Yet, you find yourself surfing the net, comparing and picking away at the visions in your head.

And suddenly, that original design and innovative approach to engaging with your future clients online turns to dust.

You follow the formulas and you lose Brand You somewhere in the process.

Your brand goes from being soul-based to someone-else-based.

My favorite thing about creating soul-based brands is that we get to carve out a little space in the Digi-verse to physically represent our big dreams and our powerful visions.

We get to dare to show up as our truthiest selves and connect with others all around the world.

Great brands take risks.

Great brands learn from others and do it differently.

They do it their way.

Because they realize that creating a great brand is about more than just a compelling website design.

It’s about creating an experience.

It’s about leading a movement.

So when your future clients start scrolling, they can’t stop.

They breathe a sigh of relief and say to themselves, “Where have you been all my life?”

Amazing branding is not only fun, but it’s your SACRED OPPORTUNITY to show up in the world in your truth.

It’s your essence on the screen.

Your bold, sparkly self...right there for the world to see.

In order to do this, you have to bust through your fear. You have to give yourself permission to WANT what you want first….and then take the inspired action to create it and share it with the world.

And that’s where I come in...

There is no denying that I did it the hard way first….

When I started my business as the “Brand Love Coach”, I felt like I was wearing a suit jacket that didn’t quite fit.

I felt like a robot hiding behind a brand that didn’t feel like the me I had set out to be when I walked away from the safe nest of my corporate career.

I wanted to be Amber Lilyestrom...the woman with a HUGE vision and a big heart, ready to help others face their fears head on while creating the lives they had been dreaming of forever.

Once I made the shift, I started working with  more clients, and we connected in a much more profound way. My income went up, I wrote my first program and I was invited to speak at the New Hampshire Conference for Women in front of 400 attendees (following my friend and mentor, CNN Contributor and powerhouse speaker Mel Robbins)

It was a big deal.

And it all happened because I decided to show up as the true Brand Me in my business.

And now I give you that same opportunity.

No matter what industry you work in or how you serve your people, injecting more of YOU in to your brand will set you (and that gorgeous soul of yours) free.

No one is talking about branding quite like this.

And that’s why I’m absolutely giddy to be revealing a free gift just for you on soul-based branding coming your way next week!


Stay tuned.

PS - Want to hear me riff on all things soul-based branding? Check out my interview on the Ready to Bloom podcast with Holly Wharton, Episode 20: How to Step into Your Power Through Your Brand

We talked about my top tips on how to step into your power through your business brand, how to communicate clearly with your design team (photographers, web and graphic designers and more) and why our brands get to be what WE say they are!

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