Live Your Freedom TV, Ep. 06: My Interview with Michelle Lowbridge | Wealth Without Limits

I had the honor and privilege to interview the magical Michelle Lowbridge, Energy Editor and creator of the Prosperity Prescription. 

We talked money blocks, creating beautiful brands, selling houses and how she made over $45K in two weeks in her business and transformed her family's life in the process!

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AMBER:  I am going to welcome today's guest to Live Your Freedom TV.  I am so, so, so thrilled to have Michelle Lowbridge here, the Energy Editor herself.  You are like a unicorn.  You are so magical and you do such amazing work.  Literally, I could sit with you all day long but we are going to make this quick and we are going to delve into the really juicy stuff about what it is that you do in your work.  So, starting straight out, right on the header of your website, your beautiful stunning website, talks about money blocks and how you help people remove huge money blocks and you talk about how in two weeks you made $45,000 in your business and completely changed your family's life.  Oh my gosh.  Okay, Michelle, tell us how this is possible.

MICHELLE:  So, essentially those things came in kind of the opposite order.  So, I found that I could erase money blocks for myself.  I did it for myself and then started doing it for other people.  The demand was too great which was a representation of if I don't have these issues of my self-worth and the kind of money story and the money script that was going on, then all of a sudden, clients were showing up wanting to give me money and so then I found that I could do this for a whole group of people at the same time so it was easy to scale it and I could help more people at once and that is when I opened the group program, The Prosperity Prescription, and I had a two-week launch and it made $45,267.

AMBER:  Wow, who's counting right?  That is so incredible.  Because I am a branding and business coach I focus on the details, and I have looked at your website probably, I can't even count the number of times that I have just looked at so many different parts of it.  I was going to do my own re-design and I was using yours as an example and sharing it with my clients because the way that you have written your copy is so to the point, and I just love that.  I love that.  The other piece is that you are not running or hiding the fact that money… let's talk about money.  You are not running away from money.  You are just talking straight out about it and hearing about what it has given you.  What freedom it has created in your life, in your brand, in your business, and in the lives of your clients.  Tell me a little bit about that.

MICHELLE:  I think that is so important.  I posted something in the group yesterday about how it is not really about numbers in your bank account.  It is about what you want to do with that  money and I call it Wealth Without Limits.  It is about not having a limit on what you think you are worth, how much you think you could earn, where you think that money can come from, whether if you are going to have too much money then you are going to have to compromise other parts of your life.  It is about saying no, let go of all of that, they are just blocks in your thinking.  Let's release them all so that you can enjoy making money and seeing that just as a representation of energy which you can then exchange for the things that your want.  So for me, it is my husband not having to work as a teacher anymore and being at home with the baby and us having a lot more opportunities to travel, that is just something I really, really enjoy.  But, for other people it is different things.  We all have different priorities but it is about empowering yourself to be able to choose where you direct that money because quite often when you have money blocks, money comes in from one source and then before you have a chance to think about where it is going to go, bills come in and that is your bump, your invisible money limit.  The value that you think you are worth, what you think you can have, what you believe is possible.  It is about just cracking that open and saying you can actually just have whatever it is you want.  Let's just make some changes in your energy system, release some of the mindset blocks that you have going on, where you are subconsciously just holding yourself back and sabotaging.  Let's just really all that so you can really enjoy it.

AMBER:  Wow.  I will say because just as you are speaking and even as I read your copy, I feel my own resistance rise up and I did your wonderful three-day video series and I struggled a little bit with it.  It is definitely one of the things I am going to keep going back to.  I know that my clients and those who are watching are going to be feeling the same resistance in a lot of ways and saying okay, well it works for you, Michelle.  You are just like this lovely unicorn woman and you can do anything.  How do I start?  How do I begin?  What is that switch that needs to happen and what is the integration for the physical piece, the kinesiology piece, the energy piece?  How do I start to even conceptualize that in my brain and move forward on this journey?

MICHELLE:  Okay, so you can think of it like this.  You don’t really even have to think of it in terms of energy.  I am really not a very woo person at all.  I got into it because it fixed my daughter's allergies and I thought I have to learn how to do that.  Then I was working at a physical practice and then started using it for the money work.  I am quite open to the idea that it sets off alarm bells.  It does sound weird.  It does sound random but I am really kind of a straight-forward person in the way I work and it was really important to me that my branding was not going to be woo at all.  That is just not where I am coming from.  So, you can think of it in terms of you have different things that trigger you, different things that will bring up that resistance and what I am essentially doing is finding out what those triggers are, finding out what the root causes of those triggers are and then very gently putting that trigger in place while I tell your body, your physiology, not to have a stress response to it.  Tell me something that stresses you out, for example. 

