Live Your Freedom TV, Ep. 08: Chantelle Adams - Speaker, Author + Courage Ignitor

I am so excited to share this episode of Live Your Freedom TV with you!

I interviewed the incredible Chantelle Adams, she is a speaker, published author and a courage ignitor. She is also my very own public speaking teacher and it was such an honor to feature Chantelle and her brilliance here right on LYF TV! 

We talk about branding as an evolution, using public speaking to grow your business and weaving heart-centered causes in to your work. Chantelle has the most amazing heart and she has achieved incredible success in helping women, just like me, step up and in to our power.

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AMBER:  Welcome to Live Your Freedom TV.  I am so excited to introduce you to my lovely friend, Chantelle Adams.  Chantelle is a speaker, an author, a courage ignitor, and a passionate do-gooder.  All of those things are incredibly true.  Welcome to Live Your Freedom TV Chantelle.

CHANTELLE:  I am so excited because you are just true gold and I love you.  You ooze love and goodness and you are making such a huge difference with the ladies that you are working with.  I am honored to be here.  Thank you. 

AMBER:  Thank you Chantelle and I would say the same back to you.  That is one of the things that I adore about you is that you practice what you preach.  You walk your talk.  What you see here friends is the real Chantelle Adams in her business and all aspects of it.  You go all out for your girls and just think that it is not that common.  I just love that about you.  Let's just dive right in.  I really, really want to know because I know this to be true but I really want to hear it from your perspective how your brand has allowed you to show up in the world and shine as the true heart of Chantelle

CHANTELLE:  Thank you.  It is so funny because I wanted to kind of touch on this when you talked about branding.  It is an evolution.  It really is this evolution.  I think I am still evolving with what I am putting out there.  It is all like this growth.  I always say business is the best personal growth, personal development growth you can ever go through.  It really is the same with branding.  I found in the beginning I was really trying to tap into colors and fonts and focusing on that and what actually shifted for me is seeing branding more as the feeling.  The feeling behind everything you do. 

AMBER:  Right.

CHANTELLE:  When I did my photo shoots or when I write copy or when I have even branding or fonts, that kind of stuff, I think about my one.  I think about the feeling that I want them to feel when they are in my presence and whether that's me physically or me online.  It is really about how branding is the feeling behind what I want to create for them when they come and when they see me, when they are together and I want it all to be cohesive.  That's just been an evolution about just really changing from oh, I like this font or I like this look and oh, that's kind of fun to really like, what is the feeling behind it?  That's been kind of that evolution.  Also, owning that yeah, I'm fun and funky and I love to just have fun and be silly and have dance parties.  I smile a lot and I remember when I was doing my photo shoot I kept trying to do some more serious ones and she was like but that doesn't feel like you.  And I was like yeah, I know.  It was even in that moment of yeah, you know I have to bring that energy and that excitement and that passion through those pictures as well.

AMBER:  Totally and it totally exudes you.  For those that want to look at your website, right now I know your website is under construction but you do have your SHINE Live page which is  Please go and look at that.  I really want to ask you about it because it is stunning.  Literally, it is stunning and this brand coach is like totally speechless when I scroll down that page.  Tell us how you made that happen.  Logistically, visually I guess.  Because those are piece that I am sure a lot of our viewers will go look at that page and go how the heck did she do this, it looks amazing.

CHANTELLE:  Well, thank you.  One big thing I am going to say is having an amazing team.  It really adds.  Having people that you resonate with and that get you.  I just did my big Centre Stage Live event and I had a photographer, a videographer, a makeup artist, a stylist, like all these people and sure, it was my event that I pulled off and yet I could not have done it without them.  I choose people very carefully that resonate with my energy, that feel like they are my kind of people that I would just want to hang out with.  When I found this designer, she is amazing and she really gets my branding but also I think it was a culmination of having amazing photos that you can pull from, the colors and the feel.  Also, the copy obviously flowing and being able to have that.  With copy, I always write my own but I tell people to pretend like you are having a conversation with your one.  So, really focus on who your one is and really have that heart to heart conversation through that writing and pretend like that is an actual conversation happening because it will be when they are reading it.  The other piece is just having her pull from my programs and pieces of wording and things that I really love.  I told her this is all about shining, this is all about light and beauty and being that in the world.  That is where the sparkles and the different elements have come from and the playfulness too. 

