The Sacred Question that Changed Everything

The more I do this life thing, the more convinced I am that the only way to achieve sustained health, wealth and presence is through being in tune with our bodies.

Hitting pause on the tapes of perpetual progress.

Slowing down to truly listen.

Silencing our inner striver and accepting that we were not put here to suffer. 

I believe we were put here to grow, to thrive, to expand our consciousness, collectively and individually and to awaken to the beauty that surrounds us every single second of our lives.

One tool that helps me quickly access what's keeping me from my own inner wisdom is a simple question of turning inward to ask, "What do you truly need right now?"  

The answer is never material possessions or something from someone else. Frankly, this is the test that I'm "doing it right."  The answer always resides in an emotion or a feeling I desire to create for myself and an acceptance that the result is as simple as making a mindset shift and often, it requires me to write or move or get outside...

The challenge is, though,  it's nearly impossible to hear the answers to these sacred questions with all of the noise swirling around in our brains. 

To do lists, meetings, schedules, rules, expectations...

It's all too much.

The intensity. The pace. The inevitable failure that results. 

As an aside, I often wonder if we set ourselves up to fail, simply, so our self-fulfilling prophecies of "never being enough" can survive.

Our ego and our failure happen to be close personal friends, don't they?

What would happen if you had no expectations of yourself and others?

For some, this question may seem preposterous, I get this. It certainly did to me at one time.

But to those who furrow their brows at the idea of releasing expectation, I might offer, that our error lies in believing we have any control in the first place.

I lived the first 31 years of my life controlling everything...myself, my loved ones, my choices, my reactions to my choices, every single aspect of my life was managed.

Yet, when I reflect back on it, my battle constant need to feel one step ahead, it is so crystal clear that the only person I was battling was myself.

And now, in present day, I lovingly ask myself, "What did this mindset and behavior truly say about me and what I believed at that time?" 

The answer is simple...

My inability to love blatant avoidance of self-love was the chief mechanism for my suffering.

And as a result of being incapable of loving myself, I have learned I could not fully love anyone else in my life either.

Heavy and necessary stuff!

Are you ready to turn inward and ask yourself what you truly need?

What are you yearning for?  

How can you set yourself free, starting now?

I'd love to hear what comes up for you in the comments below or over on Facebook