AMBER:  Well, I am trying to sell my house.  That is a big one right?  It is the pressure of is someone going to buy my house.  Is that going to happen and being super attached and tense about it.

MICHELLE:  Okay, so say, now I don’t know and I won't start muscle testing now because it will take a tiny bit of time.  But say for example,  you had a previous experience where you got to the point of selling your house and it had fallen through or you had sold your house and moved into a new house and you didn't like it, or for some people it might, you know, I remember my parents having a terrible argument over selling the house and the next thing I knew they were getting divorced.  There are all sorts of things that might have set up some stress around selling a house.  So, immediately when you go into the process there are alarm bells going off.  So, what we would do is take an issue, say like selling a house and it being stressful and then break that down into what are the triggers within that.  So, say it was something around, like sometimes you can get limp?? states so if you get into a sense of hope, like hope that it is going to happen and it triggers a sense that you are definitely going to be disappointed.

AMBER:  Yes, that is so true.  I am preparing myself for the worst.  Yes.  I am good at that.

MICHELLE:  We really do that.  So what the energy edit would do is to go in and get you to think about that stress at the same time as rebalancing the energy so that then you could come into contact with something that causes that stress or is that trigger and it won't affect you in the same way.  To begin with, we are not changing the external, we are changing how our body reacts to a trigger.  And then obviously when you do that, you become clear headed, you get clarity, you can see the way forward.  And then you can start to take the action that matches up with how you really feel inside rather than the action or quite often inaction which comes from being triggered.

AMBER:  Right, because it makes you constrict and stop. 


AMBER:  And then you think it is all in your head and you have to muscle through with your brain when it has nothing to do with your brain.  The work that you do is about using the body to help kind of release everything essentially. 

MICHELLE:  Beautiful. 

AMBER:  Wow, that is really helpful.  Thank you for doing the personal example.  So, I am going to have to figure out how we do that. 

MICHELLE:   I can help you with that.  We will do it after the call. 

AMBER:  I appreciate that.  So, beautiful.  Let's shift gears a little bit around.  I will give you an additional scenario.  A lot of the folks that are in my tribe are newer entrepreneurs.  They are brilliant, they know their craft.  The are so passionate.  They are legit at helping people but they have a ton of their own blocks, their own stuff built up and telling themselves stories about why they can't show up in their brands.  In your own experience, you really show up in your brand, even just the way you write your blogs are so crystal clear and to the point and I love how you edit it with just the sentence, sentence, sentence because it is easy to read and it is just very clear.  You have no extraneous stuff in your brand and I really love that.  How does one that is newer in this realm of entrepreneurship, which is all about introspection, step out and really give ourself permission to be herself in the world and in business. 

MICHELLE:  Okay.  Do you mean in kind of energetic terms or in…

AMBER:  Just from your perspective in general.  What would you share with a client to help her move forward in that way.

MICHELLE:  I guess the first thing to do is to really get honest with yourself about what is holding you back.  Sometimes that is hard to do but there are some key areas you could look at.  For example, what is your fear, what is the worst that is going to happen if you put the real you out there?  Quite often, it will be fear of looking stupid, fear of being judged, you know the haters that we always hear about.  They are like a unicorn.  I think a lot of that is like a myth. 

AMBER:  I agree.

MICHELLE:  It's kind of one of those things that it keeps you small.  For me, it is really stepping out into what I do.  It used to be a block for me that I live in a small rural town and who am I to do this weird job and really step out.  I have obviously had to do the energy work on myself and I have that as a bit of an advantage, that if I start bumping something, I am really quick now to recognize  that oh you are complaining out this or resisting this or being a bit of an idiot about this.  So, something is going on and I can quickly test and find out what it is.  I make notes of what I find because I think there are some many generalities.

AMBER:  Universal, right. 

MICHELLE:  Like fear of public failure and then sometimes it can just be that feeling of you are not really sure exactly what it is you want to put out there and how you want  to put it out there so that might be something that you just need to get some help and advice or sometimes it can be I think looking around way too much at what everyone else is doing.

AMBER:  Ding, ding, ding.  Comparisonitis‼

MICHELLE:  Yes, absolutely.  I think that when you stop worrying about what other people are doing, what other people are going to think of what you are doing and really feel what feels good for you.  I had someone message me saying why aren't you smiling on the header image for your new home page.  Wealth is fun.  And I was like because I love that photo.  I love that photo of me, I love what it says.  I love that it says I am really serious about helping. 

AMBER:  It does.  It works.  I actually contemplated that too.  Because I analyze brands, it is part of what I do and I really looked at it and though if she were smiling it might not actually make sense for the whole story of the brand.

