What Finding Your Way (Really) Looks Like

Last night, I watched my husband and daughter standing at the sink, splashing in the water, laughing together.

Photo courtesy of  Rebel Roads Photography

Photo courtesy of Rebel Roads Photography

I flashed back to the days when we gave our little girl her bath right there in that sink.

And the days before that when I waddled around this very living room dreaming of the life I am living right now.

A few short years before that, I was newly married, newly engaged, newly promoted...and so on.

Every single one of those moments was born out of a dream.

Dreams that materialized from an infinite swirls of feelings, traumas and dramas, triumphs and celebrations, crossroads and new trails blazed...all leading me to this very moment in time. 

And while I am amazed on a daily basis by the brilliance that is this life of mine...the opportunities, the gifts and joys, I somehow, always knew it would be this way.

I was watching an interview with Oprah and Diane Nyad the other day and when Oprah asked her what had changed since she accomplished the amazing feat of swimming from Florida to Cuba in 53 hours setting a new world record...

she replied, "It didn't change my life. It confirmed I knew who I (always) was."

And the lightbulb went off...

All of these years, I've been dreaming, scheming, suffering, pushing, falling, sweating, crying, laughing, loving, dreaming...

I've been preparing for the life I am now living.

I am the creator of my reality in every dimension of my life.

Can you imagine if we looked at our lives as a continuous learning opportunity, as opposed to the endings and beginnings?

Imagine what it would feel like if your resume listed a new section called "Life Lessons" and things like "survived the divorce, launched the business, beat cancer, had the baby, took the job, gave the speech, said YES, said NO, quit smoking, lost the weight, finished the race, walked away from the paycheck, followed MY dream..." were celebrated for all of the profound wisdom they provided?

Nyad said, "Vision is having an uncompromising relationship with your goals."

Her favorite mantra is "Find a way." 

How can you find a way and the stay the course and have an uncompromising relationship with the vision for your life?

How can you keep going when the chips are down and everyone is telling you it's ok if you want to give up?

Your life right now is the collection of everything you've dreamt up until this moment.

Are you ready to shift in to high gear?  

Are you ready to REALLY step up and in to your vision?

I believe in you. 

I believe in your dream...

Keep going, sister...