My Top 5 Tips to Stay out of the Content Creation Rut for Good

So you've got a rhythm going...

You email your tribe every week at the same time, on the same day. 

Your open rates are above the industry standard and you get a handful of replies each week from readers saying they love what you're talking about.

You're addicted to that feeling, except, it feels like you're pushing a boulder up hill each week trying to figure out what the heck to write about. 

Time is ticking away and it's almost time to his send and you're racing to find the inspiration to write this week's post, yet again.

I've been there. More often than I'd like to admit, actually.

And I finally had a little intervention with myself to stop the madness for both of us.

Here's a list of my top 5 content creating tips that keep me sane and feeling in the flow, while simultaneously dazzling my subscribers. 

1. Write with a PURPOSE. 

Educate. Entertain. Engage. Empower. - The 4 E's...

Now it goes without saying that weekly emails are a fantastic marketing strategy. Every Tim, Derek and Marie will tell you that, right? (You see what I did there? wink, wink).

But...I'm telling you, it's not enough. 

And here's why:

When heart-centered entrepreneurs, like you and me, spend our days mapping out a content calendar tethered to a marketing strategy that feels like it's outside of ourselves, we fumble. 

We lose ourselves on the screen. 

Our light starts to dim and no matter how hard we try to fake it, our people know. They can feel it in the energy that went in to the birth of the content. 

So here's where I beg of you...

Write with a bigger purpose in mind. 

For the love of all things...write for your one, amazing, dear reader who NEEDS you and what you've learned to help her experience her own breakthrough.  

And promise me, if you're not feeling it...don't hit send, k?

Or better yet, repurpose something you wrote a while back that could use a little dusting off and sparkling up. 

But, please, pretty please...don't write to follow someone else's 6,8,10 email funnel plan of attack just because they said it's the way you have to do it.

2. Write about what's going on for you in your life and biz right now. 

NOTHING is more authentic than you telling a real life story about what's going on in your world. If you are a personal brand, most especially, you MUST inject more of you in to your brand. 

People are following you because they like what you have to say and teach them, but also because they like Y.O.U. 

So don't disappoint your adoring fans. Give 'em the good stuff. Tell em about your burnt dinners and your palm-to-face moments and let them laugh and feel right along side you.

Have the courage to share the stuff that makes you feel something, good or bad, and make connections that go the distance.

3. Ask your tribe what they need.

Keep a notebook where you can jot down topics people in your circles are asking for. 

Get curious and ask them to share. 

Visit Facebook groups like this one and read what the common challenges are and share your solutions with them first, and then get ready to convert that wisdom in to a blog post and email newsletter to your peeps.

Make it easier on yourself by having a running list of questions you are being asked so when it comes time to sit down and write, your crickets can't keep up with you.

4. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

I had two goals today.

The first was to diy a manicure. I planned it during nap time so I could do it while I worked (typing + nail drying = amazing multi-tasking opp). 

The second was to cook dinner for my family. Now, when I say "cook," it's an almost comical use of the word, as my mother bought ALL of the ingredients for us and hand-delivered them this weekend and then we got on the phone for 30 minutes while I "cooked" it and got it ready to go in to the oven, asking her to repeat herself too many times to count.

The result of these two goals looked like a completely trashed manicure not 10 minutes after my daughter woke up from her nap and chicken that was supposed to take 20 minutes to bake being served raw in the center. It went back in the oven for another 30 minutes, which then bumped dinner time to the bathroom for bath and bedtime proceedings.

I was pretty peeved about the nails for a hot second, until I remembered that fancy nail polish and my present-day lifestyle are at odds with one another.

I decided to stop taking myself, and my best laid perfect pants plans, so seriously and it felt a zillion times better.

The same goes for your writing process, my friend. 

Sometimes it's gonna flow like buttah. 

And most times, it's gonna feel straight up impossible. 

But, if you follow the aforementioned tips, I promise you, it will get easier. 

5. Always, always, always, align your content with your big mission.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs come home to themselves. 

I'm all about bringing families together by helping us show up in our lives in full color. 

I believe that by honoring our true calling and creating a soul-based brand and business, we can change the world starting with our very own, first and foremost. 

So, before I share my writing with you, it is my priority to put my content through this "personal mission filter" to make sure I'm walking my talk.

What's your mission and does your current content strategy align with it? If so, high five!! If not, there's always another email to send and you can follow these 5 steps to help make this one unforgettable.

Here's a quick recap on our tips:

1. Write with a PURPOSE. 
2. Write about what's going on for you in your life and biz right now. 
3. Ask your tribe what they need.
4. Stop taking yourself so seriously.
5. Always, always, always, align your content with your big mission.

Get writing, gorgeous. 

xo - Amber

PS - I’ve put together a free video series for you, How to Create a Soul-Based Brand. We're redefining why branding is your secret weapon to create a brand and life you love. Stay tuned to get the first dibs. 

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