My #1 Secret Weapon for Smashing Fear

I took the leap and joined the world of Periscope today and had a total blast doing it!

My Freedom Sisters rallied and joined me live and shot hundreds of tiny hearts my way as I shared my #1 secret weapon for smashing fear.

I have been on the Periscope fence for about 3 weeks now.

I was, admittedly, little hesitant to dive in head first after watching others completely rock it out. I wondered...can I do that too?  And more importantly, can I do it in a way that feels authentic to Brand ME?

After a 2:00 am wake up (the neighbor's house alarm went off and woke up the whole hood), I sat in bed thinking about how I wanted to do things differently. I thought about my webinar with Michelle Lowbridge last week and the whole idea of her Anti-Formula Formula and decided to just do it.

I thought about how I wanted to honor my "Straight Line Strategy" and really go for my big goals and dreams and I realized that Periscope was the perfect platform me to get started, with one teensy, weensy, empowering stipulation...

Check out the Periscope Replay below to see what I'm talking about...

How are you smashing your fear head on?

Share your answer in the comments below and follow me over on Periscope @amberlilyestrom!


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