MICHELLE:  I appreciate that.  I am glad you think that.  It was only one person that raised it as a question but if I had gone to that person and said what do you think and had been too worried about what they thought, it could have sent me on a whole different course and that has happened to me.  I have taken advice and taken guidance on how I am going to sell stuff but there is always that underlying feeling of this doesn't feel quite right.  You don't always know until you try to do it.  So, don't be afraid to make mistakes.  Do your best to only listen to yourself and just be courageous.  Don't apologize.

AMBER:  I love that.  So, about your tribe essentially and just the background.  I really believe as women, doing things like this, supporting each other in our businesses and our brands is so integral to our growth.  What kind of support system do you have in the business side of your life?

MICHELLE:  I spend a lot of time on Skype.  I think being an entrepreneur can be very isolating especially when I first started working for myself.  Especially as a therapist, you are by yourself in a room and you only see your clients.  Maybe if you are in a therapy center people are coming in and about.  So, I was already familiar with that experience and then bringing it home and just working from home.  So, Skype is a lifeline for me and I have friends who I can just talk to about the business and there is quite a good balance of they can reflect back to me what I am feeling without putting their kind of stuff into it and I think that is really important to have people that you can trust and not to have people who are going to be triggered by your success or by the opportunities that are coming to you.  I really value so highly the friends that I have who I can call and say you are never going to frickin' believe what has just happened or what is coming or what might happen and they are happy or they have the ?nerve? to say oh my gosh I want that rather than shut you down or make you feel bad and I do the same for them.  So, mutual encouragement I think is so important and start to build your own community.  It doesn't have to be an enormous thing.  It can just be a few key people that you can really trust.

AMBER:  I love that.  I think it is imperative.  It is like adding those Skype dates to your calendar and making sure that you make time for that and that you are there to support your friends in the same way and you make yourself always available.

MICHELLE:  I think you can tell when it has really gotten to that stage where you don't book a time.

AMBER:  I need you right now, yes!

MICHELLE:  Like, are you there or your phone just rings and oh, it's FaceTime.  My kids have two dimensional relationships with some of my friends because they know them so well but it is always on Skype.

AMBER:  I love that.  This so good.  This stuff is so beautiful and I love that you are just unearthing this notion that we have to muscle through and think through and struggle and you are just showing up as you are and connecting the dots on the past and the blocks and having the awareness to identify them are some of the big steps in moving forward and to release ourselves into doing the work.  How did you get more crystal clear?  Because as are you are doing therapy work in your kinesiology practice and getting funneled down into doing The Prosperity Prescription which we will talk about right now, to doing that specific work?  How did you create that funnel because it is a beautiful niche but it also allows you to really, when looking at your Facebook page, talk about all different aspects of life, right?  Nutrition, health, exercise, sleep, movement, business.  How did you get down into that funnel?

MICHELLE:  It was really that moment last summer of realizing that I have something blocking me from making a lot of money and asking the question, what is that?  I was reading The Big Leap the Gay Hendricks book.

AMBER:  Great book.

MICHELLE:  What is this limit that I have going on and unearthing that and doing the energy work around it and literally within 48 hours everything changed.  Then, I just showed up in a Facebook group that I was in just saying look, I have this new skill, I feel so different about money, who wants me to practice on them?  They knew that obviously I am not just turning up there randomly.  They were familiar with my work and I have my credentials and all the rest of it and I just started getting great results.  That is where it really clicked for me.  That I enjoyed the work before but never felt driven to follow it in one particular way and just to see the broad spectrum of clients with basically whatever they wanted fixing, I would sort out for them.  I did not have a niche, and that was also kind of governed by the fact that where I live is a small town so you can be specific but you might you seem ?laughing? When I was then opened up to working with a lot more people and I found something that really, really excited me and I had seen such a definite drastic change in my own life, then that become clear that this is where I need to focus.  Within the money, that is where I kind of broaden out to Wealth Without Limits because it is about living a rich life.

AMBER:  Right, oh I love that.  I think the commonality between the work that I do and just this whole freedom notion is that as we get more clarity, as we give ourselves more permission to step into our power and to do the work that is of our soul's calling which feels amazing to us and is fun, that is the sign, right?  Is to follow that and trust it and keep going down the path to do it even when it feels scary or it feels like, who the heck is going to want to hire me to do this?  People are going to think that I am crazy, right?   

MICHELLE:  Yes.  And I think we sometimes get caught up in we have something that we really want to do.  We have that great idea and we start moving forward and we hit resistance and we take that as a sign that we shouldn't keep moving.  It can just be that we are getting the canoe kind off the bank and into the flow and so on the way there, there might be a bit of this going on but it is about knowing the difference between that feeling of just stick with it and the feeling that all this doesn't feel good but I am going to keep pushing it anyway and to look at your reasons for each thing.

