Live Your Freedom TV, Ep. 09: Lisa Fraley

This week's Live Your Freedom TV episode features my amazing friend and #MERockstar Mastermind buddy Lisa Fraley. Lisa is a Legal Coach and Attorney AND a Holistic Health Coach and Life Coach. 

She approaches legal from a holistic view, giving her clients practical solutions to protect their businesses and their energy. She aligns the 7 chakras with the "7 Steps to Get Legally Enlightened" and I could not be more aligned with this vision. Most of us feel super intimidated by the idea of getting our legal ducks in a row and Lisa takes the angst out of the equation.  Check out my heart-centered interview with this brilliant soul...Click the video below to watch the full interview

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The Free Legal Call - “How to Write a Strong Refund Policy”

Date: Wednesday, September 2nd
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AMBER:  Hello, and welcome to Live Your Freedom TV.  I am so excited to introduce you today to my dear friend, Lisa Fraley who is a Legal Coach and that is a registered trademark and she is also an attorney, holistic health coach, and life coach.  You know all about the chakras.  I am so excited to just dive in today because you are the “woo” legal expert of the entrepreneurial world.  Welcome Lisa!

LISA:  Thank you, Amber.  I am so happy to be here with you because you and your brand are amazing and I am just excited to be a part of this episode today with you.

AMBER:  Thank you, my darling.  I want to talk about that ampersand because A) I cannot take my eyes off it and B) I know that it has something to do with all these amazing hats that you wear in your career.  

LISA:  It is funny you should say that.  So, obviously you are referring to my little lighted ampersand here in my office and I love it so much because it so represents who I am.  I started out as just your basic traditional attorney working in a large firm.  As I went through my corporate career I knew it wasn't the right fit for me so I left that and became a life coach and holistic health coach and then a fitness instructor and a gazillion different things and then realized, wait a minute, why did I have to throw the whole legal thing out with the bathwater?  I realized that when I started working with health coaches and other life coaches and other holistic entrepreneurs, they were saying Lisa, you are a lawyer and we need you.  We have no idea who to talk to about our legal docs.  I kind of realized that I could pull together my legal side with my health and wellness lifestyle side and that’s why I became a legal coach.  It really is that I am an "and."  And you know so many entrepreneurs out there.  We all have so many multi talents and interests and interesting backgrounds and hobbies and so many of us are "ands" and so the ampersand is just such a symbol of who I am that now I have it lighted on the wall in my office.

AMBER:  I love it.  It is such a beautiful reminder to have it there.  I think that the other piece to it is you are truly giving yourself permission to be all of those things.  You don't have to be just one.

LISA:  Yes, I really appreciate you acknowledging that because for a long time I felt like I really had to be one or the other and that there was no way that the two parts of me could come together and what's hysterical is that I am a Gemini, so duh!  Like I was the lawyer who was a cheerleader in high school.  Now, that doesn't happen very often, you know.  So, it makes perfect sense that there is a lawyer part of me and a coach part of me and I bring them together.  It feels whole.  And you know, Amber, as a branding expert when you work with people around their brands, any time you feel like you can bring all parts of you into your brand, you feel so much more aligned and centered and on purpose and on mission and it just feels good.  It feels like you are fully represented in your brand.

AMBER:  Yes, it feels like a deep sigh of relief.  Also, the other piece, and I will share this with everyone here, it makes you more powerful and more unique.  That is your secret weapon.  That is your power, it is to truly show all parts of yourself that are going to really serve in the highest way.

LISA:  Absolutely.

AMBER:  What a great way to start this interview.  I was looking through all your stuff and I am familiar with your stuff but I would just love to kind of go through it.  It is such an unconventional approach to legal and it is just such a welcoming approach.  You talk about the seven chakras and how to get legally enlightened with those chakras.  Can you tell us a little bit more about that and how that has impacted your clients?

LISA:  Sure.  Talk about bringing two things together.  I just believe that the law is practical and protects you in a ton of practical ways of course, right?  It helps you from being sued.  It helps you get your contracts in order and your documents in order to really protect your programs and your offerings and your services and creates corporate entities and things to help you practically run your business.  I also believe that the law is really spiritual too.  And no lawyer is going to talk to you about this.  

AMBER:  Definitely not.

LISA:  No one talks about this but here's the deal.  When you get your legal steps in order and there is a certain order to go as an entrepreneur, just one step at a time as you build your practice.  What happens is you actually are also up-leveling yourself energetically.  Like you are creating stronger energetic boundaries.  You are getting really clear in your message and I believe in things like the law of attraction.  So, when you are clear in your message and you have strong boundaries you attract to you clients who are comfortable with those boundaries too.  Those two things together to me are where the magic happens.  So what happened one day is I have worked with hundreds, like literally hundreds, 400, 500 entrepreneurs one-on-one and over the past maybe three years.  And as I went through that process I realized that there were seven steps that most people needed and they aligned with the seven chakras.