AMBER:  I just love it because it just feels so … I am cheating because I know you.  It also feels like so spot on but it also looks so pro.  I just love what you said there about having a team and leaning on those people to help you when they are operating in their zone of genius that you can stay in yours.

CHANTELLE:  Absolutely.

AMBER:  Love that, love that.

CHANTELLE:  Because it wouldn't look like that if I designed it. 

AMBER:  Me either and I do design websites.  It is really topnotch.  Speaking, speaking, speaking.  Let's talk about your bread and butter and what really truly is part of your zone of genius.  You have a lot of genius but this is it.  This is the big nut of what your brilliance that you share with other women predominantly in the world, around how to take their message and turn it into a signature talk and to utilize speaking as a platform, as a medium for growth in their business.  Can you share with us a couple of things?  I want tips on how to get started with speaking for those who are phobic and then also just how helpful this speaking tool is within the business.

 CHANTELLE:  Love it.  For sure, of course.  I love talking speaking.  Really behind the piece of speaking is helping people to understand their story and have the courage to share it.  At the beginning of everything I do from helping people create signature programs, to helping them to write their signature speech.  It starts with their story.  It is not just your story.  There is a formula and it is your breakdown plus your breakthrough creates your diamond moment.  Lots of people will say I have so many breakdowns and so many breakthroughs but the one that you focus on is the one that finally did it for you.  That finally sent you on the path that you are on today doing the work that you are meant to do, right now in the world.

AMBER:  That is so good.  People, take notes.

CHANTELLE:  It is also going deep on the emotions behind it.  Some people will give me a timeline.  This happened and this happened and this happened and this happened.  That's not a story that is going to connect and resonate with your audience.  Whether this is on your about page or on your interview or on a podcast, whatever, you need to have that grand story to connect all the dots.  I am finding that when you get that grand story, absolutely everything else flows.  It is really about going on the emotional side of it and really having the courage to be real and raw and tell it like it is and really open your heart and be able to just share that from a very real and vulnerable place and then be able to connect that.  Most often the people that you are trying to reach and teach are often in that place about breakdown moments and they need you to lead them to that breakthrough moment.  That's why being real and vulnerable and just sharing.  I say paint a picture.  Don't just tell us, you need to really show us.  Show us with your words and your heart and your emotion.  Some people will say, I know I am going to cry and I say, do it.  Bring that emotion and really share that from the heart because that is what's going to have people saying, sign me up, I need to work with you.

AMBER:  Yeah, and I worked with you in Center Stage, the program.  What do you call it Spotlight, right?


AMBER:  About a year ago-ish.  I definitely went there on that and then I had my first big speaking event in front of 400 women at the New Hampshire Conference Room and it was amazing and I cried a little bit.  I definitely got choked up, up on stage but I know for sure that it definitely resonated in a much bigger way because I was just being honest.  I was just sharing what I was feeling and yeah, so that's beautiful.  Thank you for outlining that and sharing that.  It is so powerful.  I think also it just really solidifies the importance of being in your brand wholeheartedly and giving yourself permission to show up as who you truly are.

CHANTELLE:  Absolutely.

 AMBER:  Let's give some tips for our viewers around how they get started.  Let's say we are dealing with someone who is a newer entrepreneur, loving doing this but every new thing is hard.  Every new thing is a little intimidating and scary and the idea of recording a video is paralyzing.  Where do they begin? 

