Be Specific Super Girl!


Clients. Programs. Car Dealers. 

It doesn't have to be so ornate, so esoteric, so abstract. There's power in breaking it into segments, spelling it out being super specific.

There's beauty in asking for exactly what you want.

My husband and I bought a new car on Sunday and long story short, on Monday it was operating on reduced engine power. It was literally incapable of driving back to the dealership for service. To say we were frustrated would be a gross understatement. Our expectations had been wildly let down. 

The following two days looked like tow trucks, rental cars, countless phone calls, re-negotiating and me telling the sales manager EXACTLY what he needed to do to make this whole experience better.

I was emboldened, courageous and strong. I was the mama-lion-wife version of myself with a wide-open heart, standing my ground while staying completely detached from the outcome of the situation. My chief and sole objective was to walk away from the situation feeling good. Free. Happy. No matter what that looked like. 

Prior to this revelation, I experienced 24 hours of intense rage at how we were treated, things that were being said and at the irony of the situation and stopped myself cold. I knew I had to approach this one differently. I knew better. My anger was only hurting me. 

So I decided to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. Approach this situation firmly, but kindly. I had to stand up for and clearly represent what we needed, but I could do it with grace, certainty and specificity. 

When I stood firm in my conviction, and articulated exactly what I wanted, I received it. We worked together and the sales manager came through with a beautiful resolution.

The golden thread of wisdom here is that people are not mind-readers. We can get uppity and sassy about the injustice of a situation, we can get heated and stressed and we can vent, but if we don't provide specific direction on what will make it right in our minds, how can we expect the outcome we desire? 

As business owners, it's our job to take a walk in our customer's shoes. What does he/she need to hear and receive? How can you be more specific with your offerings and programs? How can you illustrate what it is that your services are going to offer? You get bonus points for hitting the passion and feeling buttons.

Share what makes you sparkle, go above and beyond and see how it lights up your ideal clients in the process.

(And an aside on outcomes...stating what you want to have happen and then subsequently staying completely detached from the outcome takes some serious mental fortitude and deep breathing; but almost always ends in ecstatic levels of freedom.) 

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