AMBER:  Wow.

LISA:  My clients love that.  First of all, Amber, it is because 1) law is so confusing.  People don't really know which steps come first.  When you connect it to a chakra it begins to make sense.  Your website disclaimer is connected to your root chakra and your client agreement to your sacral chakra and so on and it just makes perfect sense.  My clients have just really resonated with that and really love that and it helps them see the depth of the legal protection both practically and then also spiritually as well.  

AMBER:  Ooh, and I love it because it's you catering to and working with your ideal clients who are spiritually connected and aligned.  So, again, you are not trying to attract everyone.  You are trying to attract a very specific entrepreneur and you are trying to help him or her, probably a lot more hers, really just kind of embody and own what it is that she can create in her business to protect herself and to protect her clients as well.

LISA:  That’s right and Amber that is why in my program I have created what is called Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare.  The whole idea of that is basically what you are saying.  When you feel legally protected and you feel that the universe and your legal protections basically have your back and you feel safe and secure at the base level, then you can create whatever you want.  So, put these masculine structures in place to support this feminine, creative, beautiful process and actually it such a blending of the two.  I do work sometimes with people who are just straight out flat corporate, not super spiritual people but they are also drawn to the fact that I worked in a big corporate law firm and that I know how to speak that language.  But many, many of my clients are in B School or holistic health coaches or life coaches or business coaches or website designers, graphic designers, jewelry designers.  All sorts of entrepreneurs who do believe in a more spiritual side or at least a connectedness of all of that and that is where the chakra part seems to be really speaking our language.  It is my language as well so it makes perfect sense to me, to connect them.  That was a divinely inspired gift, of course.  I didn't come up with that on my own, I must say.

AMBER:  Yea, right divinely inspired but you did.  These are your words and this is your creation and so let's give you credit for that.  That's just beautiful.  You allowed.  There is a lot of opening and allowing for that to happen and for that divine message to come through and for you to be able to structure your business in such a way and it has been very successful and you are such a beautiful example of trusting and really stepping and owning your own power and then through doing that you are giving to grow in a big way.

LISA:  Thank you.  It is interesting because the allowing is something I still work on all the time, right?  Every stage of our business we are working on allowing something new to emerge and the other piece of it I think that for me, I always say you can do anything with courage and support.  Anything.

AMBER:  Yes.  Love it!

LISA:  That's going to become a bigger part of my work I think at some point.

AMBER:  That is so spot on.

LISA:  Isn't true?  So when we are just starting out every single step that we take, as you know, as you coach and guide people through their marketing and their branding, it is terrifying right?  When you are just starting out.  No matter what your message is.  No matter what divine inspiration comes to you that you are allowing, it is really scary to put it into place if you have never done it before.  It is just scary.  So what I love is when I worked with my coaches and I know you do this in the work that you do as a coach, is that when you have someone to help support you as you take baby courageous steps forward out of your comfort zone, you then can stretch and expand and then just like you said, allow that work to come through for you and to allow that work to be shared in the world in a bigger way.  I think that part of what the trick is of being a successful entrepreneur is recognizing the fear, being okay and letting it be there and, the ampersand, and taking the steps to be courageous with support helping you along.

AMBER:  Yes and having soul sisters like you in my tribe because we are in the same mastermind group and it is amazing.  It really helps you up-level your business in a lot of ways because you just can lean on other folks who are going through the same things that you are so – can't support that enough.  To really celebrate that power posse of soul sisters.  Here's another question.  With the newer folks that are here, so entrepreneurs who are rolling, they have their stuff going, like you said they are terrified on a regular basis.  What are the most important, top three places where they should focus legally to help kind of get themselves started.  You know, if they can't do the whole enchilada quite yet but they are like I need to do something but I have no idea what that is.  What kind of advice would you give those folks?

LISA:  Absolutely.  Well, first of all I tell people you don't need to do the whole enchilada to start with.  It is too overwhelming.  It is too much.  All you need to do is go one step at a time.  So the very first step I tell people is that when you have your website which I know Amber is probably helping you put together, guiding you around your branding.  When you have your website you want to have your website disclaimer in place as part of your website.  That supports your root chakra because it helps you feel safe and secure knowing that you have base legal protection in place on your website so when you launch that beautiful website and you are branded to the world, you know there is something protecting you, saying hey, peeps, when you read my website know this is at your own risk and this is just information and education to help you and I am not providing you with any sort of advice.  Just know that this beautiful website is here to help you and guide you as you go forward in your process but I am not liable for what you are reading here because I can't really …

AMBER:  Substantiate that.  Right.