CHANTELLE:  Well, with everything it is start before you are ready.  That is something that I have lived by and I have seen humongous growth in my business because when I have that download of inspiration or when I have that thought that I need to do that thing or post that video or share that thing, it is like jumping all in and then taking action in that moment and then the results will follow.  So, when you have that download or that inspiration it is like go, even though you don't feel ready.  When I launched my Center Stage program, I put it up on just a blog post and you talk about my sales pages, I didn't even have one.  So I had it just on a blog post and I did my own PayPal button and I considered this as beta round and it ended up selling out but when I launched it I had only done the outline.  That was like ahh!  So I really feel that you should go before you are ready.  So, it is the same with speaking.  If you don’t have a big speaking gig like you had right out of the gate, it is like start before you are ready.  Start doing podcasts, start looking for interviews, start doing, like this, videos and sharing your voice with the world online.  I know a lot of people that have gotten booked for speaking at some really big live events just solely from showing up online and really rocking their voice from podcasting or from webinars or from video.  Pick something that feels like it lights you up and start doing that now.  Also, go local.  Look around locally.  Who can you partner with locally or can you host your own event?  Can you make your own stage?  Sometimes, I will say to people to stop waiting for those big gigs, world domination summit or whatever to fall into your lap.  You need to make your own stages.  I have a lot of women who create their own events and I do that as well.  Looking for other ways to use your message.  Some people will say you need niche down on a certain market, which I agree but I also feel like if you niche down on your message, what I call your North Star, then most often that message is needed in all sorts of platforms.  When I look at this I have spoken to kids ages 4 all the way up to university students.  I have spoken to parents.  I have spoken to whole aboriginal communities.  I have spoken to obviously women entrepreneurs and I have very similar messages or core messages that I gave to every single one of them.  It is just taking your core message and tailoring it for that audience.  I say, look for opportunities even outside some of your places that you are currently looking because you never know who is going to be in that audience that is going to say, actually, I need you to come to my business or my corporation or I have someone that I know really needs this message, or will you come speak at my kid's school.  When you are just starting, say yes.

AMBER:  Yes.

CHANTELLE:  Say yes, right?  When you are just starting to speak, say yes and get out there and practice and get in front of people.  When you do that more people will start to come and ask and then you can be choosy.  Now you can be like, okay I know exactly where my market is or where I really love to zone in on or what really puts the back end to pay for it.  I have gone corporate and gotten paid to speak but now I am kind of shifting more into speaking for free even but I have seen it pay $10,000 or more for one speaking gig because I have the back end structure now.  It is also about looking for opportunities where your perfect people are hanging out and going local but also another huge thing is building relationships.

AMBER:  Right.

CHANTELLE:  So, built those relationships.  It is not just something that is going to totally happen overnight.  It might, like in your case.  But you have to build those relationships and really give first.  Give first and always give with the intention of not receiving anything in return but really to give and serve.  One thing that I have said that has worked beautifully too for others is being able to volunteer at some of these bigger events that you hope to one day be on the stage for.  Asking if you can be someone that is volunteering at any platform but giving them service first and connecting is a huge way to be able to build the solid relationships that can lead to invitations to speak.  

AMBER:  Great.  That is such powerful, amazing advice right there.  I hope people are taking notes because this stuff is really good.  I can't wait to watch this back.  So, from there you mentioned the relationship piece.  Could you elaborate a little bit about that?  Just in general how do you break in, how do you start making relationships with people in the business?  How do you get into a mastermind group?  I know you have a really strong network.  What is some advice for these folks around doing that?

CHANTELLE:  Right.  So there is always the things of just being present and being visible.  So, say you choose five places that you would love to speak and you connect with the people that are kind of heading up that event.  It is not always just the face of the event.  There is a whole team of people that are making decisions for those speakers and those events.  It is connecting on Twitter and Facebook and all those social media platforms.  It is sharing their stuff, being on their Periscope or being on their YouTube or their webinar whenever they are posting something, being there, being active, commenting, sharing.  Another great thing is actually being in their programs and being a superstar.  If it is someone that you want to connect with.  I know that even with Off The Charts recently, I know that a lot of speakers came from some of her students, right?  It is like looking at, I can learn from her, I love her.  Obviously, if you want to be on her stage, so why not work with her and total excel, give her some killer testimonials, connect with her, build that relationship that way.  I have built lots of relationships by being a client.  I know our relationship came from you taking my program, right?  We connected that way and you are a smart student and so I want to have you, I don’t know if you are coming for sure but I want to have you come over and present on my stage at SHINE Live because she has done such fabulous work through using speaking to grow her business even in this platform.  So, there you go.  It is showing exactly what I was just teaching.

