Introducing Live Your Freedom TV!


I am so thrilled to share my latest project with you!

I get a lot of questions about how I make it all work as a work from home mama and entrepreneur with a zillion things going on at once. And in keeping with my promise to you all that I am going to be walking in a STRAIGHT LINE toward my big goals, I decided to start this little creative project.

It was inspired by a few sources, one being my favorite rule breaker, Casey Neistat. He is a creative entrepreneur who creates videos for his YouTube channel and really BIG brands like Mercedes-Benz and NIke. One of my favorites is THIS ONE....(I dare you not to feel totally JUICED after watching it.)

"Without a Goal, You Can't Score, my friends..."

And so I created my own little adventure YouTube series...and to be completely honest with you, I have no idea what's going to happen with it or where it's going to go...but I like it that way. As Casey says in his video,

"When nothing's for sure, anything can happen."

Starting this project and creating programs in my business that take theSTRAIGHT LINE APPROACH to helping YOU achieve your dreams mean only one thing...

I am feeling completely and totally AMPED about life right now!

And I want to share this feeling with you. I want to hear what you feel amped about. I want to know what sets your heart on fire. I want to learn what it is you lie in bed awake at night thinking about....and most of all, I want you to join me on this epic, amazing, extraordinary ride called LIFE!  

I would be so grateful if you would SHARE Live Your Freedom TV with your friends & SUBSCRIBE over on my YouTube Channel and comment on what FREEDOM looks like for you