Everybody's Got a Dream

It's SuperBowl Sunday and I am recovering from my heart palpitations after watching an incredible game between our Patriots and my bestie's Seattle Seahawks (sorry Shan, it was a great game). There was a fierce trash-talking-text battle going on between our households for most of the night.

And truth be told, I am still confused about what exactly went down at the end of that game, but what I do know was that it was semi-miraculous and I am uber-grateful that my fellow New Englanders will be in good spirits as a result of tonight's big event. 

My absolute favorite thing about the SuperBowl, without question, is all of the pomp and circumstance and EMOTION that comes with it. I worked in sports for a decade, so I have experienced my fair share of behind the scenes drama at big events and my favorite part was watching the excitement build as game time was upon us.

As I was watching the start of the game (my absolute favorite part) and NBC was showing close-ups of the players coming out of the tunnel, I couldn't help but notice the sheer excitement, joy and pride on the faces of those men. I am willing to bet that each and every one of those guys, as a little boy, dreamt of this exact day. They thought about the bright lights, the defeaning screams from the crowd and their hearts beating a mile a minute. 

Every one of those players was living out his life-long dream of playing in the SuperBowl on the screen in front of us. 

And right alongside those players, there were thousands of others who were living out their dreams, too. Be it the cameraman, the cheerleader, the mascot, the athletic trainer, the fan sitting in Row A, the public address announcer, the national anthem singer or even the usher up section 122. 

Thinking about it this way is fascinating to me and SO wildly exciting to realize that... 

Everybody's got a dream. 

I remember thinking about this before I left my corporate career. I had been working alongside some of my colleagues for a decade and I didn't know what their dreams were.

I thought about it as I walked by their office doors sometimes and wondered to myself, "What is his or her big dream? What does his or her heart want most of all?"

You see, the fact is, we're all the same.  

It doesn't matter if we're the one standing up on stage with the trophy in our hands or we're the exhausted mama sitting on the couch regretting we stayed up so late.

We all have dreams that feel really big and out of reach at times. But the beauty is, we can all choose to start going after those dreams of ours at any time. We can wake up tomorrow morning and say, "I'm going to quit my job and launch my business." or "I'm going to start writing that children's book." or "I'm going to sign-up for that online dating service."  It doesn't matter WHAT your dream is.


The only thing separating you and me from the Tom Bradys of the world is whether or not we choose to answer the call...the silent pull of our hearts telling us that our dreams matter too. 

I want to know about your dreams.
Here's a little interactive challenge for you: 

1) Write down YOUR Dream on a piece of paper (or something even more creative!)
2) Take a photograph of it
3) Post it to Instagram using the hashtags #mybigdream and my instagram name@amberlilyestrom (to make sure I can find it)
4) Tell us in the post WHY this Dream is so important to you

The BEST post will win a free 30-min Brand Love Strategy Session with yours truly in the month of February! 

Have a Beautiful Week Dreamers!  

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