AMBER:  Right!  Proof positive.  I love that.  We'll talk, you know dates and details.  It is amazing.  Let's talk about SHINE Live.  I really want to make sure we give enough time to talk about this because I want to talk about the event itself but also the power of running live events.  Because that has been a big thing in your business.  I just hosted my first VIP client day yesterday.  We were in person for the whole day.  We had a beautiful dinner.  We were in Portsmouth.  I was just magical.  That in person connection, share a little bit about that.

CHANTELLE:  You can't beat it.  With hosting live events, I have done this kind of smaller, more intimate events, so Centre Stage Live, but with tons of moving pieces.  It is like they are getting their photos done, they are doing their video segments and they are doing their stage and they are getting stylists and hair and makeup and all sorts of awesomeness.  When you do your event, no matter how small or big it is, you want to really be there in service first of all.  What do they need?  Right, what do they really need from you?  And then be able to say okay what are the feelings that I want to create around this event?  So, looking at the need, the feelings, and then coming from a place of total service and creating an experience.  When I did my Centre Stage Live event – here are all the big details and all the big takeaways.  Here is the feeling I want them to have.  I want them to feel totally supported.  Backstage before their speech, I am there, I am mic-ing them up and I am totally giving them this pep talk.  A lot of times we are crying and I am touching up their makeup.  Oh no, don’t cry!  It is just that piece of you can do this and being there and then everyone cheering for them and everyone writing a testimonial.  It was this whole sisterhood supporting each other, it was a beautiful, beautiful experience.  The biggest thing from it was the immense bond that could not have been creating in any other distortion??18.25 online.  So, they were friends and connected online because we were working together for a month before the event.  But coming together and actually being together and celebrating together and helping each other pick out outfits and going through this whole experience together, there is nothing like it.  Also, the little details.  I put little Sticky Notes on the mirror just saying little love notes like you are so beautiful, you are shining.  So as they getting their makeup done they are reading these positive messages from me, little love notes.  When they checked in I just left a little card for them so that when they got there… I picked them up from the airport and drove them there personally instead of having them have to catch a cab.  It was the little things that they said made the big difference.  The little details. 

AMBER:  That is beautiful. 

CHANTELLE:  That's a big thing too for hosting your own events.  Make sure you start with the feeling, the real need, really solving and giving some tangible takeaways and then really serving and paying attention to those little details.

AMBER:  Beautiful.  Let's hear about SHINE Live because I am sure no detail will be overlooked with this amazing event.  It is September 23 – 25 of this year.


AMBER:  And, it is where and when?  All that.  Give us the details.

CHANTELLE:  You've got to come because it is in Kelowna, British Columbia.  It is the wine central, it is beautiful wine country.  Right across from where we are going to be hosting it in this beautiful old museum-type place.  It is going to be fabulous.  It is right by the water.  We have sandy beaches, the lake, the mountains, vineyards, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous spot to come and visit.  But more than that we are going to be going through so much amazing content.  If you are going to be getting your TED Talk… it is conference style.  There is a big group of ladies but it is also mastermind because I want you to feel connected and I want you to feel supporting.  So you are going to have time to work in your groups.  You are going to have time to take action then and there.  It is not just listening for three days straight.  I am going to teach, you are going to do and then we are going to have open mic time, question time, hot seat coaching time.  It is really like this beautiful, energetic of everyone taking action together and moving forward and not just receiving the valuable content but making it apply.  We are going to talk about stories.  As I mentioned, it is the key to everything, your foundation.  You are going to come out with your story.  You are going to write your TED Talk.  I know so many people want to give those TED Talks so we are going to write your TED Talk.  We are going to talk about getting booked and really go in depth on that.  I have some fabulous guest speakers who are amazing speakers and they are going to share some of their tips.  Then we are going to go into actually online speaking.  How do you grow your business using telesummits and podcasts and webinars.  Again, I have guest speakers coming in and speaking about those.  Then we are going to move into hosting your own events, so really in depth, helping you to actually take this message and create your own retreats or one-day workshops or live events like this.  It is going to be a lot of fun.  We have a Hollywood producer coming.  She is going to talk about getting on TV and news stations to share your message and we have Marisa Murgatroyd from the Superhero Summit.  She is going to share how she added 10,000 to her list plus the 100,000 to her business just through her telesummit.  She is a superstar when it comes to telesummits.  Those are just a couple of the key players that are coming to speak.  Then we having something that is really fun.  We are going to have obviously dance breaks but we are going to do a flash mob dance because I have always wanted to do a flash mob dance.  Everybody is going to be included and we are going to videotape it and make it all professional and it is going to be super fun.  That is one fun thing.  There will be lots of prizes and lots of fun connection pieces and some VIP top-secret stuff that is going to make it like no other event.  I am really excited.  It is for 200 woman so I am like ahh‼  Like, that's a lot.