LISA:  So, the website disclaimer is the first one, a really important first step.  Then the second step, a lot of entrepreneurs, not everyone but a lot of new entrepreneurs start out working one on one with clients.  Some people sell products but a lot of people work one on one with clients.  So, the next piece that is so, so important is to have a client agreement in place and that is your sacral chakra.  That supports your sacral chakra because your sacral chakra is associated with money and income and creativity and really obviously other things like pleasure and sensuality as well, but really creatively setting forth your message into the world and working with people and it protects your income.  Your client agreement is what protects your income.  Those are the first two steps that I really tell most brand new entrepreneurs who are starting out to put into place.

AMBER:  Right.  That’s really helpful.  I know on your website, we will obviously give you more time to share that, but you have areas where people can go just to get those pieces so they can get started.  That's fantastic and beautiful.  So, let's shift gears a little bit.  We were talking about this before we hit record, about really stepping into your brand means that you have to become more visible and you have to start showing up.  What are some of the ways that you have A) overcome some of your own resistance and fear around visibility and B) actually started to really put yourself out there into the space in ways that have connected with folks.

LISA:  So, one of my hugest fears as Amber says we were chatting about, what has been for years around visibility because as a lawyer we are not known for being visible creatures.  We are the ones who stand behind the client and represent the client.  Having said that, you know I have spoken on stage at a legal conference in front of 1000 people.  

AMBER:  You have a really big one coming up in October.

LISA:  I do.  I have two conferences coming up.  One in October and one in November.  I do speak on stage.  When I was a health coach a couple of years ago I did 72 corporate wellness seminars that were all paid in one year.  I am very comfortable with public speaking but what I wasn’t comfortable with was being videotaped, that was terrifying for me.  But it was really scary.  So for me, what I did was I actually worked with a visibility coach.  I worked with a video coach.  Not everyone will do this but for me this was a huge block and I needed support around this so I worked with a video coach who actually helped me and came to my house.  She helped me set up my video studio which is now in my basement and record videos.  She helped me with my makeup and what to wear and really, really made me feel as safe and secure as I could stepping into a place that for me felt really, really scary.  And now I do Periscope videos, I do videos for my Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare course.  I have really branched out.  So, again it goes back to being courageous and getting support.

AMBER:  Totally.

LISA:  For me, I just knew that was an area where I needed to invest some of my resources so I chose to do that because that's where I needed the greatest support.

AMBER:  I love that.  That's great.  Thank you for sharing that story with us because I'm sure there are folks who are in the same boat.

LISA:  It is terrifying for so many people because you are really showing up.  I love webinars like this.  I do them all the time.  There is a camera on you for some of us.

AMBER:  When it is just you.  When you are alone in the room with the camera, right?

LISA:  Exactly.

AMBER:  Yes but you are doing Periscope and your name, is it just Lisa Fraley on Periscope?

LISA:  Lisa_Fraley.

AMBER:  So, follow her over there.  Her stuff is really, really valuable and you always show us your beautiful back yard too which I love.  On location at your house.

LISA:  … gorgeous back yard like you do in New England, Amber. I feel grateful to live in a beautiful place.

AMBER:  Totally.  Especially right now in the summer.  So, let's hear about a couple of your favorite brands.  What are some of your favorite brands and why?  What is attached to it in terms of their messaging or their packaging or whatever?  Do they make you feel good?  What are some of your favorite brands?

LISA:  This will probably not be a traditional one but I have to say one of my favorite brands is Audi.  I don’t have an Audi.  I love Audis.  I someday will have one, I just don't have one right now but I will tell you what I love about that brand.  I love the fact that their ads are so freakin' unique.  I love that they tap into the heartbeat sound.  I love that they talk about truth in engineering.  It is a German company who is known for automobiles, obviously.  It is a high luxury brand.  They don't just stand around going, hi, we are a luxury brand.  They actually talk about the fact that they are speaking their truth as a company, I believe, and their ads are fun and catchy and unique and it does go to sort of the heart of the brand and I love that.  That really, really appeals to me, so that one.  Another one that is probably, other people will be clearly familiar with but probably also love is I do love Lululemon.  The reason why I love Lululemon is because 10 years ago when my husband and I honeymooned we went to Whistler in Vancouver for our honeymoon because my husband has lived all over the world and we were trying to find somewhere we both had never been before, that didn't take 24 hours to get there.  So we went to Whistler and there was a Lululemon store which I had never heard of, never seen, because it is a Canadian company.  Most people don't know that.  I walked in and it was like this is my mecca.  It is running  and yoga.  Like, are you kidding me?  Talk about Gemini.  What I loved about it especially at the time was that no one knew who they were.  They were totally a Canadian-based company and I personally love Canada and they became this gigantic brand.  Canada is not known for creating world brands.

AMBER:  Right.

