Why no one is talking about branding this way

When most people think about branding, the first thing that comes to mind is a logo or a website or a recent ad they caught a glimpse of.

So when it comes time to build YOUR brand, it’s natural that the first thing you want to do is get designing and creating the pieces that make up your brand’s identity.

But, I’ve got news for you…

Logos and websites and copy and photographs are vital branding elements, but they come AFTER you’ve gotten to the CORE of what your brand represents.

They come after you are able to articulate the essence and the promise that you will make to your brand fans.

Which is fantastic news because feelings are FREE!

The feelings you want your brand to evoke, the way you want it to connect to the hearts of the people you want it to serve and the method in which that aligns with YOUR soul purpose is at the heart of what makes designing a brand such an amazing experience.

You’ve heard me say before that I believe that branding is our sacred opportunity to reveal our whole self. I go as far to say that it’s actually a spiritual practice if you allow it to be.

But before we get too “woo” up in here, I want to talk practically about why creating a brand that looks, feels and acts the way YOU want to in the world is equivalent to freedom and true healing.

It’s your pathway to true self love.

When we design a soul-based brand that makes our heart sing we not only get to have a successful business, we also get to transcend who we already are.

It’s not about the shoulds, the checklists or the formulas.

The REAL formula is showing up as yourself, in your power while revealing your true essence.

That’s how clients connect with you. That’s how you build the foundation of your brand.

Pretty simple, eh?

Once we’ve got this part nailed down, only THEN can we properly represent ourselves through our website, colors, logos, images, copy and more - all of the fun stuff!

This process of branding - when it’s done in this soul-based way -  is ART and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

That’s why I’m on FIRE to tell you that this FIRST STEP to creating YOUR soul-based brand, one that makes your heart absolutely sing, is my newest self-paced course:

Brand You Breakthrough

Brand You Breakthrough  is about going within so you don't have to keep starting over and trying every new "fad" that comes across your newsfeed. 

It’s the thing you MUST do at the beginning, before the business plan, before the email list creation process, before the monetization plan or before you make any major revisions to get your current brand and biz in alignment.

This program is like short circuiting the process that you are being sold out in the marketplace.

It’s not about the webinars and formulas.

It’s about going inward so you figure out who you want to be in the world!

And when you create a brand from THAT place? Clients clamor and your biz booms.

Sounds pretty epic to me!

Through this process, you can FINALLY step into your truth.

And I’m here to walk you through it.

Join Brand You Breakthrough HERE. 

The price point is just $97 through December 31. Give yourself the gift of clarity and an inspired action plan this holiday season.

This course is in a work-from-anywhere, do-on-your-own-schedule, affordable format.

Give yourself and your business this gift. It’s the perfect time of year for reflection and renewal to start off 2016 on FIRE.

It’s time, my darling. You are ready for your Breakthrough!

P.S. When your soul-based brand makes your heart sing, people pay attention. Listen to my interview on the Strong Body Whole Heart podcast below and hear how we can give ourselves permission to really live and make decisions that will lead us to where we want to go.

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