AMBER:  And the price point is really reasonable too.  It is really accessible.  Do you want to share what that is?

CHANTELLE:  Yes, right now there is an early pricing on which is just $397 for the full three-day event.  And this is not a pitch fest, just so you know.

 AMBER:  No, no, it is not.

CHANTELLE:  It is solid content.

AMBER:  You taught me a lot in my business around really being able to show up for my clients.  You and I both have the skill where in a Facebook group or in live we know all the women and we see their stories and we want to honor those stores because they are all equally important.  I learned that from you in terms of how to operate my program with things moving forward.  Like, I can actually really just do this.  It is so beautiful.  For the women that are watching this that are interested and really want to take that next step in speaking truly, but now all these other pieces that are part of it because SHINE is about more than just speaking, you will leave there with an incredible knowledge base and understanding of how to grow your business and I am not an affiliate.  I am just sharing this because I adore you and I really think you are amazing and you just have an important gift that others need to receive.

CHANTELLE:  Thank you.

AMBER:  You're welcome.

CHANTELLE:  You mentioned talking about my soul/sole?? calling.  Honestly, there are lots of ups and downs in business and one of the things that I always say too is to make your why bigger than your fear, to really be tapped into that why.  For me, it has always been about courage.  I just didn't know exactly how courage played a part in it but what I really know now is it is giving the world a voice.  It is really about I know that the way to change the world is if we can really find our voice and find our message and find our story and then have the courage to share it, that people are going to be impacted all over the world.  I am seeing that right now and I am fueled up on really giving people that courage to share their story in a bigger way so that they can reach more lives and really change the world.  That's my soul/sole?? calling and the sole purpose for really helping women to shine.  It is just a beautiful thing to watch.

AMBER:  Another little thing I want add too is around your passionate do-gooder piece.  You have built schools in other countries, right?  Through what you have done in your business.  Can you just share a touch about that? 

CHANTELLE:  I jumped out of airplane, facing one of my big fears, to raise money to build a school in Nicaragua and we were able to go and see that built and students are now there learning and growing and having a voice too and being able to find their hope and their ability to make a difference in their communities.  Also, with my kids we were able to build a school in Kenya, Africa as well.  And, at SHINE 2 I really wanted to have a giveback component which will be helping to go towards building a school as well but also this incredible woman who is actually staring in one of Oprah's documentaries, she has this business where she supports women in India in creating these beautiful little bags.  I am working with her to actually have that be part of the swag bags.  It is going to be getting these women to hand sew and we pay them fair wages and help them to have a beautiful way to provide for their family.  Most of them are single moms and you will actually be able to see their stories.  She is going to come and be at the live event and share these women's stories and how these little gifts that you are going to receive at SHINE are impacting their life.

AMBER:  Love that.

CHANTELLE:  That is a really special thing.

AMBER:  It is so powerful because we get to, as moms, teach our children how to make a bigger impact and give back with the business that we have created from scratch, quite literally, that are impacting the lives of other women and it just this beautiful pay-it-forward thing.  I just love this soul sister movement that we have going supporting each other on our journeys and just making it happen and making this world a better place.  Thank you for that, Chantelle.


AMBER:  So, everyone head on over the and check out the beautiful page and all the beautiful messages on there.  It is very inspiring and join.  Sign up.  Give yourself the gift of heading over to British Columbia for those of you who have never been to that part of the world.  I haven't, so let's add that onto the destination list.  Thank you so much for today Chantelle.  You are so lovely.

CHANTELLE:  Thank you.  And love right back to you.  Thank you for providing this space again, a way for me to be able to share my message and for others to have a voice as well.  So, thank you.

 AMBER:  You're welcome.  Lots of love!

CHANTELLE:  You too!  Bye!.

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