The Simple Question that Led to Ditching Half my Wardrobe

Once spring hit this year, my husband and I hit the ground running with a seemingly urgent need to get things organized. We felt a pull to simplify, purge and focus on what matters most to us in our lives.

We began listening to Marie Kondo's book The Magic Art of Tidying Up and were mesmerized with the power of releasing that which no longer serves us while simultaneously making space for more presence and freedom in our lives.

Her methods are predicated on one VERY important question that has been such a beautiful tool in making decisions about what to let go of and what to hold on to and cherish. 

Kondo advises her clients to ask themselves, 

Does this bring me joy?

And if the answer is anything less than goes in the bag.

In the process of giving away things that are simply taking up space (and energy) in our home, we not only letting the items "go" literally, we are also releasing our attachment to the past. 

I just reached the one-year mark in my business and felt such incredible relief and joy in the process of celebrating this huge milestone.

When I went in to my closet to do some serious purging, I noticed that there were still clothes from my corporate life hanging around in there. I had peeled back the layers over the course of the last year, but there were still items that I was absolutely not going to wear, yet was still holding on to for one reason or another.

I decided that now was the time. I was ready to really let go and close that chapter of my life, completely.

After loading up the garbage bag, my closet looks refreshingly OPEN, with lots of empty hangers. And the things that made the cut, paired with the items neatly folded in my dresser, now play an integral role in supporting joy in my life right now. 

The feeling I have when I go in to my closet is like a breath of fresh air and it got me thinking about the other places in our lives we have made shifts and where we can still expand and apply this "Joy-Test." 

  • I have recently began to shift my coaching programs and offerings in to what will better serve me and my clients.
  • We sold our Subaru and as a result now are the happy owners of our dream cars AND we are actually saving money with this upgrade from our former vehicles and their payments. 
  • We also began a budgeting process to help manage our monthly expenses, savings and investments and now feel more organized and intentional with our money. Our money is being utilized in ways that feel empowering and beautiful, that make room for giving and growing. 
  • We also made over $600 on a yard sale of the items we no longer needed!

These simple shifts have improved the communication in our relationship, the way we are eating and making time for exercise and fun in our family and have massively diminished our stress levels.

The simple act of asking ourselves, "Does this bring me Joy?" when applied to obligations, signing up for new programs, deciding on weekend plans and even making purchases at the grocery store has shifted the way we are existing in our lives.

That's because freedom is a state of mind. 

Freedom is a choice. 

So is joy.

How are you choosing joy in your life?  

In what areas could you use the question, "Does this bring me joy?" to make the shifts you are ready to make?  

I'd love to hear about it in the comments on the blog or on Facebook or simply hit reply to this email and share with me...

How you are choosing joy today?

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