AMBER:  Yes.

MICHELLE:   Are you pushing through because you know that you have a fairly good instinct that it is going to feel good when you are in the flow or are you pushing through for a different reason because you are chasing money or you are chasing what someone else has got.

AMBER:  And you told yourself the story that this is the only way the money is going to come to you so you have to keep struggling.

MICHELLE:  Yes.  Absolutely.  And if it doesn't feel good the chances are the money is not going to show up at least not without any great stress.

AMBER:  Right, right, right.  So, beautiful.  This sounds amazing.  I think that for some folks there is going to be a little bit of a leap that folks are going to have to take in order to trust that this is something that could truly help them.  But you have it set up in a way that there really is not a big risk involved in getting to start working with you right out of gate.  Could you talk a little bit about your programs and how people can jump on in and start this process with you?

MICHELLE:  The Prosperity Prescription is the long-running program.  It started in August but you can join at any time.  We have people just joining on a monthly membership.  You just come in and there will be energy edits for that week.  They change every week.  This week the theme for the week is being envious of other people and how it can be so debilitating if you are triggered by that comparison feeling.  There are phrases that you think.  I will allude to what I was saying before about giving you a phrase to think and when you are thinking that, it generates the feelings that go along with that trigger and the energy work that I am doing here just rebalances the energy and releases the stress.  Everyone in the group is doing the same work every week.  It is kind of like we are putting together a puzzle and you are your own puzzle and it has your own image on it which is completely individual.  You will have certain pieces already in place and certain pieces missing.  The pieces that are missing are different for everybody.  As we go on week by week sometimes it might be, oh well I have most of that piece but that is a big piece for me and it is different for everyone.  We are walking this path together but everyone is very much on their own journey.  There is no kind of catching up, there is no falling behind, there is just a lot of support so when you are in that place of oh my god this has really brought up some stuff for me, then you can post about it and share about it but at the same time you also know that anything you felt during that correction has been released.  So by next week it won't be a problem.  I also just gently encourage action, forward motion.  It is really important, I think.  You have to do the work on the metaphysical side and then you have to show up and do the work on the physical side.  One without the other, you are really going to feel stuck where everything just feels hard.  Once you have your energy and your mindset in the right space, and you are taking action in real life, then things really start to shift and change really, really quickly.  There are 224 people and I think we are 97% women, there are a few honorary guys in that, which is very sweet but mostly women.  It is like a family but it is a really welcoming space to come into.  It is not like you come in and you are not part of the clique because I am really anti-that kind of environment.  I think it is uncomfortable for everyone.  It is very much all about supporting everyone on their own journey.  I love it.  I love everyone that is in there.  I know their stories and their hopes and their fears and their dreams and I really make a point of getting to know every single person and what they want and what they need.  I actually love it.  And they are getting great results.  So many people have either started a business or taken their business up however many levels, made great changes.  They are different people then when they joined, especially the ones that joined a bit further back.  There is even a great visual representation of it that I love which is when people join if they have a profile photo that is maybe them looking away or with a hat or sunglasses or sometimes a black and white photo, it really rapidly all of a sudden I will notice they come in the group and they have a new photo and they are smiling at the camera.

AMBER:  Wow, that is subtle and huge all at once.

MICHELLE:  It is always really lovely to see that change.  Yes, it is great, I love it!

AMBER:  So, people can join over at  I highly encourage everyone watching this to go look at your website because it is a beautiful example of a really well-done brand.  I think I will definitely start maybe doing some Brand Love awards or something.  You will definitely be one of the top contenders, that is for sure. 

MICHELLE:  Thank you.

AMBER:  This is so fantastic.  Thank you so much for your time today and for sharing all of this.  I also encourage everyone to go over and grab their free gift on your website too because it is a nice little sort of training wheels version of doing some of the corrections and some of the work and just getting familiar with your style and see from there.  Because The Prosperity Prescription is a beautiful opportunity to get started right now with very low risk involved. 


AMBER:  I have a membership coaching program as well and I just love this model of accessibility, sustainability, and supporting entrepreneurs on their journeys and just this long-term ability to support and work together and grow as one.  Thank you so much.

MICHELLE:  Thank you.

AMBER:  Beautiful, beautiful work and I am so inspired by it and I cannot wait to talk a little bit more about selling houses once we wrap here.

MICHELLE:   Sure.  Thank you so much.  It has been a pleasure to talk to you.

AMBER:  Thank you so much Michelle.  Bye, bye.