What does freedom mean to you?

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the day I quit my job.

Which really means, today is the one-year anniversary of me choosing my dreams, myself and freedom over fear.

What does freedom mean to you? 

More importantly, what does freedom FEEL like to you?

To me, it looks like the sun filtering into my bedroom, my cat snuggled in the blanket beside me and no obligations on my calendar except a waffle date with my girl.

It's no dress code and no one to answer to, except my very own beating heart.

It's the wide open pages in the journal of my life and the realization that I get to pen this story.

It's remembering what one year ago today felt like when I gave my notice at my job, the place I had spent the last 14 years growing, learning and becoming who I am today. 

Freedom was the goal and it felt so far away at the time.

I had subscribed to so many ways of thinking that didn't belong to me, achievement systems that were not my own and rules that governed the way I ate, exercised, wrote, behaved and showed up in the world.

Until one day I realized that freedom was, actually, not a tangible thing at all; rather, a state of mind. 

And freedom was only one next right choice away.

It was already within me and all around me - I just had to choose it. 

And so today, freedom now means quality over quantity.

Looking in to the eyes of the women (and men) I work with and getting a glimpse in to their souls.

It's seeing and being seen. 

Listening and supporting. 

Being the first to say I love you (even when it's terrifying). 

Freedom is telling the truth.

And admitting that I don't want to do it like everyone else does...even if that means more work and less automation, sometimes.

Because true connection can't be automated.

And the reality is, I may or may not hit six figures in my first year. I may or may not grow my list by x-percent...and while I had spent a fair amount of time thinking that these were the metrics to tell me if I was doing it right, I realized that none of that meant more to me than the impact I was having on the lives of those I was put here to serve.

Those numbers had nothing to do with the transformations my clients and I have experienced together in this last year.

And so, as I prepare to celebrate my one-year anniversary as a full-time business owner and solopreneur, I give myself permission to do this thing according to what feels right.

Because you're more than just a number to me.

You're a beautiful beating heart, a soul that was put here to make an impact on the world...and I'm so grateful I get to do this life thing with you.

Here's to choosing freedom and believing that if the dream, itself, can exist, so can the reality. (Click to Tweet)

I'll do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.

And I will continue to tap in to what feels like the quickest way to connect us...to get us on that straight path to our goals...one that I will walk beside you on...

Because transformation is way more fun when you have someone to celebrate it with.

So I've put together a free week-long event for us. I've done the webinar thing and the free downloads and the videos, and I was yearning for a way to connect in as much of a digi-real-life-real-time capacity as possible...

The Brand Love Bash kicks-off on Monday, April 27th and runs all week long with daily brand + business coaching, free trainings and appearances from a few industry pros with rockin' brands.  

We're already getting started over in the Facebook group and we would love to see you over there and help you troubleshoot your brand + biz challenges.

Click the button to grab your invite:

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