LISA:  And they have created a brand that is really, really good to women, honor women, honor women's athleticism and also make them feel really good in really high frequency clothing.  So, for me I really like that brand.

AMBER:  Right.  I have a lot of Lulu gear too.  Beautiful!  And I like the reasoning behind and the explanations around why the brands really fully embody the messaging and that is it.  They go all out to be themselves.  They are not trying to be somebody else or something else or in competition with something else.  They are just showing up as they are.

LISA:  Exactly.

AMBER:  And that is how you attract your ideal clients and you do that so beautifully in this space.  I really believe that.  So, tell us what you are most excited about now, Lisa.  What is going on in your world that you are just totally lit up about?  

LISA:  What I am most excited about is I am actually launching my Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare course again this fall and it is going to start in September and October and it is a seven-week course that takes you through each legal step, one step at a time, all for the price of one or two.  And people love it.  I did it in the spring and people loved it because what makes me so happy is…  the reason why it is called Go Bare is because when you get legally covered you can fully show up and go bare which is totally different than feeling naked, like naked and exposed and terrified that you have no legal protection.  So, just like all of us you start out doing a course for the first time, you are not really sure how it is going to go, you hope people like it but what I really am so thrilled about is the fact that people really gave heartfelt compliments and really shared how much that having their legal protections in place in a way that was clear and easy to understand from a lawyer who gets what they do, made them so happy that they could go live their dream brand and their dream life, that's what lights me up.  That’s what makes me excited so I am really thrilled to be doing it again as we start working on that in September so that more people can get their legal ducks in a row.

AMBER:  And I will be there.

LISA:  I know, I am so excited.

AMBER:  I need some help with that too so I am excited to do it your way because there is no other way to do it I think.  For all of us soul sisters here who are watching, your approach is the gentlest, kindest way I think to step into this and to not have it feel completely overwhelming.

LISA:  Totally.  That is the whole idea.  We don't want it to be scary or overwhelming.  Everything is in plain English.  And, the way that it works, Amber, is that each module is really a five minute video and a legal document and then a one hour audio that takes you through the whole document.  So you understand what it says, as you are filling it out for your own business and then there are Q & A calls so you can call in and ask your questions because people love that as well.  But the whole idea is that you spend like one hour a week and you have your legal document.

AMBER:  So good.

LISA:  And, you understand what it says which is the important part because you can go to a lawyer and they can throw some document at you but if you don't really understand what it says then how do you feel safe and protected by having it?  So that part is really important to me, that people feel really good about what they are putting in place.

AMBER:  There is a self-study piece to it too which is kind of nice because it's like you are going to have to bumble through it a little bit and I know that with things like that, I am going to have to carve out that time to do the work, really read it, really understand it and then ask the questions but at least I am not live and you're wonderful to work live with.  I am just really slow.  So, I am excited about having that time to just process and figure it out.

LISA:  What I am really thrilled about is that in this course in the fall, this was a bonus or like a fast-action bonus in the spring.  But in the fall every person in the course is going to get at least one hour of one-on-one time with me.

AMBER:  Oh cool!

LISA:  As a part of the course.  So not only do you have weekly Q & A calls for each module to talk about each topic, like website disclaimers this week, client agreements this week.  You also get one hour with me to ask all of your personal questions so that you feel really supported and cared for and its just one hour a week.  Like, really, that’s it.  For a legal document?  And the whole thing is less than the cost of working privately for one or two legal documents.  I cannot come up with a bigger gift in a way that doesn't overwhelm people.

AMBER:  Beautiful, so powerful.  Where can they find information about it and when can they sign up?  I know it's not until the fall.

LISA:  That's right.  They can go to  That's where you can read about the course but Amber will have information for you when the course gets close, when the signup page is live.  But right now you can just check it out at and you will see that it will be coming soon.

AMBER:  I love it.  You are just the best.  You are such a ray of sunshine and you are such a beautiful example for folks here today to realize that they can take their formal education, they can take their side stuff, their passions, and they can find a way to really merge all of it and create a business and a brand that is going to fully represent and embody who they are as a person.

LISA:  And you really can and yes it feels really scary and you feel really exposed but you know what?  It is so worth it when you feel like you can represent who you are and you can serve people as who you are and obviously Amber provides amazing support and coaching and programs to help with that but it's so important to step into that and just own it.  Like you said, own who you are and it's all a work in progress.

AMBER:  Right, I love it!

LISA:  The world needs you.  The world needs what you have to say.  I know, love.

AMBER:  Thank you so much, Lisa for everything today.  Go on over guys and rock your world and get yourself covered so that you feel totally free.

LISA:  And safe to go bare!

AMBER:  That’s right, that’s right!  Alright, Lisa, thank you so much.

LISA:  Thanks Amber.  Bye everyone!


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