What Would it Feel Like to Stop Judging Yourself?

What would it feel like to stop judging yourself?

What would it feel like to do your work in the world, to be a creator, to give and to receive fully, without the paralyzing grip of judgement? 

I've been thinking a lot about the stories I tell myself lately.

I've been thinking about how the destruction I create for myself by marginalizing, poking, prodding and criticizing me has played such a prevalent role in the experience of my life.

The quiet, doubting voice inside making it so much more challenging than it ever needed to be.

This way of thinking becomes so normal, we don't even notice it anymore. 

We do the mental aerobics.

We scale the psychological barbed wire fences to get to the other side of our dreams.

And we pile on layers of rules and life-edits that hide away the brightest parts of ourselves.

I'm calling bullshit. 

I'm tired of the judging.

I'm tired of my non-showered, bath-robed, oatmeal eating self, sitting here on the couch at 9:15 am on a Tuesday never being enough. 

I'm ready to be enough for me, which I suspect...is (and always was) enough for you.

And if it's not? 

I'm ready to not care. 

I'm ready to ignore your judgmental glances...or instead...start telling myself a new story about them.

Because maybe, you feel this same way about yourself and by judging me, somehow, even for a nanosecond, you make yourself feel a little bit better when you notice my pedicure-less toes and my hardly brushed hair.

I'm ready to forgive you for feeling the same way I do deep down inside. 

Are you?

Because all I want to do is wrap my arms around you and tell you how ok you really are. 

How ok you've always been.

I think we need to do this together. 

I'm ready. 

I'm ready to begin rewriting these stories.

I'm ready to love my doing-my-best-brilliant-self and yours too.

I've been working hard to help us get the ball rolling. 

I’ve got something fun to share with you to help free that gorgeous soul of yours.

Stay tuned for the details coming